Commie Cardinal strikes again

Once again, the Archbishop of Cologne has performed political theatre for the postmodern ambition of the destruction of classical civilization. And as he has done before, he carefully chose his set, a large bridge, and props, a life jacket.

Not that long ago he performed the same piece except with a boat alleged to be a “refugee” boat and used his bully pulpit to force white guilt and pro-Islam on his congregation at a ceremony, carefully staged at the location where the mass rape happened at the Cologne train station. Not out of concern for the rape victims in Germany, but for the rapists.

The use of fake equivalence is the main tactic of the commie-Cardinal, as it is for ANTIFA and the various shock troops of the left.



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  1. If the German government stopped forcing the taxpayer to support churches, may be idiots like this would have to look out for their own flock to survive .The German Catholic Church is the richest in the world and corrupts everything and anything it touches.

  2. This man should not call himself a priest. He speaks for himself, not for God.
    Résistance to tyranny is obedience to God: Thomas Jefferson

  3. All the Priests like him are doing is driving the Christians to other sects that still worship God. I figure that before this war is over there will be another split in the Catholic Church, the one following Rome and the Current Pope and one that follows Christ.

    • Yep.
      He’s human. He overpromised like most salesmen to make the Deal.
      But he’s not _The Hag_.

      He’s revealing the total rot of both parties and the permanent, unelected Deep State. The junta of Obama-generals in the Executive may well be a temporary expedient. Doesn’t look good, but we’ll see.

      I enjoy watching him, and he makes me laugh.
      He doesn’t drink or smoke or make a fetish of physical fitness.
      Skirts and high-heels are in style again. A man who likes women and loves children. Family is yugely important.

  4. This, superficially, will not grab most readers’ attention. It is, however, the most important governmental aspect of the lives of all people. Who Trump appoints to the Fed will have critical bearing on how we live. How is he preparing for the Reset? Will he own the Reset or kick the can again? Will he revert to hard money or will he succumb to the IMF’s SDR’s? Will he imprison former Fed heads for undermining the interests of the USA?,amp.html

  5. Das Boot: Cardinal of Cologne makes fake eqivalence of Jesus and Muslim invaders

    This reminds me very little of Microsoft’s first product:

    DOS Boot


  6. The Cardinal might want to think of his own responsibility for encouraging illegal immigrants to pay human traffickers and risk the dangerous crossing. He (and the rest of Europe’s establishment) have helped criminals, terrorists, rapists, child-abusers to infest their own lands.

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