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3 Replies to “Deputy Assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka discusses the new travel bans, Muslims teach sharia in USA”

  1. The protection of the citizens is the primary purpose of all governments, a fact that the alt left has never learned. When governments forget or ignore this they end up being changed, President Trump was elected on a platform of protecting America and rebuilding the American Economy, he has moved fast on both issues and the alt left is predictably screaming because he is doing what he promised he would. The political establishment of both parties need to remember that while they have the bureaucracy on their side President has the people on his.

    Immigrants that won’t assimilate into the culture and language of their new home aren’t immigrants, they are invaders who must be resisted. Under George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama refugees and immigrants from the Middle East have been welcomed, a significant number of those refugees and immigrants have refused to even try and learn English, they have started their own schools that teach Sharia law and the Koran but not English or American law, history or culture. They force all non Moslems out of areas they claim and make them no go zones where American Law does not rule. This has established safe havens for the ciolent jihadists who are living among them. This same problem has occurred in Europe but since they have taken in so many more Islamic Invaders that they are in much worse shape. To make matters worse the alt left in Europe has had control of their governments for a much longer period of time. They are going to suffer more damage during the Kinetic portion of WWIII but with luck should survive as sovereign nations.

  2. Give me your child to the age of seven
    Hold it still so it can’t get free
    Fix its gaze to the Light of Heaven
    And each made blind will Worship thee.

    Give me your child to the age of seven
    Prevent the love of constancy
    Teach that truth is unforgiven
    They’ll beg for more Security.

    Give me your child up to the age of seven
    Good as gold and prettily
    Scratching flesh into a chevron
    Silence any sympathy.

    Give me your child up to the age of seven
    Veganism vanity
    Bulimia another symptom
    Treating your anxiety.


  3. Deputy Assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka…

    Entirely regardless of support for President Trump, just the mere utterance of the name, “Sebastian Gorka”, should bring shivers of delight to all Americans who are experiencing Muslim fatigue.

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