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3 Replies to “M103 hearings analysis by Rebel’s David Menzies”

  1. https://youtu.be/VvKOdBGMfdw

    “We still have no idea what Islamophobia is…”

    Yes we do. We merely have to listen to the LGBTQ+M authors themselves, instantly in the moment they utter it, and you can then look directly into their souls.

    Islamophobia is the method to shatter their “male” myth, to deny that they have anything at all to do with masculinity.

    And with it, exposure and remove any credibility they have acting as normal among the masses. The ’emperor has no clothes’ and is mesmerized to or away from females.

    A shock of something so mundane in the animal nature of childbirth and being so vulnerable to her whims. The power and the glory to her when there is no father to moderate.

    Like the Nazism of homosexual pederasts, islam is a paper tiger of lore held up as a counterbalance to their own gyoncentric-fixation on women’s sex-organs, from their own disturbed and emotional traumas in childhood. Erotica or Hate, the six year old girl gets raped anyway.

    So unmask the muslim. These who have no nature but allah and his twin.

    Submitting to the will of Muhammad is a failure, a breach of will, breaking the conscience of a child, so that a sixth century ghoul-of-an-orphan passes straight through mothers turned into willing beasts-of-burden, and now infects them.

    islamophobia is a LGTBQ+ issue. You can see the dark forces scuttle to make it so. For every kingdom divided against itself will fail.

    That is why islamophobia is the name that must not be spoken.


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