Tommy Robinson has a casual talk with Father Niddaf, the Aramaic Christian priest

This is snippets of the conversation in Israel with Ken of Tundra Tabloids, Tommy Robinson and Father Naddaf along with their travel companions about a range of subjects of interest to readers of this site.

The editing is based on the clips I was sent by Tundra T. Basically you are seeing everything I got except when they talk about going to lunch or whatnot.

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3 Replies to “Tommy Robinson has a casual talk with Father Niddaf, the Aramaic Christian priest”

  1. I accidentally came upon this new video posted at YouTube:

    Tommy Robinson sees Ian McLoone at his office Taylor Walton LLC Luton complete

    Apparently a solicitor who disagrees with Tommy’s views decided to post/reveal Tommy’s domicile online, putting the lives of his wife and children in danger. This resulted in Tommy relocating his family to a hotel for safety’s sake. In his attempt to seek answers from this solicitor, he was arrested – again – on suspicion of harrassment (several days ago).

  2. Israeli people and eastern european people see the truth and cannot understand where the western mind went?I can answer you to all the western europeans that have a cabbage instead of brain:as oppose to Israel and eastern Europe that suffered and fought every day of their lives for their inner peace and to maintain their identity, westerners had all for free. This somnolence of the mind and spirit and dissipation in “good life” got them where they are today.To be suicidal and accept the destruction of their civilization.And they will definitely disappear because now it is loo late.

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