ISIS Paris Shooter Was Previously Arrested For Going On A Police Shooting Rampage

From The Daily Caller:

The Islamic State terrorist responsible for shooting three French police officers Thursday was previously convicted for going on a shooting rampage against police in 2001.

The Islamic State’s Amaq news agency claimed Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki, formerly known as Karim Cheurfi according to France’s L’Express, was responsible for killing one officer and injuring two others. Beljiki was later shot and killed by police, but this was not his first shoot out with authorities.


Beljiki, a native of Paris’s Livry-Gargan suburb, stole a car in 2001, according to a Le Parisien report. He later accidentally ran the vehicle into a police trainee’s car. The officer, who was reportedly off duty, and his brother gave chase until Beljiki crashed in a ditch. Beljiki then proceeded to fire at the two men, wounding both.

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  1. Pro-Islamic State note allegedly found near Paris gunman

    A handwritten note praising the so-called Islamic State group was found near the attacker who shot dead a police officer and wounded two others on Paris’s Champs Elysees, a source close to the inquiry has said.

    In addition to the note near the body of 39-year-old Frenchman Karim Cheurfi, authorities found a Koran in his vehicle at the scene of yesterday’s attack, the sources told AFP.

    After killing the officer and injuring two of his colleagues just a few hundred metres from the Arc de Triomphe, the gunman was shot dead in return fire while trying to flee on foot.

    A statement by the group’s propaganda agency said the attacker was one of its “fighters”, identifying him as “Abu Yussef the Belgian”.

    The killer identified by French authorities was known to anti-terror police.

    He had been arrested in February on suspicion of plotting to kill police officers but released for lack of evidence.

    He had been convicted in 2005 on three counts of attempted murder, including two targeting police officers, sources said.

    Police are questioning three of his associates.

    Meanwhile, a suspect sought by France in the wake of the attack in Paris has turned himself in to Belgian police, France’s interior ministry said this morning.

    “The man in the wanted notice issued by Belgian authorities presented himself to a police station in Antwerp,” ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told AFP.

    Observers had feared violence ahead of Sunday’s vote in France following a string of atrocities since 2015 and the attack is thought likely to move security to the front of voters’ minds.[…]

  2. the independent – Paris attack: Marine Le Pen seeks to exploit Champs Elysees shooting amid fears killing could influence election

    Far-right and conservative candidates seeking to capitalise on terror fears

    Marine Le Pen and conservative candidate Francois Fillon have declared “war against Islamism” as they seek to gain from a terror attack that left a police officer dead in the centre of Paris.

    A suspected Isis supporter opened fire with a Kalashnikov on the famous Champs Elysees, killing one officer and injuring two others before being shot dead.

    Coming three days before the first round of France’s presidential election, there has been speculation that increased security fears could drive voters to either far-right leader Ms Le Pen or Mr Fillon.

    […]the French Prime Minister attacked candidates for seeking to turn it into a political opportunity.

    Bernard Cazeneuve launched an unprecedented intervention, saying it was “necessary to re-establish the truth”.

    He accused Ms Le Pen of seeking to divide France, while picking apart Mr Fillon’s policies.

    But Ms Le Pen chose to launch a high-profile speech in an apparent attempt to gain political capital from the bloodshed, hitting out at France’s “so-called leaders” for failing to protect citizens.

    “Islamism is a monstrous totalitarian ideology that has declared war on our nation, on reason, on civilisation,” the Front National leader said.

    “The names of these new victims are added to the long list of martyrs of terrorism.”

    She called for France to reinstate border checks and to arrest all suspects on France’s “fiché S” terror watch list, while deporting foreign suspects and removing French citizenship from dual nationals.

    Following reports that the suspected attacker had been arrested as part of a counter-terror investigation in February but released the following day, Ms Le Pen called him a “symbol of [state] failure”.

    She made no mention of the fact the chief suspect is a Frenchman, but denounced the “laxity of the judiciary” and announced proposals to stop Islamism spreading in France, including banning Salafist organisations, expelling hate preachers and stopping the foreign financing of mosques.[…]

    April 21 – M LePen on French radio –

    ……there could be another attack in the coming days

  3. Turkish ambassador condemns Paris shooting

    Attacked police patrol was part of French protection of Turkish cultural center, says Ismail Hakki Musa

    Ismail Hakki Musa told Anadolu Agency police immediately provided protection for a Turkish cultural attache who was in a Turkish tourism and cultural center in the area.

    “The targeted police patrol is dispatched in front of the [Turkish] building as part of standard security measures that we asked for recently,” Musa said, continuing:

    “Unfortunately, this treacherous assault was carried out on this team who have the task of ensuring the safety and security of our team here.”

    The Turkish diplomat said protection had been provided under the French state of emergency to protect Turkey’s mission.

    Extra security had also been requested “in response for some intelligence information that terrorist organizations such as the PKK and Daesh might carry out violent attacks,” Musa added.

    French police arrested three people overnight following the shooting, local media reported Friday.

  4. France: Neighbours recount everyday interactions with Champs-Elysees shooter

    Neighbours of Karim Cheurfi, the person believed to be responsible for Thursday’s shooting in Paris that left one police officer dead, shared their memories of the 39-year-old man, speaking from his street in Chelles on Friday.

    SOT, Farah Zaoui, neighbour of Champs Elysees shooter (French): “We know that this is a 40 year-old guy. His mother has lived on the street for a long time. I don’t really think that there is a direct link with Daesh, he was just radicalised in prison. We all know each-other in this neighbourhood, but this family – nobody really knows who they are. We saw them just a few times. They were really discreet people.”

    SOT, Stephanie, neighbour of Champs Elysees shooter (French): “My parents live right there in the middle of the street. I don’t live here anymore, it’s been two years but as I often come to see my parents, I sometimes crossed him on the pavement and I used to greet him when I passed by car, or if I had the time I used to open the window and ask him how he was doing. It was just a neighbour relationship.”

    SOT, Joaquim, neighbour of Champs Elysees shooter (French): “We anyway see how people are . You know when we see a person we feel if he is serious or not. And these people were not.”

    SOT, Karim, neighbour of Champs Elysees shooter (French): “We are never protected to face to these people. We never really know who they are and were they are coming from and when they will emerge. Life is still going and will continue. These types of people will not impede us from living or loving. We live with it and that’s it.”

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