Donald Trump’s sit down with the MSM went exactly as it should have

Remember this article from Vlad a few days ago?

It appears that President Trump may be on the same page.

From the New York Post:

Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’

Donald Trump scolded media big shots during an off-the-record Trump Tower sitdown on Monday, sources told The Post.

“It was like a f–ing firing squad,” one source said of the encounter.

“Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,’ ” the source said.

“The meeting was a total disaster. The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down,” the source added.

A second source confirmed the fireworks.

“The meeting took place in a big board room and there were about 30 or 40 people, including the big news anchors from all the networks,” the other source said.

and just to prove how right the president elect was, this was supposed to be an “off the record” meeting. And yet here it is all over the post.

Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times, plans to meet with Trump Tuesday.

He had better put some asbestos shorts on under his trousers. He deserves what he is gonna get.



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20 Replies to “Donald Trump’s sit down with the MSM went exactly as it should have”

  1. Schadenfreude uber alles
    Schadenfreude uber all
    Schadenfreude uber alles
    Schadenfreude all day long…:)
    (Let that waft through your head as you go through your day…)

    I would give anything to have been there. And, yes, Ivanka or Eric or somebody might very well read vladtepesblog and might very well have passed it on to dad.

    And if the media keep doubling down and insisting that they’re not biased and insisting that they’re not a bunch of leftist liars then I hope the whole lot of them go out of business in short order because they are basically a bunch of Marxist criminals making tons of money as they make the long march through the institutions. Let the new guys fight it out in the marketplace and let the chips fall where they may. Let a million Alex Joneses start their own outlets and let the marketplace decide which ones get to the top.

        • O/T
          Hey Richard:) – I’m looking in here quite regularily – in fact I check VladTepes every day I’m online…and follow you and Yucki and everyone here – the best room online 🙂
          I’m very much on the mend and will be back a little more soon. But seeing the good things happening while I’m away – ie Trump winning etc. perhaps I should stay away a little more 😉
          You made my day – take care !

          • More than once I’ve come home from the hospital half dead, turned on the lights, sat down at my computer, and gone directly to this site… LOL… Obviously we all consider the cause of non leftardism to be of paramount importance to the well-being of the planet Earth.

            I really think that a thousand things are going to fall in place now. Like, why do we tolerate all-Sebab, or whatever they are called? And Boko Haram. Like the world needs guys who will cut off your head for reading a book.

  2. The LSM is in for a rough 8 years, they were expecting a politician who is afraid of them because they control the old mass communications with the people. What they got was a very smart bar fighter who knows how to go around the LSM and get his message out. I predict that unless they change their operating pattern and return to the neutral position on the news stories they will not exist within 20 years and maybe they won’t exist in 10 years.

    The world it is a changing and those who do not adapt to the change or who fight the change will be left by the wayside along with the dinosaurs. the people are awake and fighting back let those who will try and defy the people tremble in fear for time or reckoning is upon us.

      • Right now I am struggling to be optimistic because Trump said he won’t reopen the email probe. Yes I know there are other ongoing investigations but I wanted her tried on all possible crimes.

        I am still optimistic that in the long run freedom will win, the question is how long is the long run and will it be a semi peaceful path or a violent revolution.

    • The MSM’s self-immolation may well be the single biggest victory to come out of this recent election. Intelligent Americans have been given a massive dose of unmistakable bias and distortion of the sort that they will not soon forget. Even if the lies do not cause sufficient revulsion, there will still be pullback because of the condescension and pandering.

      Americans continue to “unplug” from network and cable television with increasing frequency. Liberal print newspapers are being handed their heads by angry subscribers who refuse to tolerate their slanted coverage. There is little that the MSM can do to reverse this trend. Not even a collective abject apology by the Fourth Estate will quench the rage and polarization that they have worked so hard to create.

      The coddling and favoritism shown towards Hillary forever ripped the mask from these traitors and, once lost, trust has always been one of the most difficult things to regain.

  3. For every action, there is a reaction. It’s great that the press is so efficient, given that its members did not anticipate a Trump victory, so have had little time to research aspects of the family’s past and groups that support it.
    from 1905 Queen of the Universe! Comic Angel Dust. Real life anime! Isis unveiled. Alt-reich Queen! Literally Hitler It sounds like a white-supremacist organization, perhaps much as the US has other X-supremacist organizations.
    2007 wiki discussion over whether or not the wikipedia page should call it such.

    • Conway is excellent and Megyn was surprisingly fair. Anything less would’ve put her at an even greater disadvantage to a genuine, accomplished lady. Who happens to be the first woman to manage a successful presidential election.

      Megyn Kelly’s a caricature of the scheming, greedy feminist-predator. Her book about the serial sexist bullies who’ve promoted her from the bimbo-pool is timed for maximum pre-holiday exposure.

      But her exploitation of Mr. Trump’s victory was flat-out obscene. For the entire first week of his election, on front page spreads, where he is, there she is. Shameless stage-stealing porn star. Hair artfully mussed, lip gloss oozing: I felt like a hostage, almost bullied.

      Allegations? What? Nothing but foul hot air, just a crude media whore.
      Get the hook. (V.V)

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