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13 Replies to “Russian military presser on the US attack on Syria for the advancement of the Islamic State”

  1. The problem is and always has been Barack Obama’s inexplicable and sudden hatred of the al-Assad regime along with his apparent alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and soft feelings toward the Islamic State. Isn’t it against the Atlantic Accord or something to just go and blow away another country’s president because he might have crossed a “red line” that you invented? How many of the half-million dead are dead because Barack Obama chose to arm, train, and support the anti-Assad forces? The Russians are right. The obvious right way to go is for the US and Russia to join forces, back the incumbent regime, and blow the living shit out of ISIS and all their murderous followers, which is exactly what Donald Trump is hinting at already. For some reason the left hates Russia now and always wants to paint them as the enemy…

    If Hillary Clinton wins the election and another four years of this absolute bullshit begins, the whole world is simply going to explode…

    • Maybe a naive but simple solution…
      So, you bombed the Syrian army and ISIS stepped in and took the territory. So go back and bomb it again! You seem to know that ISIS are there.

      • That would hurt ISIS and the continued actions of Obama show that he doesn’t want to hurt ISIS. He has reluctantly supported the Kurds but has tried to run all of the aid to them through Turkey where it will be diverted. There is an old saying that I haven’t heard anyone but me use lately. Actions speak louder then words. Look at the pattern of Obama’s actions and see what they say.

    • 1) Yes it is against all International law to invade sovereign nations because you don’t like their leaders, just as it is against international law to interfere with a civil war.

      2) The world is going to explode no matter who wins the election, if Trump wins we will have a President that will defend the US if Hillary she will surrender.

      Look at how the Germans fought back against the Moslems at the Burger stand and how the Hollanders fought back against the Turkish Thugs. The left has created the perfect storm of violence around the world, all it needs is one spark at the right time and place.

      • The leftists really are trying to start a war, aren’t they. What possible outcome can there be of stuffing millions of unwanted Muslims into a country? What other outcome can there be of Black Lives Matter claiming that white police officers are shooting innocent black boys out their squad car windows? What other outcome can there be of telling the Third World that the white man caused all their problems and now it’s time for payback? Are they hoping that out of the chaos we will somehow be a worldwide Marxist revolution and then everything will be perfect? Are they really that crazy? Do they really think that it will turn out that way?

  2. UK Confirms It Took Part in Airstrike in Deir ez-Zor When Syrian Army Was Bombed

    The British Defence Ministry confirmed on Monday that the UK participated in the US-led coalition’s airstrike in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, when the country’s army was bombed.

    The airstrikes by the coalition planes near the Deir ez-Zor airport were first reported by the Syrian army on Saturday. Later in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the attacks, saying they killed 62 servicemen and injured 100 more. The US Central Command said that the Syrian forces were mistaken for Daesh terrorists.

    Australia and Denmark have also confirmed their air forces’ participation in airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor.



    UK – MOD statement on involvement in recent Syria air strike.


    • U.S. Allies ‘Volunteer’ To Share (Implausible) Blame For Deir Ezzor Attack

      The U.S. is trying to distribute the blame for its air support of ISIS against the Syrian Arab Army in Deir Ezzor.

      […]The Syrian government now says some 82 soldiers were killed in the attack

      […]Now the blame has to be spread.


      State Dept on Syria :


    • US is willing to extend Syria truce despite violations

      NEW YORK — The United States said Monday it is prepared to extend the window for Syria’s fractured week-old cease-fire despite numerous violations and the Syrian military’s announcement that the truce is over.

      The State Department said it was ready to work with Russia to strengthen the terms of the agreement and expand deliveries of humanitarian aid but added that Russia must clarify its position on the status of the cease-fire. Spokesman John Kirby noted the Syrian announcement while stressing that the United States and Russia agreed to the arrangement, but the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad has not.

      “We are prepared to extend the cessation of hostilities, while working to strengthen it and expand deliveries of assistance,” Kirby said in a statement released after the Syrian declaration. “We will be consulting with our Russian counterparts to continue to urge them to use their influence on Assad to these ends. While we have seen comments attributed to the Syrian military, our arrangement is with Russia, which is responsible for the Syrian regime’s compliance, so we expect Russia to clarify their position.”

      Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the failure of Syrian rebels to adhere to the truce “threatens the cease-fire and U.S.-Russian agreements.”

      The ministry statement came after the Russian military said that continuing rebel violations made it “meaningless” for the Syrian army to respect the deal. The Syrian military said earlier Monday that the cease-fire had expired.

      While acknowledging numerous violations, Kirby said the truce, which took effect last Monday, had been responsible for “a measure of reduced violence.” However, he also repeated calls for the sustained delivery of humanitarian aid to Aleppo and other besieged communities. Such deliveries began only on Monday and were available only in limited areas, he said.

      Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry expressed hope that the cease-fire could still hold even after the Syrian military’s announcement and took aim at Russia for not doing enough to pressure Assad’s government to comply.

      “It would be good if they didn’t talk first to the press but if they talked to the people who are actually negotiating this,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly. “As I said yesterday, (it’s) time to end the grandstanding and time to do the real work of delivering on the humanitarian goods that are necessary for access.”

      Kerry expressed frustration with the touch-and-go cease-fire. “We have not had seven days of calm and of delivery of humanitarian goods,” Kerry said. Those seven days of calm and aid deliveries were required before the U.S. and Russia could embark on a plan to co-operate in targeting the Islamic State group and al-Qaida affiliates working in Syria.

      The Syrian military said in a statement Monday that “armed terrorist groups” repeatedly violated the cease-fire and took advantage of the truce to mobilize and arm themselves while attacking government-held areas. The statement said the rebels wasted a “real chance” to stop the bloodshed.

      He said U.S. and Russian officials were meeting in Geneva to try to sort out aid deliveries to Aleppo and other besieged communities. American officials said, however, that conditions were still not right for U.S.-Russian military co-operation .

      A Syrian activist group said 92 people have been killed in Syria since the start of the cease-fire. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 29 children and teenagers were among those killed, as well as 17 women. The figure does not include dozens of Syrian soldiers and Islamic State militants killed in the eastern province of Deir el-Zour, the Observatory said Monday.

      A mistaken air raid by the U.S.-led coalition also killed 62 Syrian soldiers.

      The opposition reported 254 violations by government forces and their allies since the truce started on Sept. 12 and a senior Syrian opposition official declared the cease-fire “clinically dead.”

      Syrian state media said there were 32 violations by rebels on Sunday alone.


      Syria: Did the Pentagon refuse to coordinate with Russia?

  3. Erdogan Plans Syrian ‘Safe Zone’ as Military Campaign Widens

    Turkey announced plans to create a safe zone in Syria the size of the Grand Canyon, a campaign that could be one of the biggest foreign military interventions in its modern history.

    The Turkish military, which entered Syria last month to push Islamic State and Kurdish separatists from the border area, will expand its offensive to clear a 5,000-square-kilometer (1,931-square-mile) sanctuary, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday. The operation is liable to escalate its conflict with both of those armed groups and is set to be Turkey’s largest incursion since it poured troops into northern Iraq in the 1990s to attack strongholds of its own autonomy-seeking militants.

    Turkey’s goal “is likely to require the deployment of thousands of Turkish soldiers in Syria for years and increase risks of a possible military confrontation with Syrian forces,” Nihat Ali Ozcan, a strategist at the Economic Policy Research Foundation in Ankara, said by telephone on Monday.

    Turkey is broadening its role in its neighbor’s conflict as a brittle cease-fire there appears to be crumbling. Repeated violations of the week-long truce, mediated by the U.S. and Russia, have thrown into question a plan to coordinate U.S. and Russian attacks against Islamic State and al-Qaeda-linked militants, whose implementation was conditioned on seven days of calm.

    Syria’s state-run SANA news agency reported the country’s military as saying the ceasefire ends on Monday, and that terror groups had used the truce to re-mobilize fighters. There were 300 rebel violations of the ceasefire, the military said, according to SANA.

    Turkey is also trying to assert greater influence in Syria after confrontations with both the U.S. and Russia there. After Moscow intervened militarily last year on behalf of the Syrian government, Erdogan was forced to soften his hard line against President Bashar al-Assad’s involvement in postwar politics. He’s also had to swallow U.S. support for Syrian Kurdish rebels whose separatist aims he deplores.

    Turkey, the rebels’ main lifeline and host to about 3 million Syrian refugees, has long advocated establishing a buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border to help contain the human flight and stop Islamic State rocket attacks on Turkish towns. Clearing Islamic State from border areas west of the Euphrates river could seal the Turkish frontier and allow allied forces to speed up planning of a major offensive on Raqqa, the capital of Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate.

    Shifting Kurds

    Another declared aim of the Turkish operation in Syria was to push Syrian Kurds affiliated with Kurdish separatists in Turkey away from border areas. Turkey has declared areas west of the Euphrates river off-limits to Kurdish forces in Syria, and on Monday, Erdogan served notice that Turkey will not let Syrian Kurds link areas they control along his country’s 911-kilometer border with Syria.

    He criticized Syrian Kurdish fighters for not retreating from Manbij after taking it from Islamic State, signaling that Turkey might force them to withdraw.

    The Kurds’ objective is to unite areas under its control in northwestern Syria with other Kurdish areas in Turkey and Iraq “to reach to the Mediterranean,” Erdogan said.
    Backing Rebels

    The Turkish leader said his country’s offensive inside Syria has already cleared “terrorist groups” from an area of about 900 square kilometers. The campaign will extend to the Islamic State-stronghold of al-Bab, which lies about 30 kilometers from the border, he said.

    Turkey’s military involvement in the Syrian conflict started days after a suicide bomber said to be linked to Islamic State killed at least 54 people at a wedding in the border city of Gaziantep. So far, the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army has been fighting on the front line to clear Islamic radicals and Kurdish separatists from the proposed safe zone. minimizing the casualties among Turkish soldiers.

    Erdogan reiterated his call to train and equip pro-Western rebels fighting in Syria and to declare a no-fly zone to protect the safe haven, where he said Turkey can build communities to settle refugees. About 120,000 refugees are already living in camps run by Turkey’s pro-Islamic Humanitarian Aid Foundation, or IHH, just inside the Syrian border.

    The U.S., which is leading a coalition fighting to eject Islamic State from Syria, has been cool to the notion of a safe haven protected by international warplanes, saying it presents significant military, financial and humanitarian challenges.

    “We have been planning to build houses and social facilities in a safe zone in northern Syria,” Erdogan said. “It has not happened until now. But I hope we can do so from now on.”


    • Erdogan blames ‘behaviour’ of US forces in Syria for FSA protests

      Turkish president says his forces had to usher American troops out of town of al-Rai after protests by rebel allies against their presence

      Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said US soldiers should not interfere with Free Syrian Army operations in northern Syria, days after protesting rebels kicked out a team of American commandos from a town in northern Syria.

      In comments on Monday, the Turkish president blamed the “behaviour” of US officials for exacerbating tension with the rebels.

      A group of US soldiers were forced to leave the town of al-Rai on Friday as FSA rebels chanted “Dogs, agents of America” “crusaders”, “infidels”, with one fighter being heard to say there will be a “slaughter”.

      Erdogan said: “The Free Syrian Army didn’t want US special forces. They don’t want US [interference] because unfortunately the behaviour of US officials brought this process to this point.”

      He confirmed Turkish forces escorted the US soldiers out of al-Rai.

      “Our officials, special forces in Syria, ushered members of US special forces – a group of 27 to 30 people – out. At least this problem was solved peacefully.”

      The US soldiers were forced to withdraw toward the Turkish border after rebels protested against their presence.

      The Turkish president also said his forces and their allies may expand their zone of control in Syria further to the south.

      Erdogan said his forces were now focused on heading toward the Islamic State-held town of al-Bab, and he added that Turkey’s “safety zone” in the region could eventually span an area of 5,000sq/km.

      Turkey launched its operation in northern Syria, dubbed “Euphrates Shield”, last month to clear IS from its border area with Syria and stop the advance of Syrian Kurdish fighters. So far, Turkey has secured a narrow strip of land along its border.

      “As part of the Euphrates Shield operation, an area of 900sq/km has been cleared of terror so far. This area is pushing south,” Erdogan said. “We may extend this area to 5,000sq/km as part of a safe zone.”

      Turkey has long argued for the need for a “safe zone” or a “no-fly” zone along its Syrian border, with the aim of clearing out IS and Kurdish fighters and stemming the waves of refugees that have caused tension in Europe.

      Erdogan’s comments came as the US-Russia brokered ceasefire looked on the brink of collapse on Monday after a US-led coalition strike killed up to 90 soldiers in the army of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and rebel-held areas of Aleppo were hit by the city’s first air raids in nearly a week.

      The truce was set to expire at midnight on Monday, although Russian officials had offered an extension earlier in the week.



      Turkey: US forces are not desired by FSA says Erdogan

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