Stunning testimony on the state of the Netherlands

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Martin Bosma, MP for the Freedom Party (PVV) in debate on discrimination in the Dutch Parliament. After his argument, he debated with Selcuk Ötzürk of the Muslim Party DENK. Mr. Bosma emphasize in his words the fiercely growing situation in the Netherlands in which the indigenous Dutch are becoming more and more
second rate citizens in their own country.

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4 Replies to “Stunning testimony on the state of the Netherlands”

  1. The Socialists in every European country have been following exactly the same strategy of Multiculturalism and positive discrimination for Minorities to demoralize and destroy national identities for one single European State one. To turn free people into serfs where the lowest beast is held as the Model Citizen. Islam, Communism and Sexquirreled. A walking prison of their own mind against them.

  2. The Muslim’s bristling retort to bracing truth revealed his own people’s fraud, which should have seen him being removed in handcuffs. Once revealed, the leftard playbook is written in crayon.

  3. Many many Canadians liberating the Dutch during WW11…..fuc them…there be no liberation from their own folly at the expense of Canadians in this suicide coarse all of western Europe has welcomed.

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