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4 Replies to “Two women in France try and reclaim areas which are now under sharia”

  1. So. In 1986 or so, I had occasion to talk socially with an ophthalmologist, recently returned with his wife from Riyadh, where he had been studying the effects of inbreeding on diseases of the eyes.

    He relates how it was while they were there that they celebrated a wedding anniversary.
    They went to McDonalds. And they were required to sit and eat in separate areas, one for males and the other for females.

    (Side note: with this transgenderism leftist insanity, would the Saudis carve out a special place for them?)

    Islam is a curse on human kind. Its insanity must be forced, and I do mean forced, out of the West.
    It and its followers do not wish us freedom of thought, much like the Leftists, who have long overstayed their welcome.

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