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20 Replies to “Vladimir Putin puts it more bluntly than any other leader besides Viktor Orban: “Migration means the end of Europe””

  1. Imagine that. An old mafia thug like Putin sounding like my dad. What are they thinking he says. They’re crazy he says. Kinda nice to hear Vlad speaking my language for a change. I know the Russians have a tard problem, but do you really think the Tards will win in Russia? I think not.

    • No they won’t, and in the long run they won’t win in Europe or North America, the population of the world is going to drop because of this war but in the end we will be back stronger then ever.

    • Are you satisfied Uncle Vlad?
      Westerners swallowed poisoned candy the Soviet Union served in abundance. It served to neuter much of the target population, and rendered masses stark raving mad.
      Obviously. Just don’t be so smug. It doesn’t suit the would-be savior of Christendom.

      • He is probably wishing the Soviet disinformation campaigns hadn’t worked so well.

        I have been wondering if the various recent Russian provocations don’t have the motive of scaring Western Europe and North America so we will rearm? Putin is Machiavellian enough to do something like that.

        • Not fast enough to avoid systemic damage, I’m afraid.
          Once we cut off the gangrene, though, we’ll right ourselves. Putin knows this better than anyone.

          • Russia, with its levels of Islamic infiltration (especially in the military), is n grave danger.

            Putin is flagrantly courting the Russian Orthodox faith – regardless of his personal beliefs, because the Russian Orthodox Church has always been a willing agent of the Russian aristocracy.

            Which does not change the fact that his military has been deeply infiltrated with Islamists.

            Yes, he knows – and is dealing with it. Way better than his Western counterparts.

            Will it work?

            Only history which is yet to be written can answer that…

  2. Putin has been working to position himself as the savior of Russia, Christianity and now Europe. Events are building to a real big explosion, one that will wake people up to what is really happening and the entire world will shake over what happens when the West wakes up.

  3. Vladimir Putin is a piece of …
    If he and Erdogan are close friends now, it is not at all by accident. They simply are of the same kind.
    Besides, if terrorism is more under control in Russia, it’s because the Islamic extremists have moved to Syria now, not because he’s so very good at “combating” extremism. Russian is one of the most common languages among IS fighters(though they are not ethnic Russians, but it also shows how good he is at creating a “multicultural society”).
    Putin is trying to divide the EU and is waging a hybrid war here as well. Most of the disinformation comes from Russian or pro-Russian sites and media. The migrants are his favourite topic.

    I guess many people in the West need someone to say out loud what actually most know – what is going on is just insanity. But Putin saying the obvious doesn’t make him wise, or good. The creature is arming himself with nuclear weapons, considers some European countries his rightful property, and wants weak Europe.

    • Putin is doing what he thinks is best for Russia, he doesn’t care about the rest of us except as prey although me may wish for the US and Britain to once again have strong militarys.

      He is positioning himself to be the protector of the west but he will become that only if the west is willing to becme client states that allow him to run everything. The fact that he is a crafty, sneaky effective politician doesn’t mean we should trust him but it does mean we need to take a good hard look and what is behind his statements. He isn’t making those statements in a vacuum, he is making them because he sees an advantage in making them? It is probably something besides getting the Western Resistance liking him.

      You don’t have to like or trust him but you do have to admit he is a good international politician who is up to something, rather then get mad at the people who are saying he is making sense figure out how he gains and try to see if there is somewan to twist the event so we gain more.

    • He kills killers. He kills those who have the misfortune to be around killers. It’s a dirty business. Iran’s partner, Israel’s consultant.
      This is a very bad time.

    • Russia’s tardish terrorists killing and getting killed in Syria?

      Give both sides better weapons. Better yet, SELL them ALL better weapons. When there’s a stalemate, bomb anything that moves.

      Another response to the demographic threat.

    • The KGB had a lot of thugs but they also had some of the best intelligence men that hte world has ever seen, Putin spent his time looking for internal traitors and to do that he had to infiltrate the resistance movements. This required brains and guts, never look on him as a Thug, instead look on him as a pro intel agent who now heads a nation.

      • Thinking of him as a thug will blind you to what he is really doing.

        So long as Putin continues to assist Iran’s nuclear program, he’s a first class thug (and a huge piece of shite as well). A nuclear armed Iran will destabilize world politics in ways that will ripple through the geo-political scene for several decades, if not a lot longer. Anyone who facilitates that potential disaster is an enemy of all humanity.

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