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6 Replies to “Member of German Parliament trashes Trump, plans to go to US and make trouble for his policies”

  1. Maybe this has something to do with it?


    Donald Trump’s trade guru is correct. Germany is the planet’s ultimate currency manipulator… The warped mechanism of monetary union allows Germany to lock in a permanent ‘beggar-thy-neighbour’ trade advantage over Southern Europe, inflicting mass unemployment on the victim countries and blighting their futures… Germany’s chronic, huge, and illegal current account surplus, 8.8pc of GDP, saps global demand and seriously distorts the world economy.

    EU law is clear. Persistent surpluses above 6pc of GDP are illegal. Germany is not even close to compliance.. yet nothing is ever done about it. Germany flouts the law with impunity, even as it lectures others on the rule of law.. Germany has a strategic choice to make. It must .. withdraw from the euro and revalue so that others can breathe again. What it cannot do is persist with the current racket.

    A belligerent administration in Washington entirely changes the strategic contours of monetary union. For years the US helped to prop up the euro.. Now we have a White House that deems monetary union to be a German mercantilist tool and a systemic threat to America’s commercial interests. Donald Trump openly desires a break-up of the euro. Does that matter? We will find out.


  2. Another liberal/ Communist/ Islam loving politician who has already helped to destroy his own country and now wants to trash ours. He has no idea how American politics or our system of government works. Let him come here and try to start trouble. President Trump will crush him like a fly. No wonder Germany is as FU as it is.

  3. You can’t really blame these lefties for squawking a bit on their way to the happy hunting ground. Just take a moment to meditate on how upset Barack Obama has to be at seeing Donald Trump follow him into the Presidency and tear up everything he ever accomplished. Cogitate on how panicked the EU control freaks must be at the Brexit vote and the looming Trump Presidency that threatens to begin a right wing tsunami that will wash away everything they’ve worked so hard for for so many years. Cry for the word nazis who have put us in an invisible cage of political correctness only to worry that political correctness might just be about to go out of style. Grieve for the left wing movie stars and singers and comedians who are about to lose half their fan base as the deplorables cross them off their Christmas lists.

    Better buy those Kleenexes by the case-lot. There’s going to be some crying going on…

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