The missing Bulgarian video on the US influence on Islamic terrorists fighting in Syria

A few months ago, our Bulgarian translator did a number of very important transitions of videos for us that got pulled down from every site we put them at. It was a very frustrating experience for all of us. But the last one was really interesting and got pulled down from LiveLeak, Youtube, and all with vague or no explanations and usually within minutes. Even which has a whole thing about not pulling things down, pulled this one down in a matter of an hour or three. No explanation.

But its been found here.

This video is a 20 minute analysis of the American influence on the Syrian war and explains an awful lot about the way Barack Husain Obama acted, or failed to act, during his time as president concerning the Islamic State and related actors. For those of you familiar with bit torrent, the same video can be grabbed using this link.

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10 Replies to “The missing Bulgarian video on the US influence on Islamic terrorists fighting in Syria”

  1. The first link takes you to the video. The second link requires you to have a bit torrent client. Dont use that unless you are familiar with it. Just go to the first link and watch it.

    • Got it! Extremely grateful for yours and Tania’s work. I downloaded it to pass on and out via Russki friends. They get around.

      This is the mixed multitude observers are watching in Jordan. Lots of everything nasty there, referred to as a “fiefdom of the CIA”. Brennan’s a not-so-cryptic tard; he was turned by the Saudis years ago.

      The USA has a major base there. Target-rich zone for these lice. Weapons and mercenaries and MB and spies from everywhere. Our Gulf Allies. Hand-in-hand with the Deep State.

      aloha snackbar

  2. Remember, whenever 0bama mentioned “soft” power … the intended word was “flaccid”, “limp”, “wilting”, “bendy”, “droopy”, “flagging”, floppy” …

    Please never forget just how many of America’s brave fighting women and men lost their lives or limbs for the sake of this aberrantly ineffectual piece of shite.

  3. Reminds me of when Israel helped Hamas in the very early days. Just maybe some of these nutty conspiracy theories coming from the middle east on this group are correct to a point.

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