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4 Replies to “The Ugly Truth About Christian Genocide | Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux”

  1. Ezra said that the dwindling Christians did not develop an immune system to survive Islam, by creating for themselves a military culture, like Israel, (and likewise the Sikhs were forced to morph into Sikh warriors).

    The same is for dealing with Socialism, (better dead than Red) and LGBTQ+.

    These that kill the soul, the individuality, will also take the body.

    “These honest accounts remind us of our shared humanity”

  2. Islam has always hated Christianity but it wasn’t until recently that they had a western ally (the left) that prevented the Christians in the west from hearing about the genocide currently being carried out against Christians.

  3. For those with sufficient historical knowledge the Kurds are the descendents of the ancient Medes, They lived in the modern Kurdish State during the time of the Roman Empire and back then played the Romans against the Persians trying to maintain their independence. Yes their history goes back that far and further, they served as Mercenaries for the Eastern Roman Empire. I don’t know about their religion at that time.

    • They were mixed religions. A little bit of everything, from syncretic experiments to classic Judaism.

      They’re still a mixed bag: assorted flavors of Islam, including participants in the Armenian Genocide; communist ideologues; tolerant secular communities that include Christians and offshoot cults like Yazidis.

      It won’t be easy for them to coalesce to form a nation.

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