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  1. A man in London has been arrested on hate crime charges after he plastered the London Underground with faux Pokemon cards that criticize Islamic terrorism and politicians who allegedly allow terrorism to thrive.

    According to the Evening Standard, a 46-year-old man has been arrested for “inciting racial hatred” on Thursday after he produced the mock Pokemon cards and placed them across the public transportation system in London.

    The Daily Mail reports the fake Pokemon cards feature terrorists such as ISIS supporters Jihadi John and Anjem Choudary. One of the stickers is also dedicated to the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, for allegedly telling Londoners they should “learn to accept Islamic terrorism whilst he is mayor.”

    • The terrorist is the satirist, the same in Muhammad’s day. The Socialists scared of truth will always run away from facts and blame the big disturbance that will shatter in their ear. And the sky is falling if they hear a pin for all they fear is fear.
      Quite simply done, made Soros rich, this stampeed to the clearing; in their defence, startled offence through social engineering.
      On grandma’s knee the BBC did twill a Mother’s Hour tuning programs subtly that turned a Woman Sour. Thus scientists reduced to popularists and politician-friendly, changing the very seed of life to feed a world of envy.

        • The terrorist is the satirist, the same in Muhammad’s day.
          The Socialists scared of truth will always run away
          from facts and blame the big disturbance that will shatter in their ear.
          And the sky is falling if they hear a pin for all they fear is fear.

          Quite simply done, made Soros rich,this stampeed to the clearing;
          in their defence, startled offence through social engineering.

          On grandma’s knee the BBC did twill a Mother’s Hour
          tuning programs subtly that turned a Woman Sour.
          Thus scientists reduced to popularists and politician-friendly,
          changing the very seed of life
          to feed a world of envy.

          Mmm… needs a cunning plan 🙂

          • Almost…
            My file of your oeuvre goes back to 2013. You’re always refining, so selecting what’s saved for backup isn’t easy. Your diligent anthologist, Y


    What you need to know:
    Prime Minister John Key will resign next Monday.
    The National Party caucus will elect a new leader and Prime Minister before Christmas.
    Read his full speech.
    Key said he would support his deputy Bill English if he ran for leader, but English is yet to confirm whether he will run. He’s sounding out his colleagues and family first.
    Judith Collins has also not ruled out a bid. Other contenders include Steven Joyce and Paula Bennett.


    Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has resigned after suffering a heavy defeat in a referendum over his plan to reform the constitution.
    In a late-night news conference, he said he took responsibility for the outcome, and said the No camp must now make clear proposals.
    With most ballots counted, the No vote leads with 60% against 40% for Yes.
    The turnout was nearly 70%, in a vote that was seen as a chance to register discontent with the prime minister.
    “Good luck to us all,” Mr Renzi told reporters. He said he would tell a Cabinet meeting on Monday afternoon that he was resigning, then tender his resignation to the Italian president.


    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Sunday that the Taliban insurgency would not survive a month if it lost its sanctuary in neighboring Pakistan, urging its neighbor to take on militant groups on its soil instead of giving Kabul financial aid.

    Ghani’s remarks, made at an international conference in the northern Indian city of Amritsar not far from the border with Pakistan, suggested tensions were rising with Pakistan after Ghani attempted to improve relations with Islamabad when he took office in 2014.

    Pakistan said while violence had increased in Afghanistan , blaming another country for it didn’t help.

    Violence has spread around Afghanistan and the Taliban’s ability to conduct coordinated high profile attacks in the capital Kabul has piled pressure on Ghani’s Western-backed government to provide better security to a war weary people.


    Leaders from 90 world “megacities” meeting in Mexico City this week are sending a message that they plan to act on climate change—whatever national leaders do.
    The sixth C40 Mayors Summit is occurring one year after the landmark conference in Paris, at which nearly 200 countries agreed to take steps to limit warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared with preindustrial levels. But it is also taking place in the shadow of last month’s election of President-elect Donald Trump, who has promised to “cancel” U.S. participation in the agreement.

      • The ‘global’ is bull, their get-together generates nothing but pollution. Improvements are driven by local politics, city by city.

        Mexico City is notorious. It’s an over-populated city that sits in a bowl on top of mountains. And it’s subject to earthquakes.

        But changes over the last 3 decades did make a big difference. Gas reformulation, factory emissions standards, driver-less days, etc. It went from world’s worst to medium-tolerable.

        Since the government changed last year, though, regulations were eased, and enforcement declined sharply. Now kids and old people are dying like flies again.


    Police officers across Britain are expected to be issued with a new and more powerful Taser gun despite calls for use of the potentially fatal weapon to be curtailed, the Guardian has learned.

    The X2 model has a second shot, in case the first fails to subdue a suspect, and is equipped with a warning crackle of bright electric light designed to encourage suspects to surrender before being fired upon.

    The Home Office has been studying the new Taser for several months after police applied to use it in Britain. The current single-shot model, the X26, used by UK police forces, is 13 years old and spare parts are beginning to run out. Its likely successor, like the current model, delivers a 50,000-volt surge of electricity to incapacitate a suspect.

    Steve White, chair of the Police Federation, which represents 124,000 rank-and-file officers, said: “A police officer gets assaulted every 22 minutes and they should have access to the right equipment, so we welcome the new model Taser. The current model is obsolete and forces can’t get spare parts for them.”

  7. Not sure how pertinent, but it did happen:

    A man has shot dead a local councillor and two journalists with a rifle in a random attack outside a restaurant in the Finnish town of Imatra, according to Reuters.

    Local police have confirmed that a 23-year-old man has been detained after three women were fatally shot in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    The man, who had a criminal record prior to the incident, did not resist arrest.


    A French town has been told it must take down its statue of the Virgin Mary to comply with a national ban on religious symbols in public spaces, the town’s mayor said on Saturday.
    A court has given the town of Publier, in eastern France, three months to remove the work.
    If it fails to do so, it will be fined €100 (£80; $105) a day.
    Mayor Gaston Lacroix said he will try to relocate the marble statue on private land.


    President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said on Sunday that Turkey has taken necessary steps to conduct foreign trade in its national currency.

    Speaking at an inauguration ceremony in central province of Kayseri, Erdo?an said: “We have taken steps also to do trade with Russia, China and Iran in our local currency.”

    The president also reminded that Prime Minister Binali Y?ld?r?m will pay an official visit to Russia on Monday. “We will also work on making our trade in that region in the local currency.”


    Malaysia has branded the treatment of Burma’s Rohingya Muslim minority “ethnic cleansing”, following reports of escalating violence and allegations of potential human rights abuses in the country.

    The Muslim-majority nation issued the deeply critical statement ahead of a planned solidarity march in Kuala Lumpur, expected to be led by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

    Burma recently warned Malaysia that it must respect policy held by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) and not interfere in its internal affairs.

    Yet Malaysia’s foreign ministry in a statement: “The fact that only one particular ethnicity is being driven out is by definition ethnic cleansing.

    “This practice must stop, and must be stopped immediately in order to bring back security and stability to the Southeast Asian region.”

    • China flew nuclear-capable bombers around Taiwan before Trump call with Taiwanese president

      Less than a week before President-elect Donald Trump spoke with Taiwan’s president over the phone, China flew a pair of long-range nuclear-capable bombers around Taiwan for the first time, two U.S. officials revealed to Fox News.

      On Nov. 26, two Chinese Xian H-6 bombers, along with two escort planes, a Tupolev Tu-154 and Shaanxi Y-8, flew around the island of Taiwan from mainland China, taking off and landing from two separate Chinese military bases.

      The escort jets were used to collect radar information and conduct other surveillance on American allies such as Japan, Fox News is told. The Chinese bombers stayed in international airspace, according to officials.

      • These are Strategic Bombers, all of which are nuclear capable. The threatening flight wasn’t threatening nuclear war it was threatening conventional bombing to prepare for an invasion. Back around the turn of the Century there was a study done and it was discovered that if 1) the Red Chinese used all of their fishing and commercial fleets to carry personal and equipment and 2) the US Navy stayed out of the fight the Red Chinese could take Taiwan in about one week. They would be badly hurt and it would take them a year or more to recover their full military capabilities but they could take Taiwan. If the US subs and air craft entered into the fight Taiwan would have most of the cities destroyed but they would remain free. This is what was being threatened since Taiwan doesn’t and can’t know if Obama would order the Navy to help Taiwan.

  11. China? Now? really?

    Europe’s trade negotiator blamed China on Sunday for scuppering a global environmental trade deal by submitting impossible late demands at World Trade Organization talks aimed at scrapping import tariffs on exports worth more than $1 trillion.

    “China came in with their list, bringing in totally new elements of perspective, which was very late in the process,” European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told Reuters.

    The change of U.S. president also puts a big question mark over the future prospects for a deal.

    European resistance to Chinese bicycle imports has also been a stumbling block, although Malmstrom said bicycles had become totemic for China and nobody else, and the agreement went far wider, adding that the EU had “quite cheap bicycles already”.

    • “Kerry, in stinging rebuke of settlements, doesn’t rule out UN action”
      What UN action? Like appointing countries such as Saudie Arabia that behead women for being raped, allow legal paedophilia etc. as chair of their “Human Rights Council” LOL !
      Which of those quaint little traditions does the repulsive Kerry favour ? Call me nasty, but I reckon it would be Sharia sanctioned child rape.

  12. Europe suffers Italian blow but bigger tests loom

    BERLIN (Reuters) – The resounding “no” from Italian voters to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s referendum on constitutional reform was not a rejection of the European Union and its single currency, as jubilant populists from across the bloc claimed on Monday.

    But the vote, which pushes Renzi out of office, does represent a significant setback for Europe at a time when its leaders are scrambling to mount a credible response to Brexit, the election of Donald Trump in the United States and their stubborn economic woes at home.

    In one fell swoop, it adds another country to the list of EU members that are likely to be pre-occupied by domestic politics in 2017, a year in which the Dutch, French, Germans, and possibly the British, will go to the polls.

    And it sends a warning to other European reformers like Francois Fillon, the conservative frontrunner for the French presidency, who has promised no less than five referendums to push through his domestic agenda if he is elected next spring.

    Richard: The reporter is in denial that this is a body blow to the EU, he is sure that the EU and international socialism will win. Since the only lose for the populists has been the Austrian vote I don’t know where his head is but it isn’t in reality.

    • Germany: FM Steinmeier ‘disappointed’ by outcome of Italian referendum

      The results of the Austrian presidential elections and the Italian referendum on constitutional reform were discussed at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin, Monday.

      German Chancellery spokesperson Steffen Seibert stated that German Chancellor Angela Merkel “regrets the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister,” since she “had a very good and trustful working relationship with Matteo Renzi.” Seibert nevertheless said that whoever reigns in Italy, the German government will offer them “to work with close cooperation, with friendship and partnership.”

      Foreign Ministry spokesperson Sawsan Chebli read a statement from German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, saying that Italy’s decision to reject reforms “was disappointing, but it was clear.”

      • Germany: Merkel laments Italian referendum, applauds result of Austrian election

        German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the results of the Austrian presidential elections and the Italian referendum on constitutional reform, as she arrived for the 29th German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Convention, in Essen, Monday.

        “I’m glad that Van der Bellen won yesterday in Austria,” she stated, adding that “his approach not to spare any effort and to bring the population together again in Austria is the right one.”

        SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (German): “Today’s convention is predicated on the idea that, under the government’s responsibility, which we did not have back then, we still have to continue working successfully, because that’s what people expect from us. Even though I’m happy that Germany is very good economically, that’s only a snapshot, and we have to work for the future and we have a lot to do.”

        SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (German): “To improve the success of deportation, firstly there should be an agreement with the origin countries and also through a better connection between local authorities, states and federal government. Here it is not about who draws the shortest draw, but to repatriate to their homelands the ones that after legal processing do not receive the right to stay in Germany, so we can achieve the tasks we want to, namely, to give protection to those that need protection.”

        SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (German): “I’m glad that Van der Bellen won yesterday in Austria and I think that his approach not to spare any effort and to bring the population together again in Austria is the right one.”

        SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (German): “I’m sad that the referendum in Italy didn’t turn out as the minister-president desired, because I have always supported his reforms, but that is of course an internal Italian decision and we have to respect it.”

    • Greece: We ‘celebrate’ that Austrians rejected the populist candidate – Steinmeier

      Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras greeted German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Maximos Mansion in Athens on Monday.

      Steinmeier mentioned the presidential election results in Austria and the referendum in Italy that took place over the weekend, stating that “As much as we celebrate that the electors in Austria rejected the populist candidate, we are also worried about the results we are observing in Italy.”

      SOT, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister (German): “As much as we celebrate that the electors in Austria rejected the populist candidate, we are also worried about the results we are observing in Italy.”

      SOT, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister (German): “Furthermore our responsibility is also in a European perspective, as you mentioned before we received very mixed signals this Sunday from the votes in Austria and Italy.”

    • Italy: ‘An epochal, unimaginable victory’ – Salvini celebrates ‘No’ referendum win

      Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini held a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Milan, Monday, in the aftermath of the ‘No’ vote win at the Italian constitutional reform referendum.

      Salvini hailed the success, saying “It has been an epochal, unimaginable victory until two days ago, like David against Goliath. The people against strong and millionaire powers.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord leader (Italian): “It has been an epochal, unimaginable victory until two days ago, like David against Goliath. The people against strong and millionaire powers.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord leader (Italian): “I’ll repeat, immediate elections is the high road. As soon as possible with any electoral law. We are already working to bring in all Italian squares our project, our team, our programme and our candidacy to lead this country.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord leader (Italian): “There is a lot to be done. Renzi left the country on its knees, economically-speaking. It is the last one in Europe on growth, so close to collapse because of Renzi and EU and not for the ‘No’ result at referendum.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord leader (Italian): “The invitation will be sent to all our allies that want to sign up a specific programme, which won’t allow uncertainty about EU relationship, the passing of the Euro. We want to be able to decide about our borders, banks, agriculture, business… And therefore, on this matter there will be no in-between solutions.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord leader (Italian): “2017 will be the year of revival of the European people, to the highest level. Not only in Italy, France, but also in Holland, in Germany and in all other countries that will have elections, one that will provide salvation and, they are already in sight.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord leader (Italian): “Euro has already exited from history, from trades, from stock markets. The problem is to prepare for the day after. Salvini doesn’t scrap Euro. The Euro is a currency born as an experiment against nature, which then ended as all experiments against nature do.”

      • Europe is indeed collapsing, if the ordinary Europeans can get their act together they can defeat the left and the invaders. I am scared that several of the European nations won’t be able to save themselves and that we will end up having to once again liberate portions of Europe.

      • The people rebelled against the central government taking more power and stripping more freedom from the people. In today’s political climate that is a very upsetting victory. The alt left has to start re-planning their entire campaign to create a one world socialist government that would own everything and everyone.

        Of the 4 votes on the direction the west is going to go the side of freedom has won 3 and lost 1. This points towards an eventual victory for the forces of freedom.

    • Italian President asks PM Matteo Renzi to delay resignation

      European leaders already worried by Brexit have tried to play down the importance of Mr Renzi’s crushing defeat.

      The Italian President has asked Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to delay his resignation, say Italian media.

      President Sergio Mattarella is reported to have asked Mr Renzi to stay on until the 2017 budget has been approved by parliament, possibly later this week.

      Mattarella on wiki :

      In 2007 he was one of the founders of the Democratic Party (PD), a big tent centre-left party formed from a merger of left-wing and centrist parties which had been part of The Olive Tree, including The Daisy and the Democrats of the Left (heirs of the Italian Communist Party)

      Mattarella was officially endorsed by the Democratic Party, after his name was put forward by the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

    • Italy: Activists detained outside PM’s residence as Renzi’s resignation looms

      Scuffles broke out in front of Palazzo Chigi, the Italian Prime Minister’s residence, in Rome on Monday, after anti-government activists converged on the building in the aftermath of the ‘No’ vote in Italy’s constitutional reform referendum. Three protesters were detained as the students demonstrators called for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to step down following the referendum result.

      The Italian leader was inside the palace at the time of the protest, holding a cabinet meeting, after which he met Italian President Sergio Mattarella to discuss the terms of his resignation. Mattarella has postponed the Renzi’s departure until Friday to ensure the prime minister ratifies Italy’s budgetary legislation tackling the country’s debt targets.

    • Italy: Protesters rally in Turin after Renzi’s departure is postponed

      Protesters rallied outside Turin’s town hall on Monday, calling for the departure of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi following the aftermath of the ‘No’ vote in Italy’s constitutional reform referendum.

      Earlier in the night, Renzi met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella to discuss the terms of his resignation in Rome. Mattarella has postponed the Renzi’s departure until Friday to ensure the prime minister ratifies Italy’s budgetary legislation tackling the country’s debt targets.

  13. Philly city attorney caught spray painting obscene anti-Trump graffiti

    Philadelphia officials identified and caught a vandal spray-painting anti-Trump slurs in the city. The culprit, to make matters worse, was not only an attorney — who should know better — but a city employee: a man whose salary is paid for by taxpayers.

    According to Mediaite, surveillance video released by Philadelphia police captures the vandal in action Friday. He is dressed, atypically, in a blue blazer as he progresses down the street, stopping at intervals to spray-paint “F*ck Trump” on the wall of a market.

    The department’s Northwest Division posted the video to YouTube in an attempt to locate the perpetrator, which follows:

  14. Anger as German news show says migrant arrest over teen murder ‘TOO REGIONAL’ to cover (express, Dec 5, 2016)

    “A MAJOR news programme has caused outrage for refusing to report on the arrest of a migrant over the murder of a German teenage girl because the story was “too regional” – despite making headlines around the world…”

    • Their use of “regional” is not in a geographic context. The real meaning is that, “this is too close to (our political agenda’s) home”. These shites really must be squirming as it becomes increasingly difficult for them and the public to ignore (or conceal) the true (i.e., “immigrant”) nature of European criminality or the identity of those (i.e., virtue-signaling Liberals) who enable it.

      • You also can rest assured that these same censorious media outlets will be wetting themselves in orgasms of moral purity when they provide front-page coverage about how Clemens Ladenburger remains undeterred with respect to his championing of “immigrant” rights.

        • Any man who would use his daughters funeral to raise money to bring in more people who will end up raping and murdering more German children is a form of life that is much lower then child molesters. I use to think that you couldn’t get lower the child molesters but the alt left has proven me wrong.

          • I use to think that you couldn’t get lower the child molesters but the alt left has proven me wrong.

            It is my lamentable duty to inform you that you will be proven wrong several more times before all of this ends.

            No wounded animal is anywhere near as dangerous as Liberals who are on the verge of losing power. Prepare for events that are far more shocking than this dismal lunacy.

  15. Migrants should take an oath on British values to aid integration, Casey report says (express, Dec 5, 2016)

    “MIGRANTS settling in Britain should be made to take an “oath of integration” promising to abide by UK values, a major government-commissioned review has said.

    Schoolchildren should be taught “British values” of tolerance, democracy and respect to help bind communities together amid growing “ethnic segregation”, Dame Louise Casey’s report proposed.

    Following a year-long study, she said there were areas which were struggling to cope with the pace and scale of change they faced as a result of immigration while there were still large social and economic gaps between different ethnic groups.

    In particular she highlighted the plight of women who found themselves marginalised through poor English language skills while being subjected to “coercive control, violence and criminal acts of abuse, often enacted in the name of cultural or religious values”.

    In a wide-ranging set of recommendations the review called for more English classes for isolated groups, greater mixing among young people through activities such as sport, and a new “oath of integration” enshrining British values for all holders of public office.

    Dame Louise Casey – who was brought in by David Cameron to report on social integration amid concerns hundreds of radicalised young Britons were joining Islamic State – warned the country was becoming more divided as it became more diverse.

    “Social integration is about closing the gaps that exist between people and communities,” Dame Louise said.

    “To help bind Britain together and tackle some of the division in our society we need more opportunities for those from disadvantaged communities, particularly women, and more mixing between people from different backgrounds…”

    • Mass immigration is turning communities into GHETTOS, damning Government’s report reveals (express, Dec 5, 2016)

      “WHOLE areas have become ghettos due to successive administrations being unable to deal with the issues of mass immigration, a government commissioned report has exposed.

      A year-long study ordered by the then Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, and chaired by Dame Louise Casey, found the country was becoming more divided as it became more diverse.

      The plight of women was particularly highlighted in the report which found females were often marginalised due to poor English language skills and being subjected to “coercive control, violence and criminal acts of abuse, often enacted in the name of cultural or religious values”.

      The 198-page report also found communities were increasingly divided along religious and race lines, which was increasing the likelihood of extremism.

      Some areas of the country were also struggling to cope with the pace of change due to immigration and the report found there were still large social and economic gaps between ethnic groups.

      The report slammed public institutions across the board that “ignored or even condoned regressive, divisive and harmful cultural and religious practices” out of either a fear of “being labelled racist” or “hoping it might change”.

      This failure, the report found, often then “played straight into the hands of the extremists”.

      The original report had been started in July 2015 but had been delayed over fears it would embarrass ministers.

      The review made several recommendations to integrate ethnic groups including mixing young people together in activities such as sport and introducing an “oath of integration” which enshrined British values for people holding public office.

      Schoolchildren should be taught “British values” in an attempt to help social cohesion as “ethnic segregation” increases.

      Dame Louise said: “Social integration is about closing the gaps that exist between people and communities.

      “To help bind Britain together and tackle some of the division in our society we need more opportunities for those from disadvantaged communities, particularly women, and more mixing between people from different backgrounds.

      “We need more effort to be put into integration policies to help communities cope with the pace and scale of immigration and population change in recent years.

      “But we also need more of a spirit of unity, compassion and kindness that brings people together under our common British values of tolerance, democracy, equality and respect.”

      The report found some areas of Blackburn, Birmingham, Burnley and Bradford were as much as 85 per cent populated by Muslims.

      The Casey Review also indicated that over a 10-year period between 2001 and 2011 the number of Muslims in Britain rose by 72 percent, an increase of 1.2 million to 2.8 million.

      With the growth of these isolated groups that were not integrated the report found that this encouraged some unusual beliefs, including that some people thought the UK was an Islamic state and that the country was 75 per cent Muslim.

      Dame Louise added: “For generations we have welcomed immigrants to the UK but left them to find their own way in society, while leaving host communities to accommodate them.

      “As some communities have become more segregated, the increased pace of immigration has added new pressures, leaving long-standing communities struggling to adjust.

      “Too few leaders in public office have dealt with this key issue, perhaps hoping it might change or worrying about being labelled racist; or indeed fearing that they will lose the support of minority communities.

      “As a nation we have lost sight of our expectations on integration and lacked confidence in promoting it.”…”

    • Migrants should take an oath on British values to aid integration, Casey report says

      Do none of these morons realize that Islamic taqiyya makes the entire notion of “oaths” (loyalty or otherwise) cosmetically decorative, at best, and—if made with the slightest degree of genuine sincerity—a form of blasphemy punishable by summary execution should any pious Muslim take it upon themselves to enforce the sharia?

      Who are these sanctimonious bureaucratic idiots and why haven’t enraged victims of Muslim crime pummeled them into bloody mince ages ago?

      • No they don’t, they are stuck in the all cultures and religions are equal memes and will fight to the death to avoid changing their minds. What is most amazing about their lack of willingness to learn from the facts is that they will call this intellectualism and accuse those who are willing to learn anti-intellectual.

  16. EU’s Syria Plan B sees Assad staying, Brussels paying for it – Times (RT, Dec 5, 2016)

    “The EU is reportedly planning to offer Damascus financial aid in exchange for allowing rebel forces stay in power in some regions of Syria. Brussels is no longer insisting on the retirement of Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to the Times.

    The new proposals from the EU were voiced by its foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, at a meeting with opposition leaders two weeks ago, the British newspaper reported. They reflect developments on the ground, as the Syrian Army has scored several victories and is about to take complete control over Aleppo.

    “What Mogherini wanted to do was present an EU plan – this is how to solve the conflict,” a source close to the western-backed Syrian opposition told the newspaper “There’s a transition, but the details are vague. In return, if all sides agree and everyone does what the EU says, there’s a huge pot of money.”…”

  17. Libyan Army Seizes Control of the Country, Declares State of Emergency (sputniknews, Dec 5, 2016)

    “In an apparent attempt to restore stability in the beleaguered country, Libyan armed forces have declared a state of emergency, temporarily putting all democratic processes on hold.

    Ali Katrani, head of the Presidential Council at the Government of National Accord, told Sputnik that the state of emergency imposed by the military heralds the beginning of a transition period that will allow Libya to restore its territorial integrity.

    The military, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, will take charge of the country during this time; once the country is united once again, the government will then focus its attention on reaching a political consensus within the nation.

    Katrani pointed out that the Libyan National Army owes its successes in the fight against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) and other terrorist groups due to the overwhelming popular support at home and to the recognition of its legitimacy abroad.

    According to Katrani, during the state of emergency all government institutions except for the house of representatives will suspend their activities; as the army assumes control of the country, military governors will be assigned to each region and military field courts will come into operation.

    He also insisted that the army does not seek to permanently seize power in the country, and as soon as the situation in Libya is stable the country will return to democracy: parliamentary and presidential elections will be held and a special committee will set to work on developing a constitution.

    The time for coups in the world is over, Katrani declared, and if the people of Libya wish to see Haftar as their leader and he reciprocates, then the field marshal will participate in presidential elections.”

  18. Coincidence? German Stats Show Surge in Sex Crime Rate Around Refugee Centers (sputniknews, Dec 5, 2016)

    “A group of German activists have carried out a study which found that rates of sexual offenses increase significantly in the vicinity of asylum reception centers, Germany’s Journalistenwatch news portal reported.

    A group of German activists called XY Einzelfall have has used Google Maps to establish a link between the presence of asylum seekers and sexual violence, Germany’s Journalistenwatch news portal reported.

    The analysts used reports from local media, mainstream media and the police to compile a map of crimes across Germany, including sexual assault, attempted rape, robbery and criminal assault. The map shows the town in which the attack happened but it doesn’t mark the exact spot.

    These crimes were then compared with another map showing the location of Germany’s asylum reception centers. Comparison of the two maps appears to reveal correlation between the presence of an asylum reception center and the proportion of sex offences in the vicinity of the center.

    Within a two kilometer radius of an asylum reception center, there was an average of 476 reported sex crimes, or 21.82 percent of all the crimes reported. Within a ten kilometer radius there were 11,154 reported sex crimes, or 15.80 percent of all the crimes reported.

    ?The data appears to show that the proportion of sex offenses declines further away from asylum reception centers. Within a radius of ten to 15 kilometers from asylum centers the proportion of sex crime falls to 8.53 percent. Between 40 and 50 kilometers away from asylum reception centers, the proportion of sex offenses falls to just 1.19 percent.

    The group of activists who made the map call themselves XY-Einzelfall because Einzelfall, which means ‘isolated case’ in German, is a term often used by the German police and media to underplay the extent of migrant crime.

    “We decided to make the map because the German press is staying silent, they are only reporting selectively, not the whole disaster,” XY-Einzelfall told Sputnik. “The only Police-related person who addresses the issue in the press without whitewashing it is Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union.” XY-Einzelfall aim to inform Germans about the dangers of Angela Merkel’s policies.

    “We aren’t trying to prove a theory or explore data. We want to inform people, show them how Germany is being changed by Merkel, show them that woman are in danger everywhere in Germany, not only in Cologne. But not only women, also the elderly and children,” they said.

    “We aren’t trying to tell anybody what to do. We just want people to be alert to the huge danger around them. The biggest news show in Germany didn’t even mention the (recent) homicide in Freiburg and that the perpetrator who raped and killed the girl is a refugee.”

    According to Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), almost 900,000 refugees and migrants arrived in Germany in 2015, and this year almost 300,000 are expected to arrive.

    The influx has led to concern about increased crime rates, which has boosted support for the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany. According to German police statistics, in 2015 there were 6.33 million recorded crimes in Germany, a 4.1 percent increase compared to 2014.

    In Germany in 2015 there were 46,081 reported sex crimes, or 0.8 of the total offenses recorded. The police statistics show a staggering 158.3 percent increase in the number of non-Germans suspected of committing crime, including asylum seekers, compared to the previous year.

    In 2014 non-Germans were suspects in 179,563 crimes, or 8.4 percent of all recorded crimes. In 2015 non-Germans were suspects in 463,889 crimes, or 26 percent of all crimes.”

  19. Most Dems regard Israel as a ‘burden’ on US with too much influence over policy: prestigious lib think tank

    President Obama is considering what legacy to leave for Trump towards a key U.S. ally, including whether to take any action on the conflict during his remaining weeks in office. Brookings Institute Nonresident Senior Fellow Shibley Telhami conducted two surveys — one before and one after the U.S. elections — on American public attitudes toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Below are several key findings:

    Is Israel an Ally or a Burden to the United States?

    Most Americans, 76%, across party lines, agree that Israel is a strategic asset to the U.S. At the same time, a majority of Democrats (55%), say that Israel is also a burden.


    • The left has always been the home of antisemitism, this is becoming obvious and the way that the left/Dems are willing to throw the Jews and the US Blue Collar workers under the bus should give pause to any of their new favorite minorities.

      Most of the “settlements” that the Moslems are complaining about have existed in the same place with the same ownership for 2,000 years or longer. The left knows this but are willing to ignore this historical fact so they can curry Islamic favor in the destruction of Europe Civilization. Once Western Civ has been destroyed the left will step up to become the strongman who will save Europe from the evil invaders the left brought into Europe.

  20. Al Sharpton Announces Pre-Inauguration March

    … a coalition of groups will lead a march and rally at at the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington a week before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

  21. Keith Ellison’s Disinformation Campaign

    Steven Emerson
    By Steven Emerson


    Confronted by his own words and facing a direct threat to his bid to become the next Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison flagrantly lied. We are releasing the full audio and transcript to prove this.

    After the Investigative Project on Terrorism released audio (directly below) of Ellison during a 2010 political fundraiser, criticizing what he saw as the inappropriate and disproportionate influence Israel carries over American foreign policy.


    audio at site.

  22. Turkey’s Desperate President
    A country on the edge.

    Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a desperate man. He is faced with turmoil at home and abroad, the Turkish lira is crashing and internationally he is in the doghouse.

    Erdogan’s project, to launch his Justice and Development Party (AKP) as conservative democrats, was initially met with applause by Western and Turkish liberals when the AKP came into power 14 years ago. First the AKP turned on its military and secular opponents, who were locked up in a series of show trials from 2008 to 2013. Then the turn came to the liberals, who were purged from the parliamentary group in 2011, and after the brutal suppression of the Gezi Park demonstrations in 2013 the penny started to drop for the AKP’s European supporters.

    A prominent member of the “Friends of Turkey” group in the European Parliament concluded that Islamism had replaced Kemalism and another cheerleader confessed: “Our dream of a European Turkey has turned into a nightmare and it is time for a wake-up call.” Barack Obama, who once touted “a model partnership” between the US and Turkey and considered Erdogan a moderate Muslim leader, is also disillusioned. The only one to keep the faith is Sweden’s former foreign minister, Carl Bildt, who in 2008 proclaimed “The AKP government is made up of profound European reformers.” In August, as co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Bildt called on Europe to stand up for Erdogan.

  23. The Nationalist Revival
    A look at the pushback against the denigration of national identities

    The British vote in June to leave the European Union brought the long-simmering revival of nationalism to a boil. Passions aroused by the 2008 economic crisis, anger over the indiscriminate admission of nearly a million mostly male Middle Eastern refugees in 2015, and the carnage of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Nice have intensified the resentment of many Europeans. They have been further stoked by the high-handed policies of what many see as an over-privileged, over-bureaucratized, undemocratic E.U. elite. National identities that were supposed to have been marginalized in favor of a transnational government of technocrats have returned in surging populist and nationalist parties such as the UK Independence Party, France’s National Front, the Alternative for Germany, True Finns, Jobbik in Hungary, Lega Nord in Italy, Sweden Democrats, and many others.

    In the United States, the surprising insurgency candidacies of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and businessman Donald Trump reflected a similar return of anti-globalist sentiment and nationalist populism on both the left and the right. Both candidates railed against trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is currently awaiting ratification. Both also criticized European NATO members for not meeting their financial obligations and relying on the United States to foot most of the bill for NATO operations. Donald Trump has freely used slogans such as Make America Great Again and America First, while Sanders railed against the elite “one percent” who unfairly benefit from a globalized economy.

  24. Migrants Sexually Attack Girls at City Hall Youth Party

    Several migrants sexually molested 18-year-old girls at an annual celebration for young people in Munich after the city’s mayor had reached out and invited the migrants to attend.

    Socialist mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter invited 1,300 young people to attend a traditional celebration, inviting several migrants, as well. According to reports, the migrants harassed and sexually assaulted numerous teen girls, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports.

    “There is no tolerance for such behaviour at all,” Mayor Reiter stated after the allegations came out in the German press. The event, which happens on an annual basis, sees all 18-year-olds in the city invited to the city hall to celebrate and have fun. On the upper level of the building, a dancefloor complete with DJs was set up and was the location where the assaults began.

    One girl, who the paper refers to as Constanze to protect her identity, claims that several young asylum seekers were aggressively dancing around her and her friends all throughout the night. Despite the girls firmly telling the migrants they weren’t interested they refused to leave them alone. The girls left to go downstairs and were followed by the migrants who grabbed them and attempted to drag them into a spare room.

    Isis plots drone chemical strike on UK
    Businesses have been warned that Isis fighters returning to Britain from Syria and Iraq will seek to carry out a mass-casualty chemical or radiological “dirty bomb” attack, possibly using a drone.
    (A Bulgarian security expert mentioned that in one of the videos Vlad recently uploaded. )

    A huge amount of explosives and weapons was caught two days ago here, and it was, beyond a doubt, meant for Western Europe.


    According to the Hamasrun al-Aksa radio, the smuggling tunnel caved in after it was flooded by the Egyptian military. The incident is the latest in a series of tunnel collapses in recent months that have claimed the lives of dozens of Palestinians, many of whom are said to be members of Hamas’s Izzadin Kassam Brigades.

    Hamas is said to be digging 10 kilometers of tunnels toward Israel each month.

    Israel has invested more than NIS 600 million in tunnel-detection technology since the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has taken an uncompromising approach on smuggling tunnels since coming to power that same year and began flooding tunnels beneath the Gaza-Egypt border in 2015, destroying most.

    Hamas has demanded that Egypt stop flooding the tunnels, which Cairo says are used to smuggle weapons to jihadists.

  27. Several months after a Turkish hacker group leaked the inbox of Turkey’s energy minister and President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak, Wikileaks has published the emails, which display his heavy influence on a wide range of issues even before entering politics.

    Wikileaks said in a statement that the authoritative, searchable archive of 57,934 emails from the personal email address span 16 years, from April 2000 to Sept. 23 of this year.

    In September Turkish hacker group Redhack released the emails after the government refused to release author Asl? Erdo?an and Kurdish politician Alp Alt?nörs from prison.

    One of the most significant of Albayrak’s ties that the leaked emails reveal is with Powertrans, a company implicated in Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) oil imports into Turkey. Although Albayrak denied any connection to Powertrans, the emails demonstrate that Albayrak started an involvement with Powertrans in 2012, coinciding with the government’s decision to give Powertrans the rights to oil transport. As stated by Wikileaks, in November 2011 the Erdo?an government passed a bill prohibiting all import, export, or transfer of oil or its by-products into or out of Turkey. However, the bill also stated that the government could revoke the ban in specific cases. This exception was used to grant Powertrans the sole rights to oil transport without holding a public tender. There have been numerous allegations in the Turkish media about Powertrans’ imports of ISIL-controlled oil into Turkey.

  28. Bill H.R.6393

    Please, if you’re an american citizen contact your senator and urge them to vote no to bill H.R.6393 which violates our constitutional rights. If this passes, we have no free speech.
    more info here –
    “It’s easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used against [alleged] ‘fake news’ websites.
    At this point it is unknown if the bill will work its way through the Senate and become law and if it will be used to shut down or curtail websites anonymously characterized as useful idiots or willing participants in disseminating supposed Russian propaganda.”

    one comment includes the pertinent wording:

    ACTIVE MEASURES BY RUSSIA TO EXERT COVERT INFLUENCE.—The term “active measures by Russia to exert covert influence” means activities intended to influence a person or government that are carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly, including the following:

    (A) Establishment or funding of a front group.

    (B) Covert broadcasting.

    (C) Media manipulation.

    (D) Disinformation and forgeries.

    (E) Funding agents of influence.

    (F) Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.

    (G) Assassinations.

    (H) Terrorist acts. ‘
    they get to decide what’s the real news and all alternative media will be shut down

  29. WHAT’S GOING ON? Trump Loses 16,648 Votes in Pennsylvania In the Last Week

    Jim Hoft Dec 5th, 2016 9:58 am 342 Comments

    Guest post by Joe Hoft

    What’s Going On?
    Donald Trump lost 16,648 votes in Pennsylvania in the last week – since November 29th.

    Massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania has been identified. The final certified results in Pennsylvania show Donald Trump winning the state with 2,961,658 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,913,903 votes. The difference is 47,755 votes. This is what is now reported after absentee ballots were counted as reported on Friday, December 2nd.

    Before the recounts on November 29th, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump was winning the state with 2,959,839 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,895,436 votes. The difference was 64,403 votes.

    This means that of the 20,736 absentee ballots cast, 18,467 went to Clinton— This is highly suspect.

    What’s Going On?

  30. Germany should deport sick refugees: Merkel party mate (thelocal, Dec 5, 2016)

    “A top member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party on Monday defended his proposal for Germany to deport sick refugees after receiving harsh criticism.

    “Whoever is not fit to travel can also not be deported,” the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician and interior minister of Baden-Württemberg Thomas Strobl told Die Welt in an interview published on Monday.

    “But we must be honest: If someone still manages to make the arduous journey over the Mediterranean or through the Balkan route, despite an illness, and then we must determine that they have no chance to be able to stay, one must at least consider if it is also possible that they could brought back on an airplane within a few hours.”

    “One cannot give hundreds of thousands of people departure orders, but then not consistently implement them. That undermines the sustainability and substance of trust in the state.”

    Strobl had presented a position paper about a week ago in which he also called for a tougher asylum policy, including cutting social benefits and building a repatriation centre in Egypt. The plan stated that those who are ill before they come to Germany could also be deported if their asylum applications are rejected.

    He argued in the interview on Monday that his plan still fell in line with Merkel’s policies of having “open borders and hearts”.

    “We have an open heart for those who need protection… We are in solidarity with anyone who is suffering. But it cannot be that immigrants can creep through the back door and massively abuse our asylum system.

    “I can understand if people want to stay with us because they see better economic prospects. But asylum laws are definitely not the solution.”

    Strobl’s plan was criticized last week after it was presented.

    “The CDU is also now using populist slogans,” said Social Democrat (SPD) general secretary Katarina Barley to the Passauer Neue Presse.

    And Strobl’s fellow CDU party mate Klaus Bouillon said the plan would “by no means” be on the official agenda of a conference of German interior ministers last week.

    Bouillon added that there are “clear legal guidelines” for handling sick asylum seekers.

    A report in September by Bild showed that more than 500,000 rejected asylum seekers were still living in Germany. Many had received other permits to stay aside from asylum status, or were considered “tolerated” if they, for example, lacked travel documents…”

  31. Morocco Arrests Two Extremists Affiliated With ISIS (moroccoworldnews, Dec 5, 2016)

    “Two extremists affiliated with the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) were arrested in Casablanca, according to a statement released by the Ministry of the Interior on Monday.

    The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) and the General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance (DGST) coordinated the arrest, which took place on Sunday.

    Preliminary police investigations indicate that the two terrorists had enlisted themselves towards forwarding ISIS’ cause and had been trying to get a hold of an explosive belt to attack a sensitive target in the kingdom.

    The ministry added that the suspects would face trial and the public prosecutor once a full investigation into the matter had been completed.”

  32. 45% Tunisina unemployed youth ready to emigrate, study says (ansamed, Dec 5, 2016)

    “A study by the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) revealed that “45% of Tunisian youth searching for work are ready to emigrate, even illegally”. The study, titled “Youth and illegal migration in Tunisia: a field study of stereotypes, practices and expectations”, was conducted in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation (FLS) on a sample of 1,200 young people in Tunisia.

    The study, conducted by 11 experts, including 9 university professors, aimed to analyse the various aspects of clandestine migration of Tunisian youth before and after the 2011 revolution and to identify the reasons for this choice, said Romdhane Ben Amor, FTDES media director.

    He emphasized the failure of the Tunisian development model, as nearly 25,000 Tunisian youth left the country illegally following the events of the revolution.

    He said those figures have continuously increased after 2011, along with a rise in the number of missing persons.

    “We believed that the approaches adopted by successive governments in managing the issue of illegal migration would be able to provide alternative solutions, apart from the agreements signed with the European Union, but no improvement has been observed in the treatment of the economic and social situation of regions affected by this phenomenon,” he said.

    The study was carried out in December 2015 on a sample of 1,200 young people in 6 governorates (Tunis, El Kef, Gafsa, Kasserine, Medenine, Mahdia), 53.3% of whom were men and 46.7% women. Half of the respondents said they interrupted their studies in secondary school, 27.6% have a university degree, and 17% have a secondary school diploma. In the sample, 24% are unemployed and 70% are job seekers.

    Of the respondents, 21% said they are ready to emigrate – even illegally – if the opportunity arises, and 15% said they are in contact with those who organise Mediterranean crossings.”

  33. New report reveals spread of US war on Al-Qaeda to six new countries (RT, Dec 5, 2016)

    “A White House report on efforts to target so-called extremists abroad shows a broadening use of war powers in the fight against Al-Qaeda, beyond military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
    The 60-page report shows deployments in over half a dozen new areas – including Somalia, Yemen, Jordan, Niger, Cameroon, Central Africa, the Red Sea, Somalia and South Sudan – with troops on the ground, regular air strikes, and surveillance efforts, all in the name of counterterrorism.

    In a presidential memorandum released on Monday, the White House said US military operations are grounded in the October 7, 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), by which Congress approved military operations and counterterrorism combat operations against Al-Qaeda. Since August 2014, those have expanded to include operations against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), which was “formerly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq.”

    The Obama administration’s broad use of the 2001 resolution has raised concerns about how President-elect Donald Trump might use the authority.

    The memo includes some new details about how the Obama administration determines which regions are “areas of active hostilities” or war zones, taking into account not only whether a war has been declared there but also the size and scope of the threat, the scope of US involvement, and threats posed to US forces in the area.

    President Barack Obama has called for the report to be updated and released publicly on an annual basis.

    “The United States has deployed combat-equipped forces to a number of locations in the US Central, Pacifica, European, Southern and African Command areas of operation,” said the White House. “Such operations and deployments … consistent with Public Law and the War Powers Resolution, and operations and deployments remain ongoing.”

    “It is not possible to know at this time the precise scope or the duration of the deployments of the US Armed Force necessary to counter terrorist threats to the United States,” the memo added.

    Among its broadening efforts, the US identified Al-Shabaab in Somalia as Al-Qaeda for the first time, but provides no justification for the change. The administration believes it can target Al-Shabaab because it “seeks to establish a strict Islamic emirate.”

    “United States advises, assists, and occasionally accompany regional forces … during counterterrorism operations … conducted airstrikes [in Somalia] on June 21, July 20, July 31, August 31, September 25 and September 28, 2016,” said the memo.

    The US has deployed “a small number of military personnel in Yemen to support operations against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)” and carried out 18 airstrikes since June 13, 2016.

    In Africa, the US has a base of operations in Djibouti and has conducted airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Libya. The US is also conducting military operations in Niger, where it has deployed approximately 575 personnel, and is sharing intelligence with French forces. There are another 285 US troops in Cameroon, conducting intelligence and surveillance operations. Washington has also deployed troops in Central Africa, conducted military operations in the Red Sea, and assigned 700 military personnel to Egypt.

    Further in the memorandum, the White House said it had deployed over 2,300 military personnel to Jordan “to support counter-ISIL operations,” and to provide security to the country…”

  34. DAILY MAIL – ISLAMIC STATE – Geriatric jihadis use World War Two rifles to execute prisoners by placing them in their victims’ mouths before pulling the trigger in latest evil propaganda

    Jihadis filmed executing four prisoners using World War Two Mosin Nagant rifles
    Shot prisoners described as ‘murtadeen’ – someone who has wilfully left Islam
    Elsewhere, the video shows jihadists in the battleground, youngsters attending ‘classes’ and a fighter riding a horse into the sunset carrying an ISIS flag

    video :


  35. Iraq war a ‘strategic mistake’ – leaked Gen. Mattis audio (RT, Dec 5, 2016)

    “President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of defense called the 2003 invasion of Iraq a “strategic mistake.” Retired USMC General James Mattis commanded the 1st Marine Division during the invasion, and later headed US Central Command.

    Mattis made the comments in September 2015 at the ASIS conference in Anaheim, California. An audio recording of the hour-long speech was provided to The Intercept by one of the attendees, and made public on Monday.

    After asking the organizers if his remarks at the event would be provided to the media or remain private – suggesting that his “big mouth” might cost him a job at Stanford University – Mattis shared his opinion of the war.

    “We will probably look back on the invasion of Iraq as a mistake — as a strategic mistake,” he said…”

  36. Trump Urged to Dump Anti-Muslim Flynn as National Security Adviser (sputniknews, Dec 6, 2016)

    “The appointment of Michael Flynn as a national security adviser to US President-elect Donald Trump will hurt the nation’s image abroad and raise security risks, a letter signed Monday by 53 US nonprofits warned.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The organizations, which say they represent millions of Americans, accused the 57-year-old of having ties to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They pointed out that Flynn now regularly attendes Trump’s classified intelligence briefings while advising foreign governments on intel and cybersecurity.

    “We feel General Flynn is unfit for serving in this critical post. His appointment will damage America’s standing in the world and pose a threat to our national security,” the letter published by a pro-Israel group, J Street, read. The message addressed to Trump cited Retired Lt. General Flynn’s history of “bigoted and deceitful” statements, such as saying that “fear of Muslims is rational,” calling Islam “a cancer” and sharing anti-Semitic tweets.”

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