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6 Replies to “Leftists in France attempt to prove themselves “ungovernable” in Nantes”

  1. The left around the world are determined to hang on to power, since the voters are rejecting them in all nations they are having to resorting to terror tactics to scare the people into voting for them.

    • Right on Richard. The intolerant left. When their welfare $ stopped they will stop. The Gov has to say the tax payers said : no more. I can’t protest I work!

  2. France: Police clear 400 protesters occupying Paris building

    Nearly 400 people were evacuated from a squatted building in Paris on Sunday, after they had occupied the vacant property for two days.

    Members from the collective “Our rights against their privileges” occupied the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris building in an attempt to shelter some 200 people in need of housing, as well as to create a political space to protest the upcoming presidential elections.

    SOT, Loic Canitrot, Member of ‘Our rights against their privileges’ collective (French): “Politics in the coming weeks, we will not wait for politics to come only in the elections. It will also be in the streets and in the mobilizations.”

    SOT, Loic Canitrot, Member of the ‘Our rights against their privileges’ collective (French): “Here, symbolically we started with an action for housing. Because there are many people without housing and there are thousands of completely empty spaces.”

    SOT, Quentin, Member of ‘Our rights against their privileges’ collective (French): “Today, there was an occupation by several associations of the collective of a building that belonged to the City council of Paris.”

    SOT, Quentin, Member of ‘Our rights against their privileges’ collective (French): “The police intervened after 4 hours, everyone kept his peace and it went well.”

  3. Read my comment on the German hate parades, this is just more evidence that a peaceful solution is rapidly slipping away from the world.

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