Gad Saad with David Yerushalmi, worth every second to watch: Links 1 June 30, 2017

1, Some people say The Godfather is the greatest story ever told. I think its this.

2. Compare this “protest” to a leftist one. Say anTIfa for instance. Makes one proud to be conservative/liberal and a Trump supporter.

3. European Union Rattled by Trump’s Visit to Right Wing, Anti-Migrant Poland

(If only they got this upset whenever someone visited Poland. We could make the EU shake like a maraca.)

European Union (EU) officials are worried U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Poland will bolster the populist, right wing government there, encouraging their defiance of the EU, and damage “European unity”.

The president’s one-day stop-off – en route to the G20 summit in Hamburg – is for a gathering dubbed the Three Seas project, bringing together leaders from Central Europe, the Baltic States, and the Balkans.

The event has been convened by Poland as it bids to garner influence outside the EU – which has clashed with its nationalist government over migrant policy and sovereignty.

 “One cannot but feel a bit suspicious if it isn’t an attempt to break up European unity,” an EU diplomat said about the Three Seas project, speaking to Reuters. Another senior EU official said it was part of Poland’s push towards “self-ghettoisation”.
4. Gad Saad speaks with US constitutional expert, David Yerushalmi on sharia law and its intersection with American law.

(I had the great privilege of hearing Mr. Yerushalmi speak live in DC in 2009 and his lucidity and intellect was nothing short of remarkable. What Charles Murray refers to as “on the Latka Curve” of human ability. When David speaks, find the time to listen.)


The BBC must immediately and unequivocally apologise for stating that “The Holocaust is a sensitive topic for many Muslims because Jewish survivors settled in British-mandate Palestine, on land which later became the State of Israel.”


The line appeared in a BBC News article about German Muslim schoolgirls who went on a visit to concentration camps in Poland suffering racist abuse from local people. The line has now been removed.


The Holocaust is indeed a sensitive topic for many reasons, not least because six million Jews were systematically massacred. It should not be a sensitive topic to Muslims, or anybody else, because of the foundation of the State of Israel. Zionism, the movement to create the modern State of Israel began decades before the Holocaust, and had the country existed at the time of the Holocaust, millions of innocent Jewish civilians may have lived.

6. Frankfurt Becomes First German City Where Natives Are Minority

For the first time, more than half of Frankfurt residents now have a migrant background, according to official data from the city’s Office of Statistics and Elections.

Presenting the figures, which show that 51.2 per cent of people living in Frankfurt have a migrant background, the city’s secretary of integration Sylvia Weber said: “We have minorities with relatively large numbers in Frankfurt but no group with a clear majority.”

7. Man Jailed After Hitting Muslim Teenager With ‘Slab of Bacon’

LONDON (AP) – A British man has been jailed after hitting a Muslim teen with a slab of bacon after hurling insults at her and her mother.

Alex Chivers was sentenced at a London court on Thursday to six months in jail for assault and a public order offense. The 36-year-old admitted to religiously or racially-aggravated assault.


Police said Friday that he approached two Muslims on June 8 in north London and made abusive Islamophobic comments before striking the teen with bacon.


Detective James Payne said other people were present during the attack including someone who filmed the incident. Payne called the assault “truly shocking.”

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  1. 1, Some people say The Godfather is the greatest story ever told. I think it’s this.

    With apologies to Winston Churchill, as the old saying (sorta) goes:

    “An idiot is one who fü¢ks a crocodile, hoping it will come at last.”

  2. 7. Payne called the assault “truly shocking.”

    I, too, am shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

    Why contaminate an entire slab of bacon when a rasher or two would do just fine?!?

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