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10 Replies to “One part Orwell, one part Huxley. That is the suicidal formula”

  1. The destruction of Western Civilization has been a goal of the left for a long time, they have deliberately lowered the bar on what is considered decent to the point where there is very little that is now considered immoral. This is one of the reasons that I keep predicting the fall of civilization.

    I haven’t paid much attention to the songs that are out for a long time but the ones mentioned in the video re sick, how can any parent allow their young children listen to these songs.

  2. This isn’t merely degenerate or barbaric, it is forsaking all meaning of humanity and love of life.

    “Suicidal” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Self-loathing barely touches upon this intellectual and physical wasteland. This a bizarre form of dementia whose onset has (with parental permission) reached down into childhood and bodes particularly ill for the hopes of Western civilization.

    • Even into children’s bodies – the grooming gangs.
      I’m not optimistic about the West.

      Maybe something can be salvaged from the Far East. Even Westernized bits, like classical music. And Israel is an entrepĂ´t of sorts, like Singapore. Western civ may hold out in pockets, like manuscripts in monasteries during the Dark Ages.

      Of course no place is fail-safe in a World War. We just have better prospects of conserving something if we think global. The enemy is fixated on global; he doesn’t – and won’t – have a monopoly.

      • Hang onto all of the books and movies you can, the more copies there are the better chance some of them will survive.

  3. Wow. So terrorism is funded by the people ISIS targets. Guess it must be profitable.

    The illegal migration has caused a housing boom here in Germany. Destroying western civilizations generates revenue.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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