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4 Replies to “Macron’s French Islam”

  1. So if I understand this correctly the French have a plan to commit national suicide by become Swedish. Ces’t tres bien!

  2. Macron and Trudeau are both cut from the same bolt of rotting cloth. History will remember them as “manicured murderers” (to coin a phrase). My heart just about stops whenever I think of how narrowly America managed to dodge an identical fate.

    These people are beyond insane. They are well-past delusional. Essentially, they are psychopaths with a massive and supportive coterie. Ann Barnhardt’s concept of “Diabolical Narcissism” doesn’t even come close to describing the level of malignance involved.

    Please drop by Rita’s website and read her coverage of the French election: Count-Down to French Election

    If at all possible, consider leaving a comment. She is seriously in need of some tea and sympathy right about now. The political cartoons she has posted are as concise as they are disturbing. Here is one of the most bloodcurdling quotes from her post:

    “Islam is one of the founding and positive dimensions of Europe’s Past and Future.”

    — Jacques Attali

    This satanic pustule of excrement is Macron’s “tutor”. May they both roast in everlasting hell.

    • Another insane quote from Rita’s article:

      Macron let it be known, that, in case of his victory, he would meet with his partisans in front of the famous Glass Pyramide of the Louvre, he who stated during the campaign that there was no such thing as a “French Culture”, only a “Culture in France”.

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