Fake News at the Presentation of Crime Stats?

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks!

From this German news site:

Recently Interior Minister de Maizière presented Germany’s crime statistics for 2016, and he found himself unable to avoid admitting a few unpleasant facts. Of an allegedly almost identical total of criminal acts, wherein illegal immigration remarkably was not mentioned, the number of violent crimes has risen drastically. 18 attempted homicides committed by rightwing motivated persons — for instance when a migrant was pushed on train tracks. Homicide and manslaughter saw an increase of 14.3 percent; rape and sexual coercion saw a surge of 12.8 percent.

De Maizière tried to play down the issue that most of the migrants are young men who are more prone to commit crimes. Just why these young men were brought into the country the Minister didn’t explain, of course. Instead he spoke of a “coarsening” of society, without uttering a single word about the source or the reason for this coarsening. That, one had to figure out himself by listening between the lines. Mind you, though, it was acknowledged that there is a problem with the criminality of migrants. However, we should relax, since only 1% of the migrants are so-called ‘intensive offenders’ who commit 40% of all migrant crime.

Leftist extremist crime also had to be acknowledged, especially since a rise in crime against politicians is to be expected during election year. However not a word was uttered that the large majority of these crimes against politicians targeted members of the AfD.

According to information from de Maizière, there was a rise in right-wing extremist crime. They are now measuring up equally to left-wing extremist crime. One would liked to learn more concrete details about this, for instance if those swastika graffiti that were painted by leftwing extremists or by migrants, were simply allocated to right-wing extremist criminal activities. Such as in Brandenburg where unexplained criminal activities are simply allocated into the right-wing extremism statistics.

In order to illustrate the worrisome development of rightwing extremism, the Minister named 18 allegedly right-wing oriented attempted homicides, for instance as already mentioned, when a migrant was pushed onto the train tracks.

At this point I can only ask myself if I might have missed some crucial information. I’ve never heard of migrants who were “pushed onto train rails”. Even a search on Google brought up nothing.

It may be due to my lack of skills that I came up with only two results: At a Berlin subway station unknown subjects pushed a man onto the rails. But they were described as “Arab-looking”. And in Dresden two asylum seekers pushed a man onto rails and then kept him down by kicking him despite the incoming train. But the public prosecutor did not investigate attempted homicide in this case, merely bodily injury and interference with public transportation.

Interesting in this context as well is the blocking practice of our quality media. One of our readers, J.B., wanted to comment on de Maizière and the crime statistics at <i>Die Welt</i>. The comment wasn’t approved. Here’s the comment:

“So, Herr Minister of the Interior. I have taken it upon myself to work out the crime statistics numbers since 2010. The result:

2010: 5.933 M

2011: 5.990M (first light increase after receding stats in the past few years)

2012: 5.997M

2013: 5.961M

2014: 6.082M

2015: 6.330M

2016: 6.372M

 German Suspects:

2010: 1.680M

2011: 1.628M

2012: 1.591M

2013: 1.555M

2014: 1.531M

2015: 1.456M

2016: 1.405M

 Non-German Suspects:

2010: 0.471M

2011: 0.484M

2012: 0.502M

2013: 0.538M

2014: 0.492M (weird jump downwards…)

2015: 0.555M

2016: 0.616M

Under it migrants:

2014: 0.059M

2015: 0.114M

2016: 0.174M

 In other words, for 2016:

German citizens: 19 Suspects per thousand

Migrants: circa 174 Suspects per thousand

How, therefore, should one assess the statements by the Minister of the Interior, when he issues a blanket denunciation of the entire citizenry of Germany? Fake news? Hate speech?

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One Reply to “Fake News at the Presentation of Crime Stats?”

  1. “Whistling past the graveyard” doesn’t even begin to adequately describe this sort of palliative blather.

    These Socialist b@stards continually pretend that their ham-fisted “Social Engineering” is a shining success, even as the ongoing crime statistics outline one of the most horrendous descents into chaos that Europe has ever seen. At this point, I refuse to include WWII as a surmounting example because the points of contact and attributions of this current madness are of far greater impact.

    Instead, these budding Social Engineers have unleashed upon The Continent a flood tide of mayhem and criminality that portends nothing less than total lawlessness. This, despite the EU’s complete and total addiction to laws that define exactly what quantity and flavor of candy, crisp (or chip) may be produced by a given member nation.

    This attention to fine-grained detail, even as the most “coarse” criminality goes entirely disregarded, presages the results of a willful disregard for the most obvious and destructive imaginable factors.

    These “Social Engineers” bear all responsibility for what awaits. My distrust with regard to seeing any of them EVER stand in the slightest degree of answer for their ultimately malevolent deeds is utterly disheartening.

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