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20 Replies to “LIVE STREAM muslim driven truck attack in Jerusalem”

  1. If, by some remote chance, the Muslim holocaust is averted, what follows is an alternative measure that represents one of the few ways of containing Islam. As jihad becomes more granular (i.e., smaller, more widely dispersed attacks), it will become increasingly difficult to interdict Islamic terrorism. As a consequence, some method of containment will be necessary.

    A Novel Approach to Containing Islam

    A few years back I read the science fiction book “Clade”, by author Mark Budz (Bantam Books, 2003). This post-apocalyptic novel deals with rehabilitating the earth after an “ecocaust”, a total and catastrophic environmental collapse. In a burst of genius, Budz details population control systems that work to regulate a shattered world which is being resettled and reshuffled along ethno-cultural lines so as to reduce historic frictions.

    In order to inhibit the usual cross-border conflicts, individual populations are genetically programmed to be dependent upon specific “pherion” compounds. The plot details how these pheromone-based, genetically inserted materials find their widest use in pacifying and stabilizing what would otherwise be potentially restive populations.

    It is a well known scientific fact that pheromones can activate sexual arousal but many people are often unaware of their more mundane role in parent-infant bonding and other less lurid functions. Besides sex pheromones, there are also alarm pheromones and food trail pheromones along with many others that affect behavior or physiology. The insect world makes widespread use of these signaling compounds in addition to some vertebrates and plants who also communicate with them as well.

    In the book, “Clade”, one specific use of these “pherions” is to lock a given population into its allocated environment. Mirroring a poisonous binary compound, antagonistic pherions must have both components present in order to prevent their attacking the body within which they reside. Creating these forced population enclaves is achieved by distributing portions of the binary (or even further segmented) pherion compound into various parts of the water supply or food chain. Due to their relatively short lifetime, these pherions must be regularly ingested so as to inhibit the antagonistic effects upon human physiology and immune systems that result if one or more of them become deficient.

    A useful model for comparison is how modern bacteriologists and microbiologists used a genetically modified version of E. coli (Escherichia coli) which, unlike its more common cousin, is specifically designed to perish in an oxygen environment. This way, any laboratory containment breach that results in a release of this virulent bacterium is self-remediating as the organism cannot survive for long in the ambient environment.

    In a similar manner, people of a given geographic population who have been made dependent upon this stabilized genetic modifier cannot up and decide to relocate elsewhere without risking immediate debilitating illness or, even, death due to the sudden absence of one or more regulating pherion compounds. A darker side and illicit application of this same genetic chemistry lies in how it is used to enslave people. In the book, large transnational “politicorps” (political corporations) utilize this same pherion dependence model to create captive worker populations much in the same way that 19th century coal mines and other labor intensive enterprises used “company stores” to financially ensnare their workforce.

    Additionally, individuals can be independently identified through analysis of their pherion profile. In the book’s plot, this serves as a separate biometric methodology to detect unauthorized immigrants, genetically tagged criminals, security risks and users of illegal counteractive measures or psychotropic compounds.

    In the publishing world, this sort of “predictive writing” is called Hard Science Fiction. A better known author of this genre is David Brin (“Sundiver”, “The Practice Effect”). This style is called “hard” because it does not rely upon any magic, supernatural forces or yet-to-be-invented technology. Much of what Budz describes in his book could be implemented within a fairly short amount of time, less than a decade or two at worst.

    Grim as it may sound, Budz’s pherion-based technology and method of population control represents one of the few functional ways of containing this planet’s Muslim community. Many people have speculated about some sort of containment model in order to restrict Islam’s encroachment upon the civilized world.

    This sort of genetic implementation represents one of the only effective ways of curtailing Islamic jihad. Muslims who left their native countries or regions of origin would simply perish from lack of nutrient uptake, a common cold or any of innumerable other variants on immune system inhibition.

    Muslims who remained in their specified areas would continue to ingest the needed pherion fragments that inhibit any antagonistic genetic reaction. Best of all, the world’s non-Muslim population would not be required to consume any of these compounds. The entire scheme would require compliance by Muslims on pain of swift death in the absence of uptake. Inoculation with these pherions would be a routine part of the expulsion process. Additionally, anyone seeking to escape after being dosed would be immediately detectable due to their pherion profile.

    While this is not a one hundred percent effective containment measure, it is certainly more affordable and practical than any sort of “Berlin Wall” strategy that has been suggested by others in the past. The main intent of my bringing this concept into public awareness is to ensure that a wider audience begins to understand that there are humane and effective ways of mitigating Islamic jihad without resorting to genocide or Total War, especially nuclear annihilation.

    To date, the pherion-based model is one of a very few that shows any promise in terms of forcibly re-aggregating a large Muslim population that has been deported from the West and other civilized regions. All other physical barrier models present too great of a risk with respect to being interdicted along with bearing a prohibitive operational price tag. The genetic compounds in question could be designed and originated for a few billion dollars and then grown quite economically in cultures using vat-like incubators identical to those employed by existing genetic engineering industries.

    If anything, readers are encouraged to read Budz’s novel solely on its own merits. It is a well-constructed and unnerving world of possibilities that could await us if we ignore our obligation to be more diligent stewards of the environment. Indeed, subsequent to such an “ecocaust” one of the only cost-effective methods of producing bulk medicinal drugs and food stocks would be through genetic engineering.

    Furthermore, this same gene-based technology would be instrumental in generating a plethora of new species capable of withstanding the intense ultra-violet light of a stripped out atmosphere along with surviving the concentrated chemical and biological contaminants that would likely result from such a catastrophe. All in all, Budz provides both excellent entertainment value and some rich food for thought with his work, “Clade”.

    Authors note: This essay topic was deemed “too inhumane” for publication at another, more famous, counterjihad website.

    • It’s more humane than anything your garden-variety jihadi will conjure up. More to the point the concept seems impractical and silly when the bullet will remain the preferred form of hostile crowd control well into the future, and in order to execute such a fantasy we’d have to first invent another chemical compound to serve our own commies. Put your feet back on the ground, NR. War is Hell, not sexy smells.

      • More to the point the concept seems impractical and silly when the bullet will remain the preferred form of hostile crowd control well into the future…

        We are in a war that never will be won using just “one bullet at a time”. Sadly, few Western leaders have even a slight understanding of this notion. Firing 1.6 billion bullets is not an option. There is only one economically feasible way of persuading 1.6 billion people that abandoning jihad is a supremely wise decision, and it does not entail conventional warfare.

        Why do you think I keep predicting the Muslim holocaust?

        As Brigitte Gabriel says, “Moderate Muslims are irrelevant!” Either they find a way of making themselves relevant or they will be thrown out with the jihadist bathwater. This leads to the problem that Islamic doctrine is cut in stone and even minor modification is, essentially, impossible. All of which inexorably points towards the Muslim holocaust.

        Due to its proximity and contiguity, Europe will be among the first to learn that deportations will not work. More than a few of the terrorists ininvolved with Europe’s recent attacks entered and exited the Schengen Area numerous times before unleashing their barbarism.

        Soon enough, the West will end up relearning the tough lesson of collective punishment. At its core, terrorism is a prime example of collective punishment and will likely have to be answered in kind with an extra dose of massively disproportionate retaliation. As in: for every jihadist attack, a large Muslim city disappears.

        I cannot imagine anything less than an existential threat persuading the ummah to abandon jihad. Getting 1.6 billion people to forego a compulsory Koranic imperative means that a substantial fraction of that population will likely have to perish before the memo gets circulated widely enough.

        That’s why the “Clade” concept isn’t just wishful thinking.

        PS: Thank you, Johnnyu, for reading the entire essay. Avoiding the Muslim holocaust (even just in part) will require some serious innovation.

      • The solution does violate the KISS rule and there are always unintended consequences that would mess up this complicated a plan.

        • That’s as may be, but all the same, if the Muslim holocaust is going to be avoided in any meaningful way, it will require something that is similarly effective. Containment is the only humane approach. Forcibly confining this world’s Muslim populations in their countries of origin cannot be achieved using conventional barricade technology.

          Constructing a functional “no-man’s-land” (mined and patrolled by drones) around the entire Muslim Middle East would cost more and be less effective than something like the “Clade” approach. Although it entails a complex and expensive learning curve, production of the eventual quasi-genetic compounds would be relatively inexpensive.

          That said, I certainly agree with you about about the possibility of unintended consequences. Genetic tampering is one of the surest invitations to disaster. Just look at GMO crops.

          Again, my essay is intended more to get people thinking creatively because the alternative is hideous and something that a civilized world should be able to avoid (no matter how vigorously Islam continues to beg for outright annihilation).

          • The science isn’t here but the Tards are. You’d be waiting for Gidot–an unaffordable game. Let Mary feed them pheromones and Bobby feed them lead…

            • Johnnyu, please follow my reasoning. I’m not saying that the “Clade” technology is the only answer (or even an answer). My central point is that Western powers have to re-congregate the world’s Muslim population in their countries of origin and keep them there. Anything less will result in an irreversible catastrophe for one party or the other.

              • This is more like what I think will happen, they will be driven into the sea and any ship from their nations will be closely inspected to prevent anyone leaving their lands. The retaliation I mentioned in the comment before I read you answer to Johnny is based on what the Nazi’s did. I don’t know if it would work or not.

          • I don’t thank a Holocaust either Moslem or the rest of us can be avoided. The fighting will be long and bloody and we will once again return to the principle of collective punishment.

            You kill one we kill 50,

            You molest or rape on 50 are castrated.

            That the kind of punishment you thinking about?

            That isn’t the future I want but it is probably what is coming.

    • Wow! Another difficult-to-refute argument for Second Amendment Rights.

      Why am I not (at all) amazed?!?

      As GoV’s Baron Bodissey is fond of noting, “A well-armed populace is a polite populace.”

      Thank you, yucki.

  2. This is rough.
    Everybody in Israel talks, judges. Knows how to fight every battle better than anyone ever. Always. A nation of armchair generals, now in real time.
    Context: Last week scandalous trial and conviction for manslaughter. A young soldier shot dead a terrorist- murderer. The killer was on the ground, but the soldier shot anyway.
    Judgment call? Pre-judged: Guilty. A vile political decision to throw the young soldier away.

    So – today people watched this clip, saying they were ashamed. They wouldn’t have believed it, but these soldiers ran. Yes, they were only cadets, but they RAN. Was it fear of prosecution that caused them to hestitate?
    A cadet responds on social media, translated and published on Ynet:
    “I, unlike many of you, was at Armon Hanatziv.

    “I am a cadet in the Erez Brigade on the Nahshon track—my friends were wounded, and some of them were even killed, and I have a request to ask of all of you.

    “Please stop listening to sources that don’t verify and immediately publish nonsense and distorted information.

    “Please stop distributing opinions that are based on baseless lies.

    “Please stop selling each other dime-store psychology on the subconscious that supposedly leaped into action when I saw a truck running over my friend, okay?”

    “There is no connection to Elor Azaria.

    “No connection.

    “None of you should dare compare a semitrailer travelling 100 km/h to a terrorist who is lying down, incapacitated.

    “Nobody was scared to shoot for even one moment; people were scared of getting run over because there was a possessed terrorist with murder in his eyes.

    “We ran towards the truck like crazy people. People there kept trying to make contact to the extent that they were scared that there would be friendly fire, and then went back down.

    “The incident was handled in an extraordinary manner. It was only thanks to the cadets who made contact and neutralized the terrorist in less than a minute that a scenario of a much higher number of casualties was avoided.

    “We are deaing with very hard feelings. Our friends were killed and wounded before our eyes. The least that you can do is not muddy our names with a lie, certainly not when we did the complete opposite.

    “So the tour guide (without taking away from his honor and abilities) can say what he wants to news sites—but we fought for our friends.”

    Cadet from Jerusalem attack: We fought for our friends

    • Dear yucki,

      Thank you so much for this sort of “boots-on-the-ground” reporting.

      Please never hesitate to make those of us who are less-aware informed about the hideous atrocities that so regularly occur in Israel. In short, my anger cannot be assuaged by any means.

    • tamar yonah on her show today said
      (1) her niece was there and was order that the guides, not the cadets, shoot
      (2) there is a (press?) gag order on the on-gong investigation
      Whatever the soldiers appeared to be doing was under commanders’ orders.
      Consistent with what you hear?

  3. Here from Arutz Sheva:
    IDF investigation: Some cadets fired at the terrorist
    Sunday’s murderous truck attack at the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem has found that a number of cadets opened fire at the terrorist, at which point one of the commanders ordered the rest of the cadets to take cover and stay away from the scene.

    The investigation comes amid allegations that the soldiers who were at the scene were afraid to shoot at the terrorist who perpetrated the attack, in which an officer and three cadets were murdered.

    There were hundreds of soldiers in the area when the attack occurred, about to take part in an educational program about Jerusalem as part of their training. The Haas Promenade, where the attack took place, overlooks the historic City of David. Surveillance footage showed many of the soldiers running away from the scene after the attack began.

    Tour guide Eitan Rond, who shot and killed the terrorist who carried out the attack, told Army Radio that he was shocked that none of the soldiers reacted by shooting the terrorist.

    “I do not know why 40 soldiers did not open fire. I have no doubt that if they had opened fire immediately, we would have had fewer injuries.” Rond said.


    • I’m just sick.
      Comments going super critical against these cadets: “Should’ve been a hail of bullets,” “driver backed up, too much time,” etc.
      But wouldn’t they have been shooting at each other?

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