Recruits of the ISIS, more educated than expected

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From this Swiss website:

Study: This is the finding of the World Bank, that conducted a study from internal data of the terrorist group.

Foreign recruits Islamic State group have a higher educational level than expected, says a study from the World Bank, published Wednesday and made from internal data of the jihadist organization.

“We found that the Islamic State group is not collected his foreign recruits among the poor and less well formed, but rather the opposite,” says the World Bank in these works based on the leak of internal data of the ISIS on 3803 recruits.

This is information on the country of residence, nationality, educational level or previous experience in jihadism and knowledge of Sharia, said the authors of the study devoted more broadly to the economic situation MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

“One of the most important discoveries is that these people are far from being illiterate,” says the World Bank, which believes that these data provide “insights” on the profile of the ISIS fighters.

Most have a secondary education

Most recruits for the period from 2013 to 2014, “claimed to have a secondary education. An important part was educated up to university level”, say the researchers from the international institution, which determine the average age of foreign staff of the IS as being 27.4 years.

According to the data, 43.3% have completed secondary education, 25.4% went to college. Only 13.5% did not go beyond primary school and 1.3% expressed illiterate, the rest (16.3%) did not provide information on their training.

“The Islamic State group recruits coming from Africa, South and East Asia and the Middle East are significantly more educated than their fellow countrymen. The vast majority claimed to have had a job before joining the organization,” says the World Bank.

Various objectives

According to the study, the recruits visited Syria with “various” objectives. “Some wanted to provide assistance to the administration of the organization, others arrived with the desire to end their lives by joining their ranks, and others just wanted to fight,” the study points out.

“The proportion of those wishing to participate in administrative tasks but also that of candidates for suicide increases with the level of education,” says the study.

The study concludes that marginalization “appears to be a risk of radicalization,” pointing to “unemployment” as one of the causes of commitment from IS.

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3 Replies to “Recruits of the ISIS, more educated than expected”

  1. “The vast majority claimed to have had a job before joining the organization,” says the World Bank.”

    .”..pointing to “unemployment” as one of the causes of commitment from IS.”

    Guess they won’t get their well-paying jobs back.

    • Yes, slightly contradicting themselves: they had jobs, yet they committed to ISIS, because they were unemployed. I guess, any other conclusion would be a symptom of a phobia?

      • They are trying to keep the meme of the unemployment driving the people to the terror groups alive. This is getting harder and harder as more terror attacks occur.

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