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3 Replies to “Historically aware graffiti on the Moroccan consul in Spain”

    • They would prefer to be called, “Catalanes”.

      What’s really driven separatist sentiment over the last 50 years is the vibrant regional economy. A capital investment magnet, by far the most advanced in technology infrastructure and workforce discipline, Barcelona was described as Germany looking at Greece. But chaffing as “subject peoples” under the Greek flag.

      Hyperbole. Linguistic and cultural chauvinism is an historical, sentimental artifact that remains potent. During the Franco regime, Catalan was outlawed, usage subject to serious penalties. That kept the region’s nationalists on a low simmer.

      But reconciliation has been the keynote since the late 1970’s. Catalan has pride of place. Last July my friend and activist Catalan singer, Maria del Mar Bonet, astonished everyone by singing for the first time in public in Castilian. A very big win for everyone.

      So here we are, the independence referendum set for Oct. 1. How does this triumphant nationalism – flags everywhere, even subtitles in Catalan! – how does this square with the New World Order?
      No borders, no nation? Cataluña?

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