In under 3 minutes, Canada manages to obliterate its own point

Sanctimony, it needs to be understood, is Canada’s #1 export, right after guns and oil.

In this clip, the amount of moral superiority displayed, needs to be listed in advance, as anyone used to a steady diet of fact and reason may find this a potentially emetic overdose.

There are three things worth noting about this clip.

1. The postmodern substitute for reasoning used, the classic ‘false level of abstraction’ shell game, common today in those selling the opposite of demonstrable truths, can be used to vilify anyone while demonizing anyone else on any basis at all. You could easily make the Jews look like the villains of the Holocaust, for being racist against the Nazis by “cherry picking” versus of Mein Kampf.

More clearly, he has managed the classic Postmodern trick. Demonize the people who point out hate speech as racists, while defending the people who produce and act on genuine group-based hate speech namely against the unbeliever in islam, and specifically the Jews and Christians, as the victims.

Simply put, the people doing all the killing, preaching for genocide, publishing of materials that would be flat out illegal in Canada if it was any other group, are the victims of hateful people that point out what they believe, say, and do, and point out the connections between those three things.

2. The same speaker manages to vilify Russia for the pogrom level of persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya, which itself is a 100% Islamicly motivated activity.

Here are a few links on it, but careful research is now required as search engine results are being tuned away from reality at an alarming rate.

Chechnya gangs attack homosexuals in Germany.

This Guardian article goes to contortionist’s lengths to avoid connecting islam to the elimination of gay people from Chechnya. But if you google the leader of Chechnya, and search his background, honours and famous quotes, you can see he is a strict devotee of Islam, and specialty is being anti-homosexual. I did an article on this exact topic on my own site, but it is not turning up in search engine results, even on my own site.

Any links showing Chechnya’s leadership and its attitude to homosexuals gratefully accepted in the comments.

3. Last and least, please notice the lack of nagging as the speaker runs out of time and continues to browbeat all those he doesn’t like with the Marxist illusion of moral superiority.

All the people who advocate for freedom of speech and point out Islamic discrimination against unbelievers are given a swift warning during their presentation, and a spanking afterwards about how they violated the OSCE rules on what people may be allowed to say.

In the same session, this perfectly reasonable and charming woman advocating for a return to genuine freedom of speech is abruptly and rudely cut off at the exact end of her time:


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