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11 Replies to “Trudeau plans to make Canada exciting with muslims”

  1. This plan has worked so well in Europe that he has decided to copy them in Canada.

    Rita I need to borrow you vomit bucket.

  2. Trudeau is what I call a “manicured murderer”. As in one of the elite who keeps his own hands immaculately clean while dooming others to death. Macron is another one of these scum. We can only hope that Hillary will never get another chance to join their club.

  3. I wonder if my ancestors would’ve bothered pioneering in western Canada had they known that ALL their hard work would be given away by Trudy, and their descendants handed a future that looked just like the past the ancestors escaped from?

    • Every one to two generations we have to fight to retain our freedom because too many people don’t learn what the past was like.

  4. Quite right occupant 9. I wonder if my uncles would have fought in France had they known what would eventually become of the place ? Both were Australians,both were volunteers and they rest on French soil

    • Both were Australians,both were volunteers and they rest on French soil

      Knowing the fine and upstanding reputation that Diggers have amongst today’s American troops, your comment is heartrending.

    • We were kin, allies in the existential struggle; we needed each other. We may end up providing refuge for the very people we rescued there.

      You went there while American G.I.s went to New Guinea. If the Japs had taken command of the Pacific, Australia would’ve been cut off.


      [I was at the first “Battle for Australia” official commemoration in 2008. All matey, lovely.]

      • I recently read, “Redemption”, by Leon Uris. His detailed description of how utterly incompetent British military brass fed ANZAC forces into the meat grinder at Gallipoli was nothing short of obscene.

        I realize that you are referencing WWII, but the bravery of those “Down Under” deserves recognition. Especially in the face of world with that has the collective attention span of a fruit fly.

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