Islam, terror attempts and busts, the Pope goes to Al Azhar: Links 1 on April 28

1, The post modernist university argues for a flat Earth.

Western progressives are up in arms whenever one merely mentions the term, “Intelligent Design,” invariably resorting to smearing Christians as backwoods imbeciles. But a PhD student arguing that the earth is flat for no other reason than that the Islamic faith posits it is? No problem!

World Crunch reports:

In our age of endless debates and alternative facts, at least we thought this question was long settled. Everyone from Ferdinand Magellan to Apollo astronauts had provided the proof that our world — messy as it might be — is round. Not flat. Right?

Well, at the highest levels of Tunisian academia, one doctoral student has reopened the question. Since 2011, the aspiring PhD at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Sfax has been working on a thesis in geology entitled: “The flat, Geocentric Model of the Earth, Arguments and Impact of Climate and Paleoclimactic Studies.”

(Islam is a near perfect fit for post-modernist thought, as it asserts that what they feel, is what is true and that facts are a tool of oppression against their religion. This is pretty much exactly what a lot of the European post-modernists taught, and explains a whole lot about why the left supports Islam over Greek thought.)

2. Rasmieh Odeh’s Guilty Plea Accepted

(At last that problem goes away)

Three times U.S. District Judge Gershwin A. Drain asked, “Are you pleading guilty or not guilty?” Each time, Rasmieh Odeh paused.

“I think to sign this [plea agreement], it makes me guilty,” she finally said. And with that, she begrudgingly ended a nearly four-year prosecution based upon her failure to disclose her arrest, conviction and imprisonment stemming from two 1969 terrorist bombings in Jerusalem when she applied to become an American citizen.

Odeh, 69, will be sentenced in August for naturalization fraud. A loss of her citizenship and deportation is guaranteed to be part of that sentence.

A jury convicted Odeh in 2014, but she won a new trial in December after an appeals court ruled that testimony supporting her defense was improperly barred.

That defense was built around an unproven claim that Odeh suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) brought on by alleged torture while in Israeli custody. Her confession to the bombings came only after 25 days of torture, she claims. When immigration papers asked whether she ever had been arrested or convicted, the PTSD caused her to filter out that past, Odeh claims, and believe the question only applied to her time in the United States.

3. Pope Francis goes to Al Azhar

4. Australian government funds mosques and other islamic propaganda efforts

5. Jihadist Haroon Syed admits planning to ‘bomb Elton John concert’ on 9/11 anniversary 

(Interesting juxtaposition of Islamic high art Vs. Western pop culture art. What Syed planned, is what Islam celebrates as its highest accomplishment.)

Haroon Syed, 19, also planned to target crowds outside Buckingham Palace and shoppers in Oxford Street.

The teenager wanted to cause carnage on the scale of the 2005 London bombings which claimed the lives of 52 innocent victims.

Syed first opted for a devastating machine gun attack, the Old Bailey heard. But he switched to a homemade bomb with “lots of nails inside” when he failed to raise the cash to buy automatic weapons.

Oxford street, LondonGETTY

Syed also planned on targeting shoppers in Oxford Street

6. Counter terror police ‘drag woman off London bus’ before dramatic search

Officers swooped on the bus in Willesden High Street according to people in the area, before dragging the woman into a doorway.

Witnesses said two bags were taken and searched by specialist officers.

Officers were seen forcefully restraining the woman and escorting her into a doorway while other police sifted through the two bags.

Eyewitnesses claim that they overheard police saying detonators were inside the bags.

A man, also understood to be 28, reportedly ran off the bus but was chased down by cops and detained.

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, Fousequack, M., Yucki, and all who sent in materials. Yesterday was quite a banner day for muslims getting caught for trying to kill people to establish a sharia state. What was there, three? Four plots? Damn.

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  1. 1 – I wonder how long it will take before the post modern universities in North America start teaching the flat earth as an alternative theory to keep the Moslems satisfied?

  2. The puppet from Argentina who support a political party : Islam.
    This pope is a fake just like MSM, feminists and sharia.

    Junta , Argentina. Civilized country are rejecting leftist idea.

  3. 1, The post modernist university argues for a flat Earth.

    Let’s please find the very few philanthropists necessary to successfully relocate these flat liners flat-earthers to a region near the boundaries these flat liners flat-earthers are so fond of citing.

    With their certitude of where this world’s borders are, it should be no problem to situate them right on the edge without them expressing the least amount of fear … right?!?

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