EU’s sick “asylum policy”: Cui bono?

The EU’s absurd asylum policy has anormous human costs and also endangers American lives. Who benefits?

By Nicolai Sennels

EU’s open boarders policy has allowed large numbers of Islamic terrorists to enter vulnerable and unprepared member states, from where they according to the CIA easily can travel to the USA. Several deadly jihad attacks have since claimed more than hundred lives, including in Paris (130 dead) three attacks in Germany and in Stockholm (five dead). The family of the Muslim suicide bomber who killed 22 at a youth concert in Manchester also came to Europe as refugees.

Inviting millions of migrants and refugees into the open Schengen area has led to an ever growing crime wave affecting millions of people. In Germany alone police registred 69,000 crimes related to migrants in just three months – and that’s just the official number of registred crimes.

The costs for accommodating them are in the billions. It is estimated that in just five years – 2016-2020 – migrants and refugees in Germany will cost the tax payers 93.6 billion euros.

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10 Replies to “EU’s sick “asylum policy”: Cui bono?”

  1. Which explains that the least moral will slowly get to infect the most moral.

    America chose your friend wisely.

  2. This is one of the steps to one world government. Bankrupt economies forcing one world monetary standard, more than likely (digital) with your information on plastic or eye scan or embedded behavioral botts. Misbehave and they explode your bott. Everyone will be herded into mega cities with high-speed trains connecting after a population cull to a sustainable 1-2 billion humans worldwide. No population outside the mega-cities. The fun and games haven’t even started.

  3. Two excerpts tell the whole story:

    Recent research shows that only 2.65 percent of migrants crossing the Mediterranean are refugees, the rest are fortune seekers and terrorists.

    Which is why I routinely place the word “immigrants” in sneer quotes.

    Is it as Peter Sutherland, a long time member of the Bilderberg group, chief of UN’s department for migration and chairman of Goldman Sachs International (an interesting mixture of power) said at a EU top meeting: The EU should “do its best” to undermine the cultural “homogenity” of the member countries, since our particular cultures are a hindrance for non-Westernes to integrate. According to the powerful Sutherland, migration is a “crucial dynamic for economic growth”.

    All of which rips the mask off of any “humanitarian” pretenses. This is a war on Western civilization and one which already has gone kinetic, despite the politicians of Europe and America being in a state of chronic denial about this obvious fact. The only available remedy being that indigenous populations must take matters into their own hands. Anything less spells doom.

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