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  1. Suspected militant stabs 2 Indonesian police inside mosque (abcnews, Jun 30, 2017)

    “A suspected Islamic militant stabbed two policemen with a bayonet inside a mosque Friday before being fatally shot by another officer, Indonesian police said.

    The attacker used a bayonet to stab the two policemen after they finished Friday night prayers at a mosque near the national police headquarters in Jakarta, national police spokesman Setyo Wasisto said. The officers were hospitalized with injuries to the ear and neck.

    Wasisto said the attacker ran out of the mosque and shouted “kafir,” which means “infidel” and “Allah Akbar,” which means “God is great.” Another officer ordered him to surrender, fired warning shots, then shot the attacker.

    An identity card was found with the attacker, but Wasisto said that needed to be verified with the address and possibly families before announcing his identity.

    It was the second recent attack against police. On Sunday, just before Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan, two suspected militants attacked a provincial police headquarters in Medan, the provincial capital of North Sumatra, leaving an officer and an assailant dead.

    Wielding a knife and a machete, the men stormed the police headquarters and stabbed to death an officer. Responding officers shot the two attackers, killing one and seriously wounding the other…”

  2. Murder Kushner; Compares Him to Ethiopian Dictator

    Go ahead and criticize President Trump’s Mika tweet, but there’s no denying this was disturbing. On Thursday’s Hardball, MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews compared the President to not only communist Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam and a modern-day Romanov but also channel Benito Mussolini having son-in-law Jared Kushner murdered.

    As he’s previously done(documented here, here, and here), Matthews reiterated his belief that Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump are akin to the murderous sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay.

  3. Doctor shoots up hospital: live updates here

    Last Updated Jun 30, 2017 5:05 PM EDT

    5:05 p.m. — The 120-year-old hospital has nearly 1,000 beds and one of the busiest emergency rooms in New York City, reports the Associated Press. It is about a mile and a half north of Yankee Stadium.

    In 2011, two people were shot at Bronx Lebanon in what police said was a gang-related attack.

    5:03 p.m. — Garry Trimble told CBS New York’s Andrea Grymes his fiancée works at the hospital and was ordered to stay inside when shots rang out around 3 p.m. He said she called him to tell him what was happening, and he rushed to the scene himself.

    “I told her to just lay low, and stay quiet, and don’t say nothing,” Trimble said.

    He said his fiancée was distraught.

    “She was crying and she said, ‘Somebody’s going around shooting, and we locked up. We barricaded ourselves in the room with employees,'” he said.

    4:56 p.m. — Dr. Henry Bello was identified as a family medicine physician at the hospital on its website. Witness Gonzalo Carazo also told CBS New York Bello worked at the hospital in family medicine.

  4. Italy: Anti-Immigrant CasaPound movement protest against migrant shelters in Rome

    The anti-immigrant CasaPound group protested in Rome on Friday against migrants being sheltered in Italy.

    Casapound Italia member Simone Montagna shouted into a megaphone, “They move the shelter somewhere else, and they’ll find us there, that’s what needs to happen! They have to find us before all the migrant shelters they want to open, they have to find us where all this injustice is.”

  5. The Difference Between Being Wrong and a Liar
    June 30, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    Jack Shafer over at Politico has the typical defense of CNN’s Fake News operation. Can’t a guy just make a mistake.

    Should Journalists Have the Right to Be Wrong? CNN screwed up. So have we all


    Etc… etc

    As the Supreme Court noted in the landmark libel case Times v. Sullivan, the First Amendment is of little use unless we provide “breathing space” for controversial reports that end up containing unintentional mistakes—like the CNN story—as long as they’re made without malice. As I’ve written before, journalistic errors aren’t a modern thing caused by the 24-hour news cycle or stimulated by Twitter’s itchy trigger-fingers. Show me a famous set of historical stories—the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the Normandy invasion, the Cold War, the civil rights struggle, the 9/11 attacks or the day-to-day coverage of past presidents, and I’ll show you grievous errors in the reporting. From Tucson to Abbottabad to Mumbai, breaking news routinely tosses off condemnable errors of fact, usually made by conscientious reporters doing their best under intense pressure.

    Malice is the key word.

    • Danial outdoes himself in this one and everyone should click through and read the whole article, we are currently living in a time when the wanna be dictators are working to seize control in all of the Western nations. One of our protections has always been the free press that reported when the King had no clothes, now the formerly free press is willingly prostituting themselves to the left wing politicians who are intent on seizing power in all Western nations. Fortunately we have the alternative media stepping in to take the place of the formerly free press, although the wanna be dictators are working tooth and nail to restrict the new media and prevent the facts to be reported. (sarx on)After all we are too dumb to know what is best for us and the self proclaimed elite have to step in am prevent uf from making mistakes. (sarc off)

  6. The Freedom Center Beats the Southern Poverty Law Center
    How the Guidestar battle was won.
    June 30, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    The left has a problem.

    Americans are doing all the wrong things. They’re voting for Republicans, reading conservative sites and donating to conservative organizations. Something needs to be done about it. Something is being done.

    Post a conservative story on Facebook or search for it on Google and out pops Snopes, a partisan site, to warn you of wrongthinking. And, until recently, when you searched for a conservative organization on Guidestar, out popped the Southern Poverty Law Center to accuse you and it of being deplorable bigots.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center and Snopes are left-wing partisan groups with no qualifications to do anything except hate conservatives. The SPLC’s list of hate groups includes numerous individuals, including me, also listed until recently as a hate group was a sign outside a Pennsylvania bar.

    Morris Dees, a mail order guru and cut rate lawyer for a KKK thug, built the Southern Poverty Law Center into one of the greatest mail order scams on earth. Harper’s Magazine dubbed the SPLC a “fraud” that casually throws around the “hate group” label, “shuts down debate” and “stifles free speech”.

  7. A Socialized Medicine Death Sentence
    The tragic ordeal of Charlie Gard.
    June 30, 2017
    Lloyd Billingsley

    The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Chris Gard and Connie Yates of the United Kingdom, whose 10-month-old child Charlie Gard will be “allowed to die,” a decision supposedly “in his own best interest,” as a British judge put it. According to a timeline in the Daily Mail, here is how Charlie’s story has played out.

    Charlie Gard was born a healthy baby on August 4, 2016, but at eight months the child was diagnosed with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage. Charlie began to lose weight but in January 2017 his mother Connie Yates found an American doctor willing to offer Charlie a trial therapy called nucleoside.

    Connie set up a website and succeeded in raising enough money to cover Charlie’s travel to America by air ambulance and the cost of the experimental treatment. But then the British legal system handed Charlie a setback.

    On April 3, 2017, a High Court judge questioned whether Connie and Chris should be allowed to take Charlie to America for treatment, and whether doctors at the Great Ormond Street Hospital should turn off the baby’s life-support system. On April 11, the court ruled that the doctors were in fact permitted to do so.

    • Socialized Medicine’s Killing Isn’t Just About Money, But Power
      June 30, 2017
      Daniel Greenfield

      While Dems in America vie among themselves to state ever more exaggerated figures of how many Americans will die because of the repeal of ObamaCare, in the UK socialized medicine will once again kill, not because of a lack of care, but because that is how the system works.

      The judges of the European Court of Human Rights have nullified the passage from the “right to die”, in which parents have the last word on the life of their sick child, to the ancient “duty to die”

      It is the sad fate of Charlie Gard, an infant who has been sentenced to death by the European and British judges against the will of his father and mother, who wanted to bring him to the United States to try to cure him of a rare disease with which he was born. The court ruled that he must stay in England where doctors have decided to take him off life support and refuse to allow his parents to take him home to die.

      This is what socialized medicine looks like.

      • Please read the rest of the article, it tells the truth about the socialist system that the left wants to force us into, the main goal of all of the leftist politicians is power. They want power over us, they want the power to decide where we live, where we work, what we eat and what we think. They also want the power to decide how long we will live. This is the ultimate power and that is what the left wants the ultimate power to decide how long everyone lives. I don’t know how many of you remember Obama wanting everyone who was retirement age (at least those who weren’t powerful Dem or powerful Dem supporters) to die so they wouldn’t be a drag on the system. He was just expressing the desire of the leftists, thwy want to make all of us crawl to them and beg for our lives. That is the ultimate power they can hold.

  8. Hawaii Going Back to Judge Derrick Watson Against Supreme Court Order
    June 30, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    And, as I predicted, we’re back.

    In a new court filing, lawyers for the state and for a Hawaii imam say guidance the Trump administration issued Thursday takes too narrow a view of what family relationships qualify to exempt a foreigner from the travel ban and would deny admission to refugees who should be exempt from the ban due to their connections to a U.S. resettlement agency.

    “This Court should clarify as soon as possible that the Supreme Court meant what it said, and that foreign nationals that credibly claim connections with this country cannot be denied entry under the President’s illegal Order,” Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin and private counsel Neal Katyal wrote in a motion filed Thursday with U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson.

    Administration officials also angered immigrant advocacy groups by declaring that refugees would not be considered to have U.S. ties simply because they had already been assigned to a U.S. refugee resettlement agency that had begun to make plans for their arrival.

    “It is extremely difficult to see how a foreign national with an agreement to give a lecture within the United States may be considered to have a ‘formal, documented’ relationship with an entity in the United States. … but a refugee with a guarantee of a local sponsor and a place to live cannot,” the Hawaii state motion says.

    Do that and you gut the order. Which is the idea.

    Please click through and read the rest of the article.

    • The left with its usual disdain for the rule of law and democracy is choosing activist Judges to attack the powers of the Presidency and increase the powers of the unelected Judges. The whole idea is to make it impossible for President Trump from undoing the damage to the US Constitution, the rule of law and individual rights that the left has inflicted on the US. This is the latest tactic that the left is using to foment a civil war that they think they can win. they assume that the military and the police will obey the orders to open fire on the people who are working to restore all of our rights and freedom.

  9. The Myth of “a System of White Supremacy”
    Disproving the Big Lie.
    June 30, 2017
    Jack Kerwick

    Last week, Johnny Eric Williams, a professor of sociology at Trinity College, gained national notoriety.

    Williams, who is black, posted some racially incendiary remarks on his Facebook wall. They were conjoined with the hashtag, “LetThemFuckingDie.”

    The hashtag Williams borrowed from an article published at The Medium and written in response to the recent mass shooting of Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia. The essay’s author, “Son of Baldwin,” expressed regret that a black police officer risked her life to save the lives of “white bigots” and urged other blacks who are in positions to do the same to refrain from indulging the impulse.

    Instead, they should: “Let.Them.Fucking.Die.”

    The backlash against Williams and his employer was massive and sudden. Two Connecticut congressmen, Trinity College alumni, issued a statement imploring Trinity to terminate Williams immediately. Supposedly, the now infamous professor went into hiding because of death threats that he received.

  10. Can France Be Saved?
    Home > World > France > Can France Be Saved?
    By Eric Denece Thursday, June 29, 2017

    Recognizing the Threat

    Islamic terrorism is a long-term threat that emerged in the early 1990s. Al-Qaeda declared war on the USA in 1996 and, despite the huge assets deployed against it by the international coalition, it is still active and has spawned innumerable jihadist groups worldwide.

    The conditions favoring Islamic terrorism will persist far into the future due to the vigor of Salafism and Wahabbism supported by the Gulf States, the endemic chaos of the Arab and Muslim world, the frustration of Muslim populations in the West, the economic crisis that makes their integration problematic and the subsequent feelings of victimization.

    In France, the danger is not so much from abroad as from the suburbs. Most of the perpetrators of the attacks in 2015 and 2016 were French nationals. The same is true for Belgium, the UK and Germany. The problem is thus one of domestic security.

    It is understandable that our citizens are concerned about the erosion of basic freedoms entailed by the increased powers given to law enforcement. But we are in a situation of real and present danger, and that danger is not coming from law enforcement or the intelligence services, but from Salafism and jihad. The public must understand that in the absence of tough measures, the threat will grow faster than our ability to contain it.

  11. House Panel Votes To Repeal Trump’s War-Making Power
    by 1776 Coalition
    June 30, 2017

    Read more at American Firearms Review:

    A panel of House lawmakers agreed Thursday to repeal the legislation authorizing the use of military force against terrorists that Congress passed after the 9/11 attacks, which could set the stage for a renewed debate over U.S. conflict in the Middle East.

    It was a victory for Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., who offered the amendment to the Defense Department spending bill to repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, and set a deadline for Congress to debate and pass new legislation setting limits on U.S. military operations overseas.

    Read more at American Firearms Review:

    • This started as the Dems trying to limit what President Trump can do and now some of the Repubs seem to be trying to give him more power to fight the war.

  12. As Government Funding of Sex Education Is Cut, Teen Pregnancy Rates … Drop?

    A new study shows a counter-intuitive trend that undermines a lot of hobby horses of the Left. British researchers have determined that cuts to sex education programs may have contributed to lower teen pregnancy rates in England.

    This new study undermines everything from publicly-funded sex education, to community health centers in high schools, to access to abortion, to unfettered access to birth control without parental consent. The research also inadvertently demonstrates what happens when the government is relied upon to provide too many entitlements and inevitably has to cut back.

    In the study, researchers found that cuts in public expenditures on teen pregnancy programs not only did not lead to an increase in pregnancy, there was a correlation with small reductions in teen pregnancy rates. The abstract of the study reads:

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  14. ‘Model of Integration’ Syrian Migrant Brutally Stabs Female Boss (breitbart, Jun 30. 2017)

    “A Syrian asylum seeker given a job at a hair salon has been arrested after he attacked his 64-year-old female boss with a knife.

    Mohammad Hussain Rashwani, 39, was allowed to work at the Herzberg hair salon in September of last year. Local paper Lausitzer Rundschau described him as a “model” for integration of asylum seekers though this week he viciously attacked the owner of the salon, 64-year-old Ilona F. in the neck with a knife Die Welt reports.

    The brutal attack occurred on Wednesday evening at around 5:30 pm. So far police have had difficulty trying to ascertain a motive for the attack which left the 64-year-old hospitalised and is expected to make a full recovery.

    A 22-year-old Syrian is said to have intervened in the attack likely saving the life of the woman…”

  15. Man In France Attempts To Run Over Muslims Claiming ‘Revenge’ For Bataclan Attack (breitbart, Jun 30, 2017)

    “A man of Armenian origin attempted to use a vehicle to mow down Muslims coming from a mosque near Paris on Thursday claiming he wanted to “avenge the Bataclan and the Champs-Elysees.”

    The 43-year-old Armenian used a 4×4 in an attempt to injure or kill Muslims who were leaving the Créteil mosque just outside of Paris. No one was injured in the attempted attack and the man fled the scene in his car immediately after, being arrested in his home around ten minutes later Le Parisien reports.

    The incident occurred just after 6pm, but failed in his initial attempt due to the presence of two small bollards which his vehicle could not get over. After this, he tried a second time to attack but was blocked this time by the median in the middle of the street.

    At this point, several motorists blocked the entrance of the mosque with their cars. The 4×4 struck one of the cars, a red Citroen, and then sped off. Police were able to quickly locate the man after being given his licence plate by witnesses…”

  16. Hackers may target brain signals through EEG headsets to access passwords – study (RT, Jun 30, 2017)

    “Electronic devices that harness the power of brain signals are one of the latest additions to the world of gaming. A new study has found, however, that hackers could also use such technology to access private information such as passwords and ATM pin codes.

    A study by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has provided an example of how devices that operate using brain signal monitoring, like electroencephalography (EEG), may be a future tool for cyber thieves…”

  17. Syrian man filmed being bludgeoned with hammer blows by ‘Russian mercenaries (alaraby, Jun 30, 2017)

    “A graphic video emerged on Friday showing a man being bludgeoned with a large hammer by suspected Russian mercenaries in Syria.

    The horrific two minute clip, shot on a mobile phone, shows the man – believed to be Syrian – lying on the ground while armed men deliver a series of blows to the victim’s limbs and body with an iron mallet.

    The victim begs for mercy as the Russian fighters continue to taunt and torture the victim, one wearing a patch reading the slogan “I’m gonna hurt you really, really badly”, taken from the dystopian film The Suicide Squad…”

  18. Indonesia: Muslim leader calls for Starbucks boycott over support for LGBT (asiancorrespondent, Jun 30, 2017)

    “A SENIOR FIGURE from Indonesia’s second largest Muslim organisation Muhammadiyah has called for citizens to boycott Starbucks over the fact that its CEO Howard Schultz supports marriage equality and the LGBT community.

    Anwar Abbas, who also heads up the quasi-governmental Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) responsible for Halal certification in the country, suggested on Thursday that it was time for Indonesia’s government to consider revoking the operating licence of Starbucks over the CEO’s views on LGBT issues.

    Anwar released a statement in which he declared “We as a nation clearly do not want our attitudes and character as a religious and cultured nation broken and messed up by their presence [in Indonesia],” reported Republika.

    The comments drew widespread calls on social media to boycott Starbucks, with many rallying against a supposed Rezim Islamophobia or “Islamophobia regime” via the company’s pro-equality stance. Sbux, LGBT and #BoikotStarbucks were all trending on Twitter in Indonesia on Friday…”

  19. The Bleak Prospects of Undocumented Sub-Saharan Immigrants in Morocco (moroccoworldnews, Jun 30, 2017)

    “As the sub-Saharan migrant population in Oujda, Morocco, increases, the country must respond to the needs of a growing population with few integration opportunities.

    While Morocco has been, for quite some time, primarily a country of emigration, it has undergone the process of transforming into a destination for migrants and refugees from sub-Saharan Africa since the mid 1990s. An increasing number of migrants from countries South of the Sahara travel to Morocco to pursue employment, a preferable economic environment, and education in the EU.

    The African immigrant population in Morocco also includes asylum seekers and refugees fleeing conflict and oppression in their countries of origin.

    Alex, young man from Cameroon, has been in Morocco for nearly a year, after moving his family through the Sahara desert with human traffickers to arrive at the border. After a dangerous and difficult migration, Alex has found that Morocco’s prospects aren’t what he dreamed they would be. “Everyone has different reasons for leaving their home country,” he says. In his case, it was difficult to make a living in Cameroon. Alex runs a hand over his face. “There is a difference between living and surviving. And in Cameroon, there is not enough money to live.”…”

  20. England Arrests Moroccan Imam Suspected of Recruiting Youth for ISIS (moroccoworldnews, Jun 30, 2017)

    “Tarik Chadlioui, a Belgian-Moroccan Islamic preacher, has been arrested at his house in the inner-city area of Birmingham, England, on suspicion of recruiting would-be jihadist fighters for the Islamic State (ISIS).

    43-year-old Chadlioui, is a father of eight children who arrived in the UK in 2015. He was wanted by Spanish anti-terror police, who issued a European arrest warrant for six people, including Chadlioui, on suspicion of spreading violent online videos of ISIS in order to attract, radicalize and recruit youth into the ranks of ISIS.

    Chadlioui, who is from northern Morocco, moved to Europe where he forged links with Sharia4Belgium, a group that is trying to apply Sharia law throughout Belgium and Europe. He is expected to appear in court in London later after being remanded in custody until July 5th.

    The six detainees reportedly possess Moroccan or dual Moroccan nationality, according to Spanish news agency, EFE.

    Spanish Ministry of Interior issued a communiqué saying that the police investigation started in 2015, after it was discovered that Chadlioui promoted recruitment videos, indoctrination and the travel of young jihadists to Syria.

    Four men were arrested in Majorca and two more in the UK and Germany, according to Spanish authorities. The four men who were based in Majorca had been organizing secret weekly meetings aimed at recruiting young people to join ISIS in the conflict zones. The country has arrested 178 “jihadist terrorists” since June 2015.

    “The allegations in the European Arrest Warrant could scarcely be more serious,” said District Judge Shenagh Bayne. “The warrant relates to terrorism offenses, the framework list is ticked at participation in a criminal organization and terrorism.”

  21. More foreigners living in Germany than ever before (DW, Jun 30, 2017)

    “More than ten million foreign nationals were reported as living in Germany by the end of 2016. It is the highest number of foreigners in the country’s history amid a period of economic growth.

    The German Federal Statistics Office (Destatis) reported the highest-ever number of people with foreign passports living in Germany, marking an increase of 1.9 million foreigners in the country over the past two years. The latest number of more than 10 million foreigners in Germany marked a 23-percent increase compared to numbers reported in 2014.

    A total of about 5.8 million of those had reportedly come from outside the European Union, including more than a million refugee arrivals.

    The numbers were directly gathered from the Central Register of Foreigners (AZR), which confirmed that the last record had been in 1967.

    While there’s no final word on the ratio of foreign nationals to Germans, as statistics are still being compiled for the country’s overall population in 2016, a spokesman for the office told the Reuters news agency that the overall population of Germany would likely be around 83 million. This would set the percentage of foreigners in Germany roughly at 12.5 percent of the population.

    The same official added that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than a million migrants – chiefly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – into the country at the height of the 2015/2016 refugee crisis had significantly contributed to the rise in numbers…”

    • More foreigners living in Germany than ever before

      That shrill, whirring sound you hear in the background is Hitler spinning in his grave.

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