After London Bridge attack, Republican congressman: ‘Kill them all’

This from iNews:

A US congressman has said that anyone who is a “radicalised Islamic suspect” should be killed. “Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down,” said Republican Clay Higgins, from Louisiana, in the aftermath of the London Bridge terror attack. Writing on a Facebook page belonging to his campaign one day after seven people were killed in the capital, the congressman elected in 2016, said: “Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.”

This appears to be the Facebook post:

I think its safe to say that Robert Mitchum would agree with him.

And so would the majority of people back in the day when you could identify an enemy who were a clear and existential threat to you, and actually fight back to win.

Compare what this congressman says, to the UK government, who consistently avoid doing or saying anything that might actually be effective, preferring instead to reenforce the enemy narrative while doing a little catch-and-release, political theatre after each attack.

Trudeau in Canada of course is even more bizarre with his “If you fight them they win” detraction from reality.

This man needs visible support even if it seems that there is risk attached to that support. This is a war fought first, and even foremost, on cultural grounds and we are losing that aspect of it, so the kinetic one isn’t even necessary for the enemies to win.

If we manage to give ourselves permission to actually fight back, we win in no time flat.

Remember how one man with a stick in Berkeley changed the dynamic with ANTIFA everywhere after that.

Now, police keep ANTIFA in check, remove masks at some locations and arrest them when they commit crimes against public order. This started once it became clear that the rest of us might actually be ready to defend ourselves.

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36 Replies to “After London Bridge attack, Republican congressman: ‘Kill them all’”

  1. We need to call this gentleman and let him know he has support and than him for speaking the truth. I called and thanked him. The gentleman who answered at 337-703-6105 was truly grateful to hear from someone who was not a constituent who took the time to call. Explained that we must all stand strong. He said that Congressman Higgins intends to stand strong with Trump and America.

    Washington, DC Office
    1711 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515

    Lafayette Office
    Chase Building
    600 Jefferson Street
    Suite 808
    Lafayette, LA 70501
    Lake Charles
    Capital One Building
    1 Lakeshore Drive
    Suite 1670
    Lake Charles, LA 70629

  2. I just called the Lafayette Office also (7:15 am Pacific Time) and gave a ringing endorsement to Rep. Higgins’ comment; I added that it’s insane that suspects are being watched, not arrested, not deported, but watched!!! Just waiting for them to pop off and kill us.
    Absolute insanity.
    Nor are the Mosques closed down where killing is preached; nor are the Imams deported or at least arrested; nor are other of the Mosque-goers arrested.
    While it seems like insanity what it really is is that our government policy puts a TARGET on our backs and lets the murderous hordes pop off at will.


  3. (And off topic: I listened to Vlad’s radio interview of several weeks ago and it was great; I especially appreciated two points, 1) That Japanese Shinto was deemed a political ideology and therefore banned [from memory, I think that’s what you stated], and 2) that the two roads two heaven in Islam are Jihad and Hijra [am I right there, as well?].)

    Please correct me if I’m wrong about the above. TY.

      • Yes, and the Hijrah, specifically to relocate to a non-Muhammadan nation as a Muhammadan to expand the footprint of Muhammadism, being performed by the parents, obliges Allah to provide them a seat in his SkyBrothel, explains why the second and third degenerations of Muhammadans resort to murderous jihad in those same nations.

        In essence, any jihadi that is native born only solidifies the argument that Muhammadanism is treason.

  4. Unfortunately ,here in the U.K. we have no one anywhere near as bullish as this guy.
    The opinion polls have a man called Corbyn getting closer to office ,he often use to parade around London with the main Henchmen off the provisional .I.R.A..,Hamas ,or Hizbollah. even after terror attacks .
    He is planning to “apologise” to the Muslim world for “crimes” commited in the name of British foreign policy.
    It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that we could see him kneeling before Al Baghdadi begging forgivness. One of his supporters an African woman tweeted “One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter ,just saying.

  5. We are rapidly approaching when this solution will happen, they politicians have betrayed the people of the western nations for way too long. When the people finally have enough and move to protect themselves they will go after everyone they consider a danger and this includes the appeasing politicians.

  6. He is an American Geert Wilders. It is about time somebody in government had the courage to call out Islam without fear of the stand islamophobic or racist accusations.

  7. Re: Kill them All
    The Only Way to Win the War with Islam
    (Unless you are willing to fight the same war 20 years hence) is to kill them ALL, leave not one of them alive, even to the smallest child, destroy ALL of their lands and animals, and Mosques.
    Make Islam a “rumor”!
    THIS is indeed Biblical!

    This is why God told his people in the Old Testament to kill entire tribes, men, women, children, and all their animals. The sin becomes genetic. God telling His people to kill all Canaanites. They were an abomination in His Eyes. It is the same with the muslims who consider Islam their “religion” but they are in reality worshiping Satan.
    They are God’s enemies. I really lose my cool when either a muslim or a so-called “Christian” who is trying to convince me that allah, the pagan moon-god, who in fact is Satan, is the same as the Most High-Eternal One; also denying the Deity of Christ.

    For a long time I wondered about that part in the Bible, then when I examined Islam, I realized it was the right thing to do, killing them all!

    Deuteronomy 20
    16But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth: 17But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee: 18That they teach you not to do after all their abominations, which they have done unto their gods; so should ye sin against the LORD your God.

    As to the Bible, the Old Testament is the history of the Hebrews. Much of the Old Testament is a statement of history both good and bad, i.e., Descriptive (as opposed to Prescriptive like the violence of Islamic Doctrine). Further, the commands by God to the Hebrews to engage in violence were limited to a specific place, a specific time, and a specific group of people. There are no eternal commands to the Hebrews to spread Judaism to the whole world via subjugation, enslavement, and murder. There are no commands to kill all non-Jews who do not convert. Judaism does not even condone proselytizing. Jewish Law is only for Jews. In addition, there is no “perfect man” that all Jews are to eternally emulate.

    Those muslim women and children that we must kill, would have no compunction against killing you and your children.
    They are taught from the cradle to hate and kill!
    I have seen videos of tiny little kids practicing cutting off the heads of stuffed animals, and a little girl who was brainwashed into voicing that she wanted to be a Suicide Bomber… the kid is not old enough to know what a Suicide Bomber is, or does!
    But, it has been drilled into her head, and it will keep being drilled into her head, until she blows herself up… and everybody around her.

    The book of heresy, blasphemy, and hypocrisy known as the Koran tells followers “to assume the identity of your enemy in order to defeat them”. Muslims do not belong in Western Civilization. Muslim countries are at least 400 years to 1400 years, behind the rest of the world. They are trained from birth to follow a political ideology disguised as a religion known as Islam and to “infiltrate foreign lands and convert, tax or kill infidels”. The Leftists and Islam have common goals. Totalitarian rule and Global Domination.

      • Very true, this is what the left does and in the process they are driving the patriotic civilized people into the use of barbaric practices to save their freedom.

      • Thank you, yucki, for that proverb. America’s 1964 Republican Presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, was all-too-prescient when he proclaimed:

        Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

        Yet, as we all know, this unforgivable evil of tolerating the intolerable has become a bedrock foundation of virtue signaling. May these smug facilitators of Western civilization’s (attempted) demise rot in everlasting hell.

      • … and the current state of “news” is the exact reason for the 9th Commandment about giving false testimony against your neighbour.

        The punishment for getting caught giving false testimony was the punishment that was to meted out to the falsely accused.

  8. You’ve got to know that Higgins will be crucified for telling the truth. He may as well have pointed out that the emperor is buck naked. The Propaganda Media will not let this stand without torrents of poutrage and mock concern for poor defenseless Muslims that never meant anyone a bit of harm.

    • Something tells me something is changing, NR. This guy has the look of a man who doesn’t give a flying fuck anymore because he’s ready for The Show. Many will follow and the slackjawed commies will be arse-kicked into action by a moral majority gone kinetic. If not Higgins, the people will be lead by a man of resolve just like Higgins.

      • Johnny you are right, the ordinary (those who use to be called the good people) are angry and getting angrier on a daily or weekly basis, People like Captain Higgins are the people the left hate, they know a successful revolution is possible and are willing to pledge “Their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” to preserve what freedom that still exists and restore what we have lost. I knew people like him in the Army, the enlisted will follow him into hell trusting he can get the out.

      • If not Higgins, the people will be lead by a man of resolve just like Higgins.

        Too right, Johnnyu! Coming down the turnpike is a Napoleon or Cromwell that will brook not the slightest opposition from Muslims or Liberal termites alike.

        They will make Trump look like the most gentle, reasonable, and conciliatory soul on earth. However, by that time, it will be far too late.

        • I liken it to a job you know you’ve got to do buy keep putting off. At least I hold some faith in this metaphor. You dread the thought of doing, say, a nasty cleanup until the day comes when you roll up your sleeves and get to it. Only then do you realize the daunting task was possible and you will succeed.

  9. Re “Kill ’em all”,
    nah mate deport them all.

    I say that NATO should win Somalia and dump all muslims on it’s shores, fuck ’em.
    Let’s see how they survive without western benefit money!

      • Reducing the numbers is the most efficient.

        Correct, dear MissPiggy. Only by killing immense numbers of those who pose even the slightest threat will there arise any sort of persuasive argument from within the ranks of Western warriors. Anything less will merely contribute to this currently repulsive episode of business-as-usual.

    • From awe to derision

      Hold that thought.

      There is little else that Islam deserves more unless it involves high absorbed doses.

      Muslims should be so fortunate as to merely be the target of derogatory Western ridicule.


    Cain and Able.

    A landlord was due her rent.
    She texted Cane. He would not reply.
    She texted Able for him to go and ask Cane.
    Cane said angrily “I paid her, and if she can’t bother to look up the bank statement, then that’s her problem. I’m not replying to her.”
    Able texted back to her, and sure enough when she checked, it had been paid.
    Able then let Cain know and he replied that it was inconsequential and a waste of texting him, as he already knew.
    The landlord favored Able.
    Cain resented Able. These ungrateful, and ungiving, with looks that could kill.

    As much as they gave Allah. And nothing more.

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