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Mother desperately fights for her child
Man wants to jump from roof with baby

Ahmed E. (26) has already got one leg on the roof. He allegedly threatened to jump with the child
Photo: Martin Lacher

by: Bernhard Schilz and Olaf Rentsch, Aug. 14. 2017, 11:30 PM

Heidenau – The image is blood curdling. A man is climbing out of an attic window, one leg already on the roof. He has got his eight month old baby in a carrier in front of his belly. The mother is pulling at it desperately. To prevent her child from falling down.

A neighbour was photographing the scene: „I was walking my dog when I heard cries for help. The woman yelled, ,Put the knife away‘. Then the man appeared in the window, with the baby.

Shortly thereafter, police storm the attic apartment in Haeckel Street in Heidenau. The officers pull the child back into the apartment, then the man. Already before noon that day, police had to get Ahmed E. (26) from his partner’s (Daniela N., 36) apartment.

The asylum seeker from Morocco had to hand over the apartment keys, and – as he appeared to be completely beside himself – was taken to a psychiatric hospital. But he escaped from there, returned to the house, and climbed in through an open window of a ground floor apartment. The tenant was unable to stop him, he tells Bild: „He had a switchblade knife.“

Following the arrest, the Moroccan was taken to hospital. Photo: Marko Förster

Unsuspectingly, Daniela opened the door again for the father of her child, upon which he allegedly beat her and threatened her with the knife. Then he seized the child. Mother and child were taken into hospital. “I never want anything to do with this guy again”, says Daniela N.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the Prosecutor issued an arrest warrant against the 26-year-old for suspicion of dangerous battery, criminal mischief, trespassing, and threat. There will be an investigation for child murder. But according to the speaker, there are doubts that the man indeed intended to kill the child.

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  1. I guess that gutmensch Daniela N. and attention seeking muslim whore learned the hard way .
    No sympathy from me i have zero respect for those attention whores

  2. The German people apparently like living with these savages. It looks like Herr Merkel will be handily re-elected with little or no opposition. It’s already too late to save Germany. The other countries better wake up.

  3. “batikhäxa”
    Another level of crass stupidity and selfishness, that is difficult to believe. ! !

    WARNING Some language is very expressive and crude with some cuss words.
    “”Refugee “Children” & The Women Who Sexually Exploit Them”” by “Angry Foreigner”
    31 minutes 09 seconds

    Gives some good back ground to these people that actively make use of the refugees.
    A summation.
    In some countries it has become normal, and that the age of “unaccompanied children” with cries of “what about the children?”,
    This has been going on for 5 years, but so it continues, particularly in SWEDEN.

    The deception and lies, that are woven as power is used to not only abuse people and the “children” but end up abusing their own people.

    • Stuff like this makes me think (feel, really – it’s emotional, disgust) “if this is what our civilization has become then screw it – let it end.” The West created a lot of beauty, was innovative and constructive to a degree unmatched by any previous societies. But like all civilizations, it has aged and decayed and perhaps it’s time for it to go into that good eternal night. I only wish something a little less vile and backward than Islam was replacing it.

      • Oh really?
        I never could understand this kind of thinking: instead of trying to change what you don’t like you prefer to moan “West decayed” “West should die” ” We are too old” “We are too aged” We are going to die” and so on and so forth.
        So some German people are disgusting. Fine. But many others are not.

        • That’s the spirit, Kathy!
          Deut. 20:19
          -I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live-

        • Anyone should simply ask themselves this:

          Were Western Civilization to disappear, what would take its place?

          The answer to just that one question should be enough to silence anybody who claims that the, “West should die”.

          This echos the time-honored question to ask whenever someone complains about America being the “world’s policeman”.

          Again, simply ask them, “Who would you rather have playing that role?”

          “Nobody!” is not an acceptable answer. Just like nature, power abhors a vacuum. Some other country would take up the role of global cop.

          Who shall it be? Communist China, Russia, the EU? How about Iran or North Korea? Imagine what the world be like with any of those above grasping the tiller. The genocides alone would be staggering.

          Like it or not, Western Civilization is the best we’ve got and there are a whole lot of smaller countries that would cease to exist without America (and Europe) standing watch.

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