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5 Replies to “AfD’s co-founder Dr. Alexander Gauland: on the creeping Islamisation of Germany”

  1. Thank you for that translation. If everything we heard, including English doublespeak, were translated as clearly, we would see for miles now, wouldn’t we?

    • From what I’m reading, Germany in shock. AfD comes in third with possibly 89 elected deputies to the Budenstag. Apparently, it’s the first the hard-right manages to get deputies elected since 1953.

  2. People like him are fighting to ensure that Germany remains German and regains the freedom it once enjoyed. The people in the nations that have not yet fallen to the Islamic invaders must support him and his comrades in their struggle, to do anything else would betray all of the principles we stand for, or use to stand for.

  3. LIVE: Antifa gather in Berlin to protest AfD’s electoral night event

    Antifa activists are gathering outside the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party headquarters in Berlin on Sunday, September 24, to protest the party’s electoral night event.

    The protest actions against AfD have intensified in the last weeks before the German Federal Election day. According to the polls, the party is set to enter the German parliament for the first time.

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