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6 Replies to “Katie Hopkins post at the Daily mail being reported as “hate crime””

  1. A combination of Orwell and Huxley describes just about all of Europe. I remember reading them and many SF authors who wrote distopian novels, at the time I thought the novels were unlikely to every come true because the evils of WWII were still remembered by so many. Now the Great Grand Children of the people who fought true evil in WWII are ignorant of what their forefathers fought and are working to bring about a future dominated by true evil. We are the ones that remember the past and have been tasked with preventing the destruction of all freedom. Our forefathers fought long and hard with many not surviving the fight can we do any less? Can we allow evil? Are we going to show the future generations that we to can step up and fight evil?

  2. What Katie Hopkins is and what she openly says has a massive support base outside of London. Just read the ‘Best Rated’ in the comments section after her articles in the Daily Mail, which is just about the only MSM newspaper left with any guts in the UK.
    London is now just another Muslim occupied territory mostly owned by Middle Eastern oil money, the treacherous political classes, their supportive chatterati and the fraudulent Banksters. It is no longer British nor part thereof.

    • Just on the radio news tonight i hear Qatar plans to invest about 6-7 billion pounds in London over the next few years. The English are whoring themselves to Arab greaseballs. Where did they get the impression this will end well? Don’t they understand that even if they know the Arabs know of better investments they will concentrate on London because that will be the first big conquest for the hijrah!

  3. Islam, (paranoia extreme)
    Gives Feminized toy-boys – Muhammad’s Dream.
    Each Mistress destroys
    The soul from its joys
    Then they kill those who see they weren’t weened.


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