No Go Zones on the rise in Sweden

Just for clarity:

The problem is that Islamic values are not miscible with Western values. Muslims say this, Islamic scripture is extremely clear about this and in some ways, this is the entire Raison D’être of Islamic scripture.

Only leftists insist on pretending it is, in order to more easily use Islam and its adherents as battering rams against the very civilization that leftists and muslims jointly seek to destroy. It is quite simple.

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7 Replies to “No Go Zones on the rise in Sweden”

  1. So tired of all this BS & PC that fraulein merkel & her sugarboy mark has inflicted upon us.

    If they think they “punish” me by blocking me from fb – well then i feel sorry for them –
    As Bachman Turner Overdrive sang = You aint seen nothing yet 🙂 ha ha ha

    I will get my message across, and theu wont see it coming – Lol – stupid traitors.

  2. I don’t see how this gets solved within a civilized judicial, legislative and/or executive government framework. This is ill disguised warfare on the part of Muslims and it will have to be dealt with through warfare.

  3. Sweden is not facing the major problem of massive gun control, the honest citizens have no weapons to defend themselves and their nation with. It won’t be long before the Islamic Invaders will move out of their no go zones to take over whole towns and enslave their inhabitants.

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