“Artist” places “kill dictatorships” banner in German city, win car

This is odd.

Some activists put a car in a square in a German city with a banner showing the faces of three Islamic dictators, with the caption suggesting that you could win that car if you helped kill these dictatorships.

The following video seems related and may help to explain the one above:

Thank you Ava Lon for the translation .

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3 Replies to ““Artist” places “kill dictatorships” banner in German city, win car”

  1. The wording says kill the Dictatorships not kill the Dictators, that makes this a protest against the governments headed by the people pictured instead a call for murder. People forget that words have meanings, the left is very good at applying their own meaning to words but in this case no law has been broken. You will note that the person doing the filming wasn’t reading the full word Dictatorship, he say Dictator and stopped reading.

  2. Who is responsable for the chaos in Europe? Middle East ? Africa ?Canada ? US? Asia ?
    The political elites is fueling this war on us specially those who follow the 10 commandments.
    Why did we go to War in Korea? Europe?Vietnam?kosovo?afganistan?Irak?Libbya?Syria?
    Reading about cucumbers, Zuchinis and death sentences to Muslims who “Farted” to much during prière ….

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