Muslim stabs police in Belgium, Who is Huma? Ridiculing islamic terror and Russia-US relations: Links 1 on Oct. 6 2016

1, Three police officers injured, two of them stabbed, by Muslim in Brussels. 

(I guess after all that travel and supporting extra-national foreign jihadis he felt it was time to do his part at home)

One officer was stabbed in the neck and another in the stomach, while a third officer who arrived at the scene in Schaerbeek district suffered a broken nose, Belgian broadcaster VRT reports.

The attacker was shot in the leg and taken away by ambulance.

Authorities have named the attacker as “Hicham D”, 43, of Belgian nationality.

Belgian media report that Hicham D is known to Belgian police and is believed to have links to jihadists who travelled to Syria to fight. He also served as a Belgian army officer until 2009.

2. The one thing that Islam cannot take is ridicule. Here is a liberal dose of it.

Two of the people who appeared in the above video, the ‘Islamic State audio engineer’, and the American hostage are both combat veterans. You can see all this fine team of islam-awareness video efforts at their website here. 

3. More seriously, Huma Abedin:

4. Even moe seriously, Russian propaganda which contains an uncomfortable amount of truth.

5. Viktor Orban explains anti terror drills at Hungarian transport hub combining police and military units.

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Richard,CrossWare, Wrath of Khan and so many more who contribute daily and to this post and this site.

There will be some stunning materials coming today, including another interview with the leader of Hungarian intel. Please continue to post all credible material on the Obama initiative to start a shooting war with Russia. There is really something horribly wrong there. I guess in his last days in office he really can do a lot of damage.

Good luck to the next guy, whoever it is.

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4 Replies to “Muslim stabs police in Belgium, Who is Huma? Ridiculing islamic terror and Russia-US relations: Links 1 on Oct. 6 2016”

  1. 3. More seriously, Huma Abedin:

    Would somebody please explain to my why John McCain, after running for President as a Republican, can honestly say that he sees nothing untoward about Huma Abedin having the highest possible security clearance in the country, despite all this irrefutable evidence that she is at the very least connected to the Muslim Brotherhood? I really don’t get it. Do I have a brain tumor or something? Have I lost my mind? Am I just imagining things or is it painfully in-your-face obvious that the Unites States Government has been completely compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood?

    I wonder what some vacuous millennial sees when confronted with such evidence. Do they just see so much right-wing hate-static that they won’t even listen to? Are their ear buds turned up so loud all the time that they can’t hear the plain truth? Or is the only word they bothered to learn the word, “whatever”?

    The Klingons have gotten control of the bridge, Captain, and there’s a Romulan ship de-cloaking to starboard!

  2. The world is in massive trouble, with Obama trying to start a shooting war between the US and Russia. I am checking all sources to see what they know.

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