Comparing AfD to Merkel’s CDU attitudes on Jews and Israel

Oz-Rita brings us a singular juxtaposition of two videos, showing the diverse attitudes towards Jews by the ruling Merkel party in Germany, (The CD) and the AfD, who post-modernists insist are Nazi. While in fact the Post-Modernists share root philosophy with the Nazis,

Then we have Merkel, who hired an ex Stazi officer, Anetta Kahane to oversee her crushing of freedom of speech in Germany.

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  1. “2 State Solution” to a 56 nation liar
    From their own mouths —
    “THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE DOES NOT EXIST. THE CREATION OF THE PALESTINIAN STATE IS ONLY A MEANS FOR CONTINUING OUR STRUGGLE AGAINST THE STATE OF ISRAEL for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. ONLY FOR POLITICAL AND TACTICAL REASONS DO WE SPEAK TODAY ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF A PALESTINIAN PEOPLE, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.
    “For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.” — PLO Executive Committee member Zahir Muhsein, 1977

    • Doug, it is vital to place such important information in context.

      From: “Palestinians: Aggressors, Not Victims“, by David Meir-Levi

      How the Lie Began

      After he took over as leader of the PLO, Arafat sent his adjutant, Abu Jihad (later the leader of the PLO’s military operations), to North Vietnam to study the strategy and tactics of guerilla warfare. Arafat was struck by Ho Chi Minh’s success with left-wing sympathizers in the United States and Europe. “Progressive” activists on American campuses, enthusiastically following the line of North Vietnamese operatives, had succeeded in reframing the Vietnam War from a Communist conquest of the South into a struggle for national liberation. An insight into this North Vietnamese PR campaign, which provided the key to the Communist victory and a lesson for PLO operatives, was offered by Ho’s chief strategist, General Giap: “Stop talking about annihilating Israel and instead turn your terror war into a struggle for human rights. Then you will have the American people eating out of your hand.”

      Giap’s counsel was simple but profound: the PLO needed to work in a way that concealed its real goals, permitted strategic deception, and gave the appearance of moderation. And the key to all this was creating an image that would help Arafat manipulate the American and Western news media.

      The PLO also looked to other examples of a “people’s war” to find both military allies and ideological paradigms. Thanks to input from the late Romanian President-for-Life Ceausescu, General Giap, and the Algerians, Arafat developed the images of the “illegal occupation” and “Palestinian national self-determination,” both of which lent his terrorism the mantle of a legitimate peoples’ resistance. After the Six-Day War, Muhammad Yazid, who had been minister of information in two Algerian wartime governments (1958-1962), imparted to Arafat some wisdom that echoed the lessons he had learned in North Vietnam:

      Wipe out the argument that Israel is a small state whose existence is threatened by the Arab states, or the reduction of the Palestinian problem to a question of refugees; instead, present the Palestinian struggle as a struggle for liberation like the others. Wipe out the impression…that in the struggle between the Palestinians and the Zionists, the Zionist is the underdog. Now it is the Arab who is oppressed and victimized in his existence because he is not only facing the Zionists but also world imperialism.

      Of course, there was one ingredient missing in this imaginative reconfiguration of the struggle: There had never been a “Palestinian People,” nor a “Palestinian Nation,” nor a sovereign state known as “Palestine,” nor even any specific territorial entity that could rightfully be called “historic Palestine.”

      Immediately after the article’s quote by Zahir Muhse’in (as provided by Doug), is an equally meaningful admission by Yasser Arafat:

      Arafat himself said the same thing, on many occasions, and asserts often in his authorized biography (Alan Hart, Arafat: Terrorist or Peace Maker): “[T]he Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel.”

      This information also appears in: The communist roots of Palestinian terror, again from Levi’s book, ” History Upside Down: The Roots of Palestinian Fascism and the Myth of Israeli Aggression”.

      Of particular interest is this passage:

      But while Arafat was finally absorbing and applying the lessons he learned from
      his Romanian and North Vietnamese hosts and handlers, as Pacepa describes it
      in Red Horizons, the Soviets still questioned his dependability. So, with
      Pacepa’s help, they created a highly specialized ‘insurance policy’. Using the
      good offices of the Romanian ambassador to Egypt, they secretly taped
      Arafat’s almost nightly homosexual interactions with his bodyguards and with
      the unfortunate preteen orphan boys whom Ceausescu provided for him as part
      of ‘Romanian hospitality’.

      With videotapes of Arafat’s voracious pedophilia in their vault, and
      knowing the traditional attitude toward homosexuality in Islam, the KGB felt
      that Arafat would continue to be a reliable asset for the Kremlin.

      Whether or not Arafat’s homosexuality was the key to the Soviets’ control over
      him, it is clear that by the early 1970s the PLO had joined the ranks of other
      socialist anti-colonial ‘liberation’ movements, both in its culture and in its
      politics; and had reframed its terror war as a “people’s war” similar to those of
      the other Marxist-Leninist terrorist guerrillas in China, Cuba, and Vietnam.

      Thanks to input from Ceausescu, General Giap, and the Algerians, Arafat
      gradually saw the wisdom of jettisoning his fulminations about “throwing the
      Jews into the sea”, and in its place he developed the images of the “illegal
      occupation” and “Palestinian national self-determination”, both of which lent his
      terrorism the mantle of a legitimate people’s resistance.

      Considering the numerous variations with respect to Arafat’s cause of death, it is worth recalling that HIV / AIDS was one possibility. See: Arafat autopsy report suggests AIDS

      Al-Qidwa, speaking at his uncle’s graveside in Ramallah on Friday to mark the seventh anniversary of his passing, continued to insist that Arafat was poisoned by Israel.

      But the autopsy report also points out that doctors were not able to find any trace of poison in Arafat’s body, a fact that al-Qidwa begrudgingly acknowledged:

      “We reaffirm our conviction that Israel was responsible for the poisoning of the late president Yasser Arafat, but we recognize our inability to get a definitive answer.”

      For those not sidetracked by political correctness, and who are willing to employ a little deductive reasoning, there is another alternative: AIDS.

      The HIV virus that results in AIDS is well known to cause platelet disorders.

      The Palestinians have vehemently rejected the AIDS option, as the condition is typically associated with a homosexual lifestyle.

      But according to former eastern European intelligence officials, Arafat was, in fact, a closet homosexual.

      In his book Red Horizons, former Romanian intelligence chief Lt.-Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa recounted how during visits to the regime of former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu to obtain training and funds for his PLO forces, Arafat would engage in homosexual affairs with his bodyguards.

      NR Note: I urge readers to cut and paste both articles in full so as to retain complete copies of them. For whatever reason, it was difficult to locate the Frontpage publication where “Palestinians: Aggressors, Not Victims” appeared.

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