Contrasting two stories from the UK

First, this one from The Daily Mail:

A landmark legal ruling banning the tradition of saying prayers at council meetings was denounced last night as an ‘assault on Britain’s Christian heritage’.


The High Court controversially backed an anti-religious campaign to abolish official acts of worship.

Christians and politicians reacted with dismay after a judge overturned centuries of custom by outlawing a town hall in Devon from putting prayers on the formal agenda.

Controversial victory: Former councillor Clive Bone, pictured outside the town council offices in Bideford, won a legal battle to outlaw prayers at meetings - drawing instant criticism from religious groups

Controversial victory: Former councillor Clive Bone, pictured outside the town council offices in Bideford, won a legal battle to outlaw prayers at meetings – drawing instant criticism from religious groups


It prompted concern that it would pave the way for Parliament to abandon prayers before Commons and Lords business, mark the end of hospital and Forces chaplains, and could even lead to the abolition of the Coronation Oath, pledged by Kings and Queens taking the throne.

There is more at the DM. But the long and short is, it seems that Christian prayer is now illegal at state municipal government functions in the UK.

Lets compare that with this:

The original story is from Politikstube:

The claim is that:

The new Muslim mayor of Oldham (Manchester) prescribes the Muslim prayer at the beginning of council meetings and no one opposes it. Right at the beginning of every council meeting the Imam is given the floor. It is amazing that not everyone has to sit on a prayer rug.

This is copy-paste from Google-Translate. Im sure one of the team will set it right if there is an error.

The video:

If both these items are accurate, then we can now say its official. The UK has two sets of laws, or, you can say that they have one law, the sharia, as all these items are 100% consistent with that system.


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9 Replies to “Contrasting two stories from the UK”

  1. It looks like Britain is no longer a free nation, they appear to have decided to abandon their history and traditions and turn to the destructive practices of a nation that has been conquered by the Islamic Invaders. I wonder how long before the ordinary Brits revolt against their new masters?

    • I did an informal survey today among local Russians.
      Result: Most Western Euros will convert. Willingly.
      Gradual dhimmi for the rest. Same as mostly Christian Middle East of history, it’ll sink zombie.

      • They may be right, I hope not but they may be right. If they are it is a shame because all of Europe can still be saved from the destruction to the culture, and land that the Islamic Conquest is bringing.

        Of course their predictions are based on no one doing anything to change the course of history, Putin has positions himself to become the savior of Christianity and White Europe and their culture. What we have to remember is that many Europeans would welcome the Russians as saviors knowing that their saviors would become then new overlords. Despite the time that some form of democracy has been in Europe the actions of a lot of the Europeans show that they are willing to let others take over their government and do their thinking for them. Others will decide that the Russians are probably going to be better masters then the Moslems and choose them because of that.

        It would take about one third of the people in any European nation supporting a resistance movement (the actual numbers of fighters would be between 3% and 10%) to achieve liberation, assuming they have someone like the US to provide weapons to them. But we would be hampered by our own useful idiots that are hellbent on bringing either full communism or full fascism to the US. I don’t see them winning but the fight is going to take a long time. And it will take unexpected turns, we are concentrating on the MIddle East and the Far East with occasional looks at Russia but we have major problems in South America and all of our enemies have a bigger presence there then i find comfortable.

        • Government is part of it, but it’s a whole way of life that’s gone sick. More ethnic Belgians go to euthanesia clinics than obstetricians. There is no future for them at all.

          The absence of faith – or the traditional family that was structured around belief – has left a hollow place inside these people. That must be frightening. Mad Moh might actually appeal to them.

  2. It would be a simple, but futile, statement by hooking up an I-Pod to the council chamber sound system and playing “Onward Christian Soldiers” over the gibbering Imam.

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