Geopolitics, Islamic crazy and legacy media propaganda hits dizzying heights of spin: Links 1, Sept. 1, 2017

1. North Korea Declares Start of Pacific Offensive Amid Missile Standoff.

(Is this more NORK jingoism and brinksmanship or real?)

“TOKYO (Sputnik) — In a message carried by the KCNA news agency, the Foreign Ministry hit back at the United Nations for saying Tuesday’s launch of a ballistic missile over northern Japan undermined regional security.


Pyongyang said it rejected UN criticism as a violation of its right as a sovereign nation to defend itself against the United States and South Korea and promised to launch more projectiles into the Pacific.”

2. Its not sexual assault when a non-indigenous British person does it.

3. Remember the Tommy Robinson video on Channel4’s most recent documentary on how great Islam is? Well they seem to have noticed it and made an edit.

4. Mosque’s men only prayer canceled amid exclusion complaints.

(Imagine what they would do if they knew what the prayers actually meant)

A Boston-area mosque says its planned service on one of the holiest days on the Islamic calendar was canceled at the eleventh hour after the host hotel received complaints about the men-only gathering.


The Masjid Al Rahma said in a statement on its Facebook page Thursday that it would not be hosting its planned Eid al-Adha prayer Friday morning at the Comfort Inn in Revere, Massachusetts — or any more Friday prayers there going forward.


Mosque officials maintained that an anonymous caller had complained to the hotel numerous times. Crystal Keshawarz, a Los Angeles, California, community organizer, says she was among several women who called.

Fabiola Sandoval, an events manager at the facility, confirmed the hotel canceled Friday’s event and all future ones at the site, but said the company wasn’t commenting further.


Mosque officials, who did not respond to requests for comment, said on Facebook earlier this week that they were restricting admission to men only because the venue was too small to accommodate women and children.

5. The Canadian Navy will not apply criminal charges for Proud Boys who asked some questions at an Indian protest intended to disrupt Canadian ceremonial events.

The CBC reports on it with the language of far left wing violent extremists however, calling the proud boys, “An ultra-far-right-Men’s-organization of self proclaimed Western chauvinists”. Its noteworthy that the CBC elected not to show any of the video of what actually took place between the disruptive Amer-Indians who were claiming that the area was not Canada and denied Canadian sovereignty over that property. The reason is, there was nothing even unreasonable, let alone criminal about what they did.

In truth, the Amer-Indians where doing political theatre intended to offend Canadians on Canada’s 150th anniversary and the Proud Boys were there to disagree with them.

Here is some factual videos and info about the events of that day:

Yes, Ezra has a position, but what he says is factually correct. The CBC ludicrous set of adjectives are intended to incite, and contain no actual facts. At just after 5:00 in the video below you see what really happened. The Proud Boys asked a couple of polite questions which forced the left wing and Amer-Indians to face a few facts that went against their narrative. For that, CBC calls them: “An ultra-far-right-Men’s-organization of self proclaimed Western chauvinists”. This is what the Soviet Union would do in Pravda. Now of course, Pravda is a far more rational publication than the CBC is.

6. A very worthy criticism of social media censorship favouring a far left narrative.

Black Lives Matters, along with every non-reproductive sexual preferences group and every identity group that can make the claim of moral superiority in the Marxist sense, simply usurps that authority for the purpose of being a battering ram against classical civilization.

Professional homosexual groups are typically pro-Islam and anti-Israel, which is not in the interests of the safety and basic rights of gay people. The same can be said of Feminist groups.

Black Lives Matters never once asked for DDT to be made legal, which would save 1 Million black lives a year in Africa without firing a shot at anyone. J Street and Not in Our Name, and other professional Jewish groups are anti-Israel, which I am sorry to say really does make them antisemitic. (The rational behind that requires its own essay which I and others have written more than once already) The whole idea is to divide the population up using the postmodern concept that white males oppress every other group and are the source of oppression. The clear and extremely dangerous contradictions in the following tactics do not matter, because contradictions are a function of reason and logic, which, as any postmodern will tell you in that circular logic way, is the white man’s tool of oppression. And that is the complete story of Black Lives Matters.

Thank you Perfect Child, M., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy, EB., Oz-Rita and a larger than even usual group of fine people who contributed to this teaspoon of sanity in a pitcher of crazy today.

More to come later.




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7 Replies to “Geopolitics, Islamic crazy and legacy media propaganda hits dizzying heights of spin: Links 1, Sept. 1, 2017”

  1. YO! Donkeyman!
    About number 5,
    those guys are wearing Fred Perry shirts mate.

    In England during the late 70s and early 80s they were worn by British nazis.
    just saying…….

  2. 1 – KIm’s actions are designed to keep our attention on him and away from what Iran is doing. He will esculagte his actions to the point where we have to launch a military attack against him when China and Iran are ready for the war.

    6 – Red Pill Black is very intelligent but she is missing the point of all of the leftist provocations, they want a civil war and they are working on a time table that we don’t know. Given the treasonous actions of so many of the Dem leaders they may be timing their civil war to start just before Kim makes his move or are waiting until our military is tied up in Korea. The leftists in all nations are loyal to theMarxist revolution they think is going to take over the world, they are not loyal to any one nation. This is what so many of the younger generation don’t understand, and they don’t understand this because the left has enough power to prevent the truth about them and their beliefs and actions being taught in our schools.

  3. Whoever sent in the link to Candace Owens and her superb video blog, “The Myth of the Coon”, deserves a medal. Be sure that Diamond and Silk do a reasonable, if somewhat lopsided, job of refuting the Main-Stream Media’s ridiculous (and insanely evil) soft racism of “lowered expectations”.

    Nevertheless, this young lady’s delightfully eloquent, thoroughly Politically Incorrect deconstruction of existing myths and everlasting Black victimhood is of a caliber rarely seen outside the ranks of people like Thomas Sowell.

  4. I think, only communism can stop the madness of the west. But real communism,Ceausescu’s style.
    Looking at that black guy simulating sexual act with the police girl….this is over my power of understanding. In UK police does not exist, if this is happening. They are just stupid people with wrong uniform.

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