Orban vows to send home every illegal, Pakistan and India continue to war over Kashmir: Links 1 on November 21 – 2016

1, Ten Dead, Ten Injured in Cross-Border Fire in Kashmir Region – Pakistan Army

Four civilians and six Indian soldiers were killed in a firefight on Pakistani-Indian border in the disputed region of Kashmir, Pakistan Army said Monday.

NEW DELHI (Sputnik) — According to the press office, the Pakistani soldiers returned Indian fire, killing six Indian soldiers.

(This has been going on for a few days, reportedly also involving some mortar cross border firing)

2. Benghazi guards turned on US diplomats in 2012 attack, sources say.

(Just to be clear, it was locals hired as guards. Not Marines or anyone we should normally trust.)

3. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Airline Wants to Fly to Canada

An Iranian-born member of parliament met with a delegation from Iran lobbying for the reopening of direct flights between Iran and Canada on Mahan Air, as reported by Atash, a Persian news outlet in Canada.

The airline remains under terror sanctions by the U.S., which accused it of providing “transportation, funds transfers and personnel travel services” to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Forces. The U.S. says the airline is used by Iran to transport fighters and weapons to Syria to train Hezbollah jihadis, Syrian army troops and others.

Majid Jowhari, a Liberal MP, is active in lobbying the Canadian government to re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran and reopen both countries’ respective embassy. He reportedly met with a parliamentary delegation from Iran to open a Canada-Iran parliamentary friendship group and push for the re-establishment of flights with Mahan Air.

(Its a safe bet that Trudeau will Hugo-Chavez Canada’s relations with Iran. With similar results.)

4. ‘Don’t report rape in Dubai,’ tourists warned after ‘gang raped’ Brit arrested

A UK charity is warning British tourists and expats in Dubai not to report rape to police after a woman was arrested and charged with “extramarital sex” after telling authorities she had been gang raped.

Detained in Dubai, an organization that assists people who have become victims of injustice in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), says rape should not be reported in the country because of “racist” preconceptions held against Western tourists and “manipulation when it comes to criminal accusations.”

(Fascinating how this charity uses the language of cultural Marxism to avoid the facts of Islamic jurisprudence. Avoiding those facts is itself a tenet of Cultural Marxism.

“They are racist against Western tourists” which of course is only an explanation to the feeble minded. The real explanation is that in Islam, rape is considered a crime that the victim commits for luring the man to an act of fornication.)

5. A message from President Elect Donald Trump

6. Viktor Orban: We will help all illegals to go home.

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4 Replies to “Orban vows to send home every illegal, Pakistan and India continue to war over Kashmir: Links 1 on November 21 – 2016”

  1. 4) well, at least they did say that Muslims in Dubai have “racist preconceptions” I also think that because they are working in UAE they can not publicly say what they are thinking. If they said it then they will be prohibited from working there.
    The same is true for majority of Western charities working in theocratic or totalitarian countries. The same is even true for some Western professors specializing in oriental languages. It just that Westerners accustomed to (relative) openness in their countries do not understand that if someone working in these countries say loudly what he/she thinks they will be prohibited from working there.
    As for the professors, they have to have contact with Muslim countries (for example with Iran) otherwise they will not be able to write a papers on the subject. And if they are not able to write papers, they will loose their place at their University. So some of them do not say loudly what they think.

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