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3 Replies to “Interview with Simon Harris, historian of the Catalan region of Spain”

  1. Another great interview, Eeyore. Your unanswered questions were also delicious. Andy Bostom covers much of that territory. Benzion Netanyahu, Bibi’s father, is another resource.

    Like you, I have my own reasons for being interested in Spain, and like Simon Harris, I know the country and love it. It breaks my heart to ditto you both: It’s top priority for the Umma; they’re already dug in deeply. Holding my breath for explosions – or aborted attempts – before the Referendum October 1.

    Simon says it’s the next hotspot, like Greece.
    I’d say it’s a lot more than that. Greece was a transit site like Italy; Spain is a destination.

    And it’s not just EU pressure.
    It’s direct Muslim-Arab investment riding along with the Left’s postmodern promotion of “Other”. It’s been going on since the late 1970s.

    From the first OPEC cash bonanza, the imperialists of the Gulf started pouring money into specific regions and economic sectors. First they bought up massive properties in Andalusia. Then expanded geographically. Funding to universities would weaponize the culture, revise Spanish history to comport with the Arab version of it.

    The country was ripe for conquest. Its national immune system gravely compromised.

    When Franco died in 1975, there was a cultural revolution. Censorship of the media by the Church and the Regime since 1939 vanished in a hail of porn and commie nostalgia.

    Abortion! Divorce! The Catalan language was no longer prohibited! Street signs and store names in Castilian vanished overnight.

    Fortunately the King turned out to be an unanticipated, marvelously stabilizing personality. By 1978 there was a Constitution and functioning democratic institutions.

    The tourist image cultivated by the Franco regime – bullfighting, flamenco, and pointedly, “Spain is different” [Yeah, they’d say. Poor, backward, primitive] – that could be cast off and Spain could take its place as a European nation.

    Socialism and indebtedness to the EU.
    It’s late and I’m rambling.
    Las Ramblas. Dios las bendiga.

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