Breaking: Police responding to ‘serious incident’ at Manchester Arena after reports of explosion

Police presser:

The above video can be summed up in 90 seconds by the video below:

DAILY MAIL UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: Nineteen people confirmed dead and 50 injured in Manchester Arena ‘terrorist attack’ as explosions cause carnage at the end of Ariana Grande gig sending bloodied teens fleeing

***Nineteen people have been confirmed dead and around 50 injured after a terrorist attack inside Manchester Arena at the end of a teen concert tonight.

Video footage showed thousands of people fleeing in tears from the venue, many covered in blood, after the Ariana Grande concert finished.

Horrifying footage showed petrified children leaping over fences as they desperately tried to escape the 21,000-seat venue. 

Armed officers surrounded the venue and bloodied casualties were seen being stretchered out of the concert that resembled a ‘war zone’. 

There were fears a ‘nail bomb’ had been used as witnesses described there being ‘nuts and bolts flying everywhere.’   

Last night police carried out a controlled explosion at Cathedral Gardens after finding a second suspicious device. ***

(Update at end of post also where some idiot claiming to be Islamic State takes ‘credit’ for the attack)

UPDATE: At least 20 killed in possible suicide blast at Manchester concert featuring Ariana Grande

At least 20 people were killed and possibly “hundreds” of others were injured after one or more loud bangs were heard Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England, multiple law enforcement told NBC News.

U.K. authorities suspect the incident was conducted by a suicide bomber, according to multiple U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.

Preliminary reports indicated that a single explosion took place outside the arena on the southwest side opposite the Manchester Victoria transit station, which is part of the greater arena complex, the U.S. officials said.

UPDATE: Its looking like it might be NAIL BOMBS



Someone claiming to be the Islamic State, and clearly a magnificent example of the kind of cultural enrichment the Marxists all promised us, is claiming responsibility for Manchester

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48 Replies to “Breaking: Police responding to ‘serious incident’ at Manchester Arena after reports of explosion”

  1. British police are too busy sending Swat Teams to check up on, or arrest, Tommy Robinson. That’s where their priorities lie.

      • 1. A measure of how I have come to completely distrust the Fake Media: I come first to VladTepes blog to check when “not-yet-explainable-explosions” occur where crowds are gathered.

        2. Let me indulge in a little Islamophobia here: It was the Tards, one way or another. Should the news that it was gas balloons exploding accidentally, the ensuing stampede would have ocured because of the many preceeding massacres that had “everything to do with islam” . So I BLAME THE TARDS !
        So there !

        • correction: …should the news that it was gas balloons exploding accidentally PROVE TO BE CORRECT, the ensuing stampede would have ocured because of the many….

        • Same here. ZERO trust in MSM. I have two places to check – Here and Conservative Tree House a.k.a.The Last Refuge.
          So, we now find out it’s the real deal.

          Fine… It doesn’t change the fact they will not send Swat teams to arrest radical Islamists (including rape/slavery gangs) but will not hesitate to do so for peaceful protestors such as Britain First and T. Robinson.

          Never forget the lady that got one full year in jail for a strip of bacon on a mosque door handle nor the guy that died in jail for distasteful whatever…

          Sorry, but the Brits deserve it. Maybe this is their wake-up call.

          • Those children at that concert did not deserve it. But their blood is on the hands of every politician, preacher & person who refuses to speak and acknowledge the truth. Every politician that has failed to protect the country has those children’s blood on their hands. Every weak leftist SJW judge that has handed down appallingly unjust sentences with slimy cowardly excuses has bloody hands. Britain has some brave and smart people with common sense … hopefully they can wake up the rest before it is too late. Brexit was a hopeful start.

            • I agree with everything you write. Sadly, more deaths are needed for an impact such as one attack generates 1,000 dead.
              The way it’s going now, some 20 or 30 killed randomly are quickly forgotten with flowers and songs.

            • In Judaism , if food is spoiled by the saucepan it is buried in the desert.
              I paraphrase: Every spoilt society has to be cast out to wander for 40 years in the wilderness, (the same time taken to corrupt and therefore to uncorrupt the West), if it is to be saved.

              For the Orthodox still follow Moses, and in order to boil an egg to prevent an unclean blood-spot blemish to indicate that the pan was at fault, they will add two other eggs as witnesses to testify that the pan was not this cause.

              In our morally corrupt society, where truth is lie, love is war, and trustingthose who are Legion a sham, their three Birthers testify that the society that created them is toxic, and they a must be cast out if they are ever to save themselves. This is Brexit. G_d save their souls.

  2. An interesting comment on the link provided: ”A friend works in A&E – huge balloons filled with gas popped & there was a stampede because everyone thought it was a bomb! #ManchesterArena”

  3. If it was gas balloons exploding that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a terror attack, FAE bombs are easier to make then most people realize. The timing is also suspicious, timed to explode while people were leaving the arena means more people standing thus more causalities.

    It could be an accident with gas balloons but we will have to wait and see.

    • Get real Richard. A large gas balloon would explode most likely above your head and would inflict little damage.
      The victims were predominantly hurt in their legs and feet this means the (nail) bomb exploded on ground level and it was not a balloon.
      This looks very much like a Boston type attack with a pressure coocker in a backpack.

      • Richard is just trying very hard to remain objective. But now as I write this I am saddened by the tragedy and angered by all natives complicit.

      • Depends on how high they are and the size of the explosion, I have seen big events with large balloons near or actually on the floor. However last night I was thinking bomb and that is what it was.

        A FAE bomb/baloon that is 10 foot or larger in diameter would be the equivalent to half a case or better of 40% dynamite.


    Nineteen people confirmed dead and 50 injured in Manchester Arena ‘terrorist attack’ as explosions cause carnage at the end of Ariana Grande gig sending bloodied teens fleeing
    Nineteen people killed after explosions rang out at the end of an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester Arena
    Video footage showed thousands fleeing in tears from the venue, many covered in blood, when gig ended
    Armed officers surrounded venue and bloodied concertgoers pictured being helped by emergency services

    There were fears a ‘nail bomb’ had been used as witnesses described there being ‘nuts and bolts flying everywhere.’

    • I know about these ‘nail bombs’. Horrorific injuries.
      Better bring in extra trauma docs.

      Might be good to get PTSD-treatment teams on scene too. The quicker, the better.
      [I just took a little booster-dose myself. Flashback to a piece of a child’s foot.]

    • The tight control of everything that can be used as a weapon has lead to a police state. Ask the people being persecuted for opposing the Islamic invasion how they feel about Britain being so tightly controlled.

  5. the daily caller – Twitter Liberals Worry About Muslims’ Feelings After Manchester Bombing

    An explosion outside of an Ariana Grande concert Monday night killed as many as 20 people and injured approximately 50, but some liberals on Twitter seem more concerned about hurting the feelings of Muslim people.

    Some verified users are angry at the “racism and xenophobia” they’re seeing in response to the attack, which reports say was carried out by a suicide bomber.

    the manchester tag is making me sick, the amount of racism and bullshit people are spouting when they dont know ANYTHING.

    While you’re all refreshing your timelines waiting for updates from Manchester, use your time to report racist and racially abusive tweets.

    Can CNN boot the talking head speculating about Muslim immigration to Europe and the incident in Manchester?

    For the people abusing Muslims in regards to #Manchester put your racism & xenophobia away. A lot of the people helping children are Muslim.

    Please don’t retweet Jack Buckby, Simon. He’s a former
    BNP man using the Manchester incidents to incite war on Islam

    • Think they’d be open to my suggestion of internment camps?
      Pakistan has a proud tradition of savage, random murder. Wrath posts on it here every single day. The London tard of a mayor is blasé.
      England may want to keep its options open.

  6. Many years ago, I visited M’er for an extended time. A porter (janitor) in the building came up to one day to ask, “Lass, ye’re American?” I nodded. “Thanks” he said. “Ye helped us out during the waar.”

  7. Muslims are poisoning the Soul
    Feminists are killing the Heart
    Sexsquirrels drugging the Body
    Tearing the Children apart.

    • Islam has males transfixed
      Socialism has females bewitched
      Piss-Christs are reverse-crucifixed
      These prideful-offended are Sick.

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