When you use the enemy’s rules, game pieces and playing field you are pretty much gonna lose. Fascism on Canadian campuses

This is one of those stories that get lost in the canned air horns of “raped under the Eiffel Tower” stories that are becoming so common they may as well be, “burger wrapper found near McDonalds”.

But the importance of this might be easy to miss.

The man who was wearing the Trump inspired hat fully played into her rules. He allowed himself to defend his position from her perspective.

What he could have said, not necessarily should have, but by way of example of the tactical error he made, could be:

  1. “You need to cover up. Many many muslims go to this university and they find it highly offensive that you show so much that “should remain hidden” according to the Koran. Ill take my hat off when you come back in a Burka.”

2. Hey! Thank you for this. Now I know what to say next time I see some fascist in a Che Guevara T shirt! I should tell him he ‘needs to take it off’ because he is wearing a picture of a man who promoted communism and tortured people for Castro and was one of the more evil people of the 20th century, and that wearing his image is inexcusable! I didn’t realize we could all elect ourselves fashion police!”

3. “It seems it is you who is hating on me, and by your rules, hating isn’t allowed. My message is a positive one. Make America Great Again. But if you want to play the game of making up what people really mean then telling them its not allowed, Ill do that to you as well. Fascism can be a two way street but I recommend we don’t travel that way at all. You make up whatever you want about what I and Mr. Trump think and we will continue to tell the truth. Or is that what you are afraid of?

That third example is actually still on her board but a better way of dealing with her rules. The cultural Marxists, AKA “Social Justice Warriors” really only have a few rhetorical tricks. Just like the Muslims. And once you see through them they don’t work very well anymore. But the best way to win a game is know when you are being tricked into playing one, know the rules they use and then play by your own. Shut the game down out of the gate.

After that the best they can do is call a few silver ponytails over to try and beat you up and we all know how that played out at Mizzou.



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  1. I saw this encounter but did not realize it took place in Canada. Don’t they have enough issues of their own that they should be seeking solutions for without becoming embroiled in the politics of us colonists??

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