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14 Replies to “The left has brought back Lord of the Flies brand tribalism to the US”

  1. I hope the cops are looking into identifying these black thugs. They had no right to
    pummel, chase, and kick that older Caucasian man. Payback will be h3ll, blm thugs.
    Your ancestors made no lasting civilizations in africa. You are striving to destroy the
    only civilization that would have you. Kap and your kind are not welcome here.

  2. Trump needs to give some attention to the Justice Department. High time that these thugs understood the meaning of law and order.

  3. We can expect a lot more of actions like this, the BLM, the Black Panthers and the other Soros funded groups are going to try and destroy the US through terrorism.

    • The War on Drugs – particularly the marijuana prohibition – gave every cop in America a reason to want to know the contents of the pockets of every “suspicious-looking” young person he saw, be they hippies, protesters, or black kids laughing. As the prohibition of the 1920s turned America into a “nation full of scofflaws”, Nixon’s “War on Drugs” did the same thing to later generations of pot-smokers. Such kids grow up being able to spot undercover cars and such instead of thinking of the police as “we” and as friends. I can understand the Prohibition – its an easy mistake to make – what I can’t understand why they went ahead and repeated the exact same mistake on purpose with marijuana when they knew damn the problems it would cause… Personally, I think it’s been law-enforcement that has kept up the pressure on the pot-prohibition because it eliminates the need for pesky search warrants and gives them unlimited access to bags full of unmarked drug-dealer cash, that come in so handy with that new family to feed…

      Imagine being a black American back a few years and knowing that you could never get a decent job and never have a decent life simply because you were black. Imagine what that might do to the mindset of a whole group of people, especially to a group who’s not really a cohesive group at all, but really just survivors of a disaster who’ve been thrown together by happenstance Now imagine a cop car stalking slowly down the street looking at you people and wondering, “What’s in your pocket, boy? Don’t let me catch you or I’ll see to it that you die in prison, boy!” It’s not hard to imagine how some black people mistook that for racism and developed subsequent “bad attitudes”.

      Now what you’re seeing is the result of Jim Crow meets the War on Drugs. When Malcolm X found out that he couldn’t be a lawyer because of his race, he bought an ounce of weed, rolled it into joints, and sold it to white kids standing in line-ups at night clubs and movies and such. What else was he supposed to do? And as the Prohibition created the American Mafia, the War on Drugs has created similar black gangs who now basically run the neighborhoods. Black Lives Matter is the voice of the gangs saying, “Keep out! Hands off! We control the black community now…”.

      And of course, conservatives like Bill O’reilly will call for tougher enforcement and longer prison sentences because he absolutely knows he’s right about everything and doesn’t even have to think about it because he’s so right…

    • Umm … what were the other students doing while this physical assault was happening?

      “I was twiddling my thumbs on a smart-phone screen”, is not any sort of valid excuse for ignoring a violent attack. All of those unresponsive people in the above video should be subjected to academic demerits for unbecoming conduct and be given “sensitivity training” that slams home the notion of First Amendment rights and Constitutionally protected speech.

      For the unfamiliar (short only of, maybe, Atherton), Woodside, California is one of the absolute wealthiest enclaves of Silicon Valley. See: Woodside Real Estate Overview.

      The median home price is probably between one and two million dollars. These do-nothing, mollycoddled little pansies need some serious parking lot therapy.

      • Absolutely, this was my immediate reaction as well. They were so disengaged and seemed somewhat annoyed by the disturbance. That was almost as shocking as the actual attack.

  4. Another one.
    An 11 year old student at Stafford Elementary is recovering Wednesday after being beaten by several of his classmates. (in the classroom – where was the teacher?)

  5. Just when you thought the above was bad enough….they stoop to a lower level of deviancy (warning: very difficult to watch)

    Mother Punishes Son For Supporting Donald Trump

  6. Here´s a video of the man who got pulled out of his car and beat up (the video that is deleted above) – he explains what happened to him:

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