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  1. European Supermarket Erased Crosses From Packaging Because it ‘Respects Diversity’ (breitbart, SEp 1, 2017)

    “German supermarket giant Lidl has been caught doctoring pictures of the iconic Anastasis Church in Santorini, Greece, which appear on some of its products, to erase the crosses which adorn the building.

    Images of the world-renowned church were used for the packaging of its Eridanous brand Greek-style yoghurt — an in-house label which also includes a range of feta cheese, moussaka, and pistachio products, according to RTL Info.

    A spokesman for the low-cost retailer — which has hundreds of stores throughout Europe and the United Kingdom — justified the Soviet-style alterations by saying: “We avoid the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs.”

    They added: “We are a company that respects diversity and this is what explains the design of this packaging.”

    The rationale behind the supermarket’s belief that erasing Christian iconography from Christian religious buildings is “respecting diversity” is left unclear, and its statement that “we avoid the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs” does not appear to be wholly accurate.

    Searching the company’s product range online appears to show a number of items with are certified as Halal — which is to say, slaughtered in accordance with controversial Islamic religious requirements, so as to be permissible for devout Muslims to eat.

    Some of these products appear to feature logos featuring minarets or buildings with minarets — Islamic religious architecture from which the ‘call to prayer’ is issued five times a day by a muezzin (crier)…”

  2. Putin warns N. Korea situation on verge of ‘large-scale conflict’

    MOSCOW, Sept 1 (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday that the tense standoff between North Korea and the United States was on the verge of large-scale conflict and said it was a mistake to try to pressure Pyongyang over its nuclear missile programme.

    Putin, who is due to attend a summit of the BRICS nations in China next week, wrote in an article published on the Kremlin’s web site ahead of his trip that he favoured negotiations with North Korea instead.

    “It is essential to resolve the region’s problems through direct dialogue involving all sides without advancing any preconditions (for such talks),” Putin wrote.

    • Putin knows we can’t let Kim develop missiles that can hit the US without giving betraying all of out allies in the Far East. One reason we can’t is because it would touch off a nuclear arms race that would probably end in a nuclear exchange in that region.

  3. Hungary, responding to EU legal action, sends Brussels $476 million bill for its border fence
    By LU Staff August 31, 2017

    Hungary wants the European Union to pay half the bill for the razor-wired fence it erected in 2015 to keep migrants out, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s administration announced Thursday.

    The fence has virtually erased illegal immigration into Hungary less than two years after it was considered the primary route for migrants attempting to enter the EU. Janos Lazar, Orban’s chief of staff, claims the 400 million euro ($476 million) figure is justified since the fence is “protecting all the citizens of Europe from the flood of illegal migrants.”

  4. Bombshell: Comey was never going to refer Hillary Clinton for prosecution
    By Ben Bowles August 31, 2017

    One of the long list of people Hillary Clinton blames for her loss of the election last November is former FBI Director James Comey. She specifically cites his Oct. 28 letter to Congress informing them that the FBI had “learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation” into her private email server.

    If Clinton has been burning black candles for Comey ever since, she will need to resort to voodoo dolls after she learns that he made the decision not to refer her for prosecution long before he ever interviewed key witnesses.

    From Townhall’s Katie Pavlich:

  5. Hey, Congress: How about putting U.S. national security interests above Russia hysteria
    By Edward Woodson August 31, 2017

    Recently, Congress again passed more sanctions on Russia, which President Trump begrudgingly signed into law. The president said that “despite its problems,” he had signed the bill “for the sake of national unity.” However, he also made clear that “by limiting the executive’s flexibility, this bill makes it harder for the U.S. to strike good deals for the American people, and will drive China, Russia, and North Korea much closer together.”

    The President couldn’t be any more correct. History has shown that sanctions on Russia do not change the Russian elites’ behavior or foreign policy objectives. Instead, it hurts ordinary Russian citizens and America’s economic interests.

  6. USA: Baghdadi probably alive, in Euphrates River Valley – Lt. Gen. Townsend

    Army Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, commander of Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve confirmed that there was no confirmation that leader of Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. He was speaking to Pentagon journalists in Washington DC from Baghdad, on Thursday.

  7. Germany: De Maiziere and CSU counterpart outline policies to tackle extremism

    Interior and Justice Ministers from the government coalition CDU/CSU outlined their coalition party’s policies on tackling extremism, during a press conference in Berlin, Friday.

    “We are in difficult times and in difficult times one needs a strong state,” stated Interior Minister De Maiziere, explaining, “We have discussed very intensely the different ways that extremism is spread in our country – right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism and Islamist extremism.”

    SOT, Thomas de Maiziere, Interior Minister (German): “We are in difficult times and in difficult times one needs a strong state. The Union’s ministers of Interior and Justice represent this stronger state and want a stronger state to protect the citizens”.

    SOT, Thomas de Maiziere, Interior Minister (German): “We have discussed very intensely the different ways that extremism is spread in our country – right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism and Islamist extremism. In particular, following the events of the G20 we have seen how important the issue of left-wing extremism is as well.”

    SOT, Joachim Herrmann, Interior, Infrastructure and Transport Minister for Bayern (German): “In the area of right-wing extremism we observe with concern the emergence of the Identitarian Movement and the so-called Reichsburger in Germany. The stronger presence and resonance of the Identitarian Movement in the media sets classic right-wing structures in motion.”

    SOT, Herbert Reul, Interior Minister for Nordrein-Westfalen (German): “The area of salafism still represents a serious danger in Germany, just as before. It is not diminishing – but it has changed in the way in which it recruits people.”

    SOT, Thomas de Maiziere,Interior Minister (German): “The list of ‘Safe Countries of Origin’, as has been suggested, will soon also include Morocco, Tunisia, and, Algeria on it. It will be a crucial point for the upcoming legislature upon which we will insist. We will also propse to include in the list of ‘Safe Countries of Origin’ other nations as well. For instance some countries from Africa, from which the recognition rate is already very low and where there is a relatively high level of criminality.”

  8. Germany: Schulz slams Trump for not disavowing ‘Nazi mobs’

    Leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany Martin Schulz criticised US President Donald Trump, saying the policy of a man “who is not willing to distance himself from Nazis mobs” would never be the policy of Germany, at a rally in Hamburg, on Thursday.

  9. ‘Whoever leads in AI will rule the world’: Putin to Russian children on Knowledge Day (RT, Sep 1 2017)

    “Vladimir Putin spoke with students about science in an open lesson on September 1, the start of the school year in Russia. He told them that “the future belongs to artificial intelligence,” and whoever masters it first will rule the world.

    “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

    However, the president said he would not like to see anyone “monopolize” the field.

    “If we become leaders in this area, we will share this know-how with entire world, the same way we share our nuclear technologies today,” he told students from across Russia via satellite link-up, speaking from the Yaroslavl region…”

  10. Myanmar military says death toll in clashes almost 400 (abcnews, Sep 1, 2017)

    “Myanmar’s military said Friday that almost 400 people died in recent violence in the western state of Rakhine triggered by attacks on security forces by insurgents from the Rohingya ethnic minority.

    Both sides exchanged charges of atrocities, as thousands of Rohingya fled across the border to Bangladesh.

    The death toll, posted on the Facebook page of the country’s military commander, is a sharp increase over the previously reported number of just over 100. The statement said all but 29 of the 399 dead were insurgents, whom it described as terrorists.

    The statement said there had been 90 armed clashes, including an initial 30 attacks by insurgents on Aug. 25, making the combat more extensive than previously announced.

    The army, responding to the Aug. 25 attacks, launched what it called clearance operations against the insurgents.

    Advocates for the Rohingya, an oppressed Muslim minority in overwhelmingly Buddhist Myanmar, say security forces and vigilantes attacked and burned Rohingya villages, shooting civilians and causing others to flee. Hundreds of civilians were killed, they say. They have posted photos, videos and details on social media that they say serve as evidence.

    The government says it is the insurgents who have been burning homes and killing members of the Buddhist ethnic Rakhine community…”

  11. Mosque’s men only prayer canceled amid exclusion complaints (abcnews, Sep 1, 2017)

    “A Boston-area mosque says its celebration of one of Islam’s holiest days has been canceled after the host venue received complaints that women and children were being excluded.

    The Masjid Al Rahma announced on its Facebook page on Thursday that it wasn’t hosting Eid al-Adha prayer Friday morning because the host hotel in Revere, Massachusetts, canceled the event.

    A hotel manager confirmed the cancellation, but declined to elaborate. Mosque leaders said the hotel received calls critical of the men only service.

    Critics on social media said the event ran counter to the spirit of the holy day, which marks the end of hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

    A director at the nonprofit Islamic Circle of North America, Malika MacDonald, said many mosques typically hold outdoor services to accommodate large crowds.”

  12. Hungary asks EU to help pay for anti-migrant border fence (abcnews, Sep 1, 2017)

    “Hungary’s prime minister has asked the European Union to pay for half of the cost of anti-migrant fences it built on its southern borders, or about 440 million euros ($523 million).

    In a letter dated Thursday to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the fences erected in 2015 on the borders with Serbia and Croatia have practically eliminated the migrant flow through Hungary, guarding more than just his country.

    The move comes days before Europe’s top court is expected to reject an appeal by Hungary and Slovakia against an EU agreement obliging them to take in refugees from Greece and Italy.

    “With the construction of the fence, training and placing 3,000 border hunters into active service, our country is protecting not only itself but entire Europe against the flood of illegal migrants,” Orban said in the letter. “I hope that, in the spirit of European solidarity, we can rightly expect that the European Commission … will reimburse half of our extraordinary border protection expenses in the foreseeable future.”

    But European Commission spokesman Alexander Winterstein encouraged Hungary to put in a formal application to use funds already earmarked in the 2014-2020 EU budget.

    “We are not financing the construction of fences or barriers at external borders. We do support border management measures at external borders. This can be surveillance measures. This can be border control equipment. But fences, we do not finance,” Winterstein said Friday. “We won’t change” our stance on that.

    The border hunter corps was set up within the police force a year ago and its officers dedicated to border protection duties and guarding the fence. Hungarian soldiers have also been aiding police in the tasks.

    Orban said Europe needed to show solidarity with Hungary’s border protection efforts, not just with Greece and Italy, the countries which have received the brunt of the migration influx.

    EU leaders have criticized Hungary for failing to show solidarity because it refuses to take in any asylum-seekers sought to be relocated from Greece and Italy until their asylum requests are decided.

    “Solidarity is a two-way street and all member states should be ready to contribute. This is not some sort of a la carte menu where you pick one dish, for example border management, while refusing another dish, like compliance with relocation decisions,” Winterstein said.

    Orban’s demand comes less than a week before the European Court of Justice is scheduled to rule on a legal challenge to the relocation scheme by his government and Slovakia. A top legal adviser recommended in July that the appeal by Hungary and Slovakia be rejected next Wednesday.

    The European Commission has also launched its own legal action against Hungary, plus the Czech Republic and Poland, for failing to respect their commitment to take in refugees.

    Orban’s government has promoted a “Let’s Stop Brussels” billboard and publicity campaign rejecting the EU’s migration policies. Last year, over 98 percent of participating voters said the EU shouldn’t settle anyone in Hungary without the consent of the Hungarian parliament, but the referendum was invalid because of low voter turnout.

    As Orban and other government officials earlier made it a point of pride that Hungary had paid for nearly all the costs of the fences and their maintenance with local funds, the change of heart could also let Orban generate another conflict with the EU, should it reject the “reasonable” request for reimbursement.”

  13. petitions against 2 criminals

    Barcelona: free rides for negroids

    “Das Innenministerium berichtete, dass im ersten Halbjahr 2.333 Frauen in Italien vergewaltigt wurden. Wegen sexueller Delikte wurden in diesem Zeitraum 2.438 Personen angezeigt oder festgenommen, 904 davon Ausländer.”

    Britische Polizistin hat so große Angst, von einem Neger als “Nazi” beschimpft zu werden, daß sie seinen sexuellen Übergriff in einer Art “Duldungsstarre” über sich ergehen läßt, ohne den Täter dafür zu verhaften.

    Allenorts wird heute durch die Lügenmedien Sexualisierung schon von Kindern propagiert, Faceberg hat nun eine christliche Aktivistin mit 260.000 Followern und Freunden unter irrationaler Begründung gesperrt.

  14. Should Anti-trust Laws Be Used to Break Up the Social Media Giants?
    Google, Facebook and the rest wield more power than most governments.
    September 1, 2017
    Robert Spencer

    The secular Left and the proponents of Islamic blasphemy laws have a new issue on which they are making common cause: the quest to destroy the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of our democracy. After Charlottesville, the Left sees its chance to crush all dissent, and given its alliance with Islamic supremacists, this means the implementation in the West of prohibitions on criticism of Islam, including counterterror analysis of the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists. This anti-free speech initiative, if it succeeds, will destroy free society, which cannot exist if one is unable to speak out against the tyrant.

    The Left is trying to use Charlottesville as its Reichstag Fire moment to try to crush all dissent. CNN gave the Southern Poverty Law Center’s spurious “hate group” list wide play, and an effort has begun to deny all platforms to those “hate groups,” without any regard for the fact that the SPLC includes legitimate organizations that dissent from the Leftist agenda (including the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Jihad Watch) on the list along with the KKK and neo-Nazis, in an attempt to defame and destroy the legitimate groups.

  15. James Comey, Hillary’s Real Campaign Manager
    Sweet vindication — again — for President Trump.
    September 1, 2017
    Matthew Vadum

    The insufferable, morally preening former FBI Director James B. Comey Jr., intentionally gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign a boost last year by deciding to sabotage the email investigation by exonerating the then-candidate before key witnesses had even been interviewed, new evidence suggests.

    Citing Comey’s bungling of the Clinton email investigation, President Trump unceremoniously fired him by press release on May 9, three-and-a-half years into his 10-year term. Trump was attacked in the media for not caring about Comey’s presumably hurt feelings. He based his decision on a U.S. Department of Justice memo authored by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein that found Comey had, among other things, usurped then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s authority by taking it upon himself to unilaterally clear Clinton.

    Rosenstein excoriated Comey, whose side of the story has long been championed by the media. “I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken. Almost everyone agrees that the Director made serious mistakes; it is one of the few issues that unites people of diverse perspectives.”

    Comey’s endless posturing and palace intrigues damaged the FBI, causing morale to plummet. As a result, “the FBI’s reputation and credibility have suffered substantial damage, and it has affected the entire Department of Justice,” Rosenstein asserted. “That is deeply troubling to many Department employees and veterans, legislators and citizens.”

    • Trump jumps on report Comey made Clinton decision early

      Newly released government records indicate the former FBI chief drafted his conclusion, exonerating Clinton two months before she met with agents; Catherine Herridge goes in-depth for ‘Special Report’

  16. The Real Victim
    When a crazy stabber belongs to an intersectional “marginalized” group.
    September 1, 2017

    Kenny Herring was very angry over a neighbor’s barbecue fire. It was early in the morning in St. Louis. Kristy Lynn Thompson, Kenny’s wife, handed him a large butcher knife.

    And then Kenny tried to make mincemeat out of his neighbor.

    When the cops came, the neighbor had stab wounds on his face and torso, and defensive wounds on his arms.

    Kenny’s butcher knife pierced his left lung.

    But Kenny still wasn’t done. He waved the knife around and stabbed an officer in the arm. And was shot and killed. Thompson was arrested and charged with assault and criminal action.

  17. Is Keith Olbermann Crazy or is the Left Insane?
    September 1, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    Why have that, “This is not a joke” subtitle there? Because it looks like a joke, doesn’t it. If I were doing a parody of a leftist book, it would be some sort of “Jon Stewart on Crack” thing like this.

    There’s Keith Olbermann lying wrapped in the flag like a crazy but very well groomed homeless man. And yes, he interrupts his rant to tell you, that it’s not a joke. Because that is exactly what you do when you take yourself so seriously that you worry that someone might not take you seriously enough.

    I was mocking the latest phase of Olbermann’s career early on. And the

  18. “A Cancer in the FBI”
    September 1, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    Some of the corruption in government is attributable to the left. But some is a direct result of human corruption. As you read and watch this, ponder the possibility that this is why we may have lost Flynn and ended up with McMaster, with the Obama holdovers in control, and with the Iran deal protected, Israel targeted, Islamists protected. And all the rest.

    All because of a sexual harassment case. It’s sad. And yet history is full of similar examples.

    When the FBI launched an investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, one of the bureau’s top former counterterrorism agents believed that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe would have to recuse himself from the investigation.

    Former Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz was one of the bureau’s top intelligence analysts and terrorism experts but resigned from the bureau five years ago after she said she was harassed and her career was blocked by top FBI management. She filed a formal sexual discrimination complaint against the bureau in 2013 and it was Flynn, among many others, who publicly came to her aide.

    She told Circa, current senior level management, including McCabe, created a “cancer like” bureaucracy striking fear into FBI agents and causing others to resign. She eventually resigned herself, but her case is still pending.

  19. We Are All “Racists” and “White Supremacists” – According to the Left
    The Racism-Industrial-Complex needs it that way.
    September 1, 2017
    Jack Kerwick

    The agents of the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) have been having a field day ever since Charlottesville: Here, for the whole world to see, as they would have the rest of us think, is proof that “white supremacy” or “racism” is alive and well.

    Of course, in reality, the mayhem in Charlottesville proved no such thing. However, the hysteria over it should provoke the rest of us to ask of the self-appointed guardians of racial orthodoxy: How, in your eyes, does your average white person differ essentially from the most vicious of neo-Nazis or members of the Aryan Brotherhood?

    In other words, for decades, hard leftists (and some who aren’t all that hard) have spared no occasion to castigate America—or, more specifically, AmeriKKKa—for its incorrigible and intractable “racism” or “white supremacy.” To hear the cogs in the wheels of RIC tell it, all white people are, ultimately, no better and just as bad as the worse of Klansmen and Nazis.

  20. Europe may create its own Ministry of Truth :

    “New EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will set up an expert group this autumn on fake news as one of the first measures she is taking in the job.

    Some member states have put pressure on the Commission to announce new measures on fake news and illegal content on online platforms. Germany introduced its own national law earlier this year—opening social media firms up to fines of up to €50 million if they do not remove illegal content like hate speech. Other member states have shown interest in following Germany’s example.

    “Additionally to national laws and practices, it is very clear that we need a European approach,” Gabriel said”

  21. Should the U.S. Cancel the Iran Deal?

    Will President Donald Trump, yet again, verify that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear agreement it made in 2015 with world powers?

    While running for president, Trump heavily criticized then-president Barack Obama for making such a flawed deal, yet has bowed to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the State Department twice certifying (as required by law every 90 days) that Iran is in compliance with the agreement.

    The next certification must be made in October, but, as former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton argues, there is no need to wait until October to abrogate the deal.

    That Iran is in non-compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal is a given. As outlined by Fred Fleitz, a national security expert who spent 25 years working for the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the State Department and the House Intelligence Committee, Iran is in non-compliance in four ways:

  22. Prime Minister Trudeau delivers a message on Eid al-Adha

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wishes everyone celebrating a blessed and joyful Eid al-Adha

  23. US warn residents AGAINST travel to Europe amid fear of ISIS terror attack (express Sep 1, 2017)

    “THE United States has warned its residents against visiting Europe due to fears of another terror attack by ISIS extremists.

    A travel alert was issued by the US State Department on Thursday telling Americans to avoid travelling to the continent in the next few months because of the “continued threat”.

    It warns ISIS and affiliated groups are continuing to target tourist spots, transport hubs and shopping malls.

    The US State Department said: “Recent, widely reported incidents in France, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Finland demonstrate that the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS or Da’esh), al-Qa’ida, and their affiliates have the ability to plan and execute terrorist attacks in Europe.

    “While local governments continue counterterrorism operations, the Department remains concerned about the potential for future terrorist attacks.

    “US citizens should always be alert to the possibility that terrorist sympathisers or self-radicalised extremists may conduct attacks with little or no warning.”

    And it says hotels, clubs, restaurants and parks could also be part of the terror group’s hitlist.

    It warned: ”US citizens must remain alert to the possibility that extremists and sympathisers may carry out attacks without prior notice…”

  24. Paris lockdown: Man ‘with weapon’ arrested at Eiffel Tower as police evacuate Gare du Nord (express, Sep 1, 2017)

    “PARIS is on lockdown as armed police surround the Eiffel Tower amid reports of a ‘gunman’ on the loose as authorities evacuate Eurostar terminal Gare du Nord.

    Tourists visiting the popular attraction are believed to have been trapped in the Paris landmark as armed police surrounded its base amid reports of a ‘gunman’ on the loose.

    Images from the scene show a police cordon surrounding the attraction, with witnesses being approached by police.

    Some even appear to be being searched as officers cleared the area.

    One person tweeted: “#EiffelTower is shut off with a large security presence from Trocadéro – trying to see what if anything is going on…”

    Another said: “#EiffelTower something not right?”

    Witnesses posted on social media to say the whole area around the tower’s base has been cleared and staff and tourists have been kept lcoked inside while officers investigate.

    French police have confirmed they arrested a man near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Friday night.

    A Paris police official said: “A person was arrested, the incident is finished.

    “He wasn’t armed, we’ll know more about his motives tomorrow.”

    The incident sparked had sparked panic in the iconic Paris monument…”

  25. Barcelona metro station evacuated in suspected chemical incident – bomb squad deployed (express, Sep 1, 2017)

    “BARCELONA police evacuated two major metro stations in a suspected chemical incident after a “green liquid” was discovered, just weeks after the city went through a terror attack.

    Mossos d’Esquadra closed two metro stations on the L3 line after a “green liquid” was discovered at Lesseps.

    Police are currently investigating the incident and have also closed the Fontana station, south of Lesseps which was shut at 8pm, local time.

    It is unclear if the incident is terror-related.

    Ara, a Catalonian newspaper, has claimed CCTV footage, seen by the authorities, shows two men throwing a liquid into the driver’s cab of the train.

    Mossos are now trying to clarify if the incident was an attack.

    The bomb squad are at the scene, Mossos has confirmed.

    Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB) has informed that the subway service works normally between Zona Universitaria and Diagonal, and between Vall d’Hebron and Trinitat Nova.

    The line goes through some of the city’s main stops that include Passeig de Gracia and Placa de Catalunya as well as stops along Las Ramblas.

    It comes after the recent terror attack on Las Ramblas that killed 15 people…”

  26. Southern Poverty Law Center Is Flush With Off Shore Cash

    08/31/2017 09:00 AM Source: Washington Free Beacon by: Joe Schoffstall


    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a liberal, Alabama-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that has gained prominence on the left for its “hate group” designations, pushes millions of dollars to offshore entities as part of its business dealings, records show.

    Additionally, the nonprofit pays lucrative six-figure salaries to its top directors and key employees while spending little on legal services despite its stated intent of “fighting hate and bigotry” using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is perhaps best known for its “hate map,” a collection of organizations the nonprofit deems “domestic hate groups” that lists mainstream conservative organizations alongside racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and is often referenced in the media. A gunman opened fire at the Washington, D.C., offices of the conservative Family Research Council in 2012 after seeing it listed as an “anti-gay” group on SPLC’s website

  27. Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Our Aim in Life Is to Destroy These Groups, Completely’
    By Tyler O’Neil September 1, 2017

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has gained traction in recent weeks, but contrary to media reports, the group does not exist to “monitor hate groups” but to destroy groups that it targets for “strictly ideological” reasons. In light of large donations from Apple, J.P. Morgan, and George Clooney, and CNN’s favorable coverage of the SPLC, Americans should learn the real motivations behind this far-left organization.

    In the words of SPLC former spokesman Mark Potok (who spent 20 years as a senior fellow at the SPLC and only retired this year, according to LinkedIn), the group does not exist to monitor hate groups.

    “Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate groups, I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these

  28. DAILY MAIL – Knifeman is arrested at Stratford Westfield shopping centre after one man is stabbed and another injured as shoppers report ‘blood all over floor’

    One man is in hospital after being stabbed during brawl at east London complex
    Twitter photo shows officers surrounding man lying motionless on the floor
    Met Police said they have arrested a male on suspicion of grievous bodily harm

  29. DAILY MAIL – French Socialist politician is left fighting for his life ‘after MP in President Macron’s party hits him on the head with a motorbike helmet when he called him a dirty Arab’

    En Marche! MP M’jid El Guerrab is alleged to have attacked Socialist Boris Faure
    French media reporting that Faure is in intensive care after being hit by helmet
    But El Guerrab said he was merely defending himself after being racially abused
    Faure forced to undergo emergency surgery yesterday, according to his family

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