Eighteen items on the enrichment Islam brings us all and a few on Clinton’s ethics: Links 1 on September 17 – 2016

1, A top ten list from The Rebel which of course, had to go to 11.

(You just can’t limit Islamic horror to a nice number that way.)

2. Israel anticipates 230,000 incoming missiles during next war

A nationwide emergency drill has been announced in Israel, with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) preparing to repel a volley of some 230,000 missiles. The Home Front Command will also test several other scenarios in preparation for a hypothetical war.

The Home Front Command disclosed scenarios that would be tested through next week’s nationwide drill. These scenarios include a full scale war with a simultaneous attack on several fronts, namely the Syrian Golan Heights, Gaza and Lebanon. The main goal of the drill was to ensure basic services could be kept running under fire and honing the cooperation between various military and civil institutes. However, preparations do not reflect an assessment that such conflict is imminent.

3. Muslim mayor of London on US trip: “Immigrants should not have to assimilate”

(It would have been nice if just one person had the wherewithal to ask him what would be expected of post-Christian secularist atheists if they moved to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran or any other tard country)

On a visit to Chicago, London mayor Sadiq Kahn lectured the U.S. on how to welcome immigrants to the U.S.  He said integration, not assimilation should be the goal in developing “cohesive communities.”

4. Three ‘Algerians’ arrested after naked teenager found bound, gagged and gang-raped underneath the Eiffel Tower having been lured on Facebook ‘to eat strawberries with a 15-year-old’

Three illegal immigrants were in custody in Paris today after a teenager was found tied up and gagged after allegedly being gang raped underneath the Eiffel Tower.

The horrifying attack took place after the 19-year-old was lured on a Facebook ‘date’ in the French capital.

She responded to messages from who she thought was a 17-year-old Tunisian boy and initially met him close to her home in the Paris suburbs.

But last Sunday night she turned up at the Champs des Mars, the public park where the Eiffel Tower is situated, and was attacked.

5. Syrian army claims the US is leading bombing missions specifically in support of the advancement of the Islamic State.

(For those who remember in detail the chemical weapons order of events this will be no surprise as we all saw proto-IS videos showing the development and use of chemical weapons by the muslim attackers, and then the US claim that it was al Assad who used them)

5a. RT News story and video

US-led coalition jets have bombed Syrian government forces’ positions near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, killing 62 troops and “paving the way” for Islamic State militants, the Syrian Army General Command told the state television.

According to Syria’s official SANA news agency, the bombing took place on al-Tharda Mountain in the region of Deir ez-Zor and caused casualties and destruction on the ground.

5b. Almasdar news:

DEIR EZZOR (8:25 P.M.) – Al-Masdar News was just told by a senior officer in Deir Ezzor that the U.S. Anti-ISIS Coalition attacked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Thardeh Mountains.

The U.S.’ airstrikes on the Syrian Arab Army’s positions allowed the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) to capture the strategic Thardeh Mountains that were originally under government control.

According to local activists, the U.S. attacked the Syrian Arab Army’s positions with phosphorous bombs, killing several soldiers and paving the way for the Islamic State to  capture the whole area.

5c. Global News Canada:

BEIRUT – U.S.-led coalition jets bombed a Syrian army position at Jebel Tharda near Deir al-Zor airport on Saturday, killing dozens of Syrian soldiers, Russia and a war monitoring group said, paving the way for Islamic State fighters to overun it.

Syria’s army general command said in a statement that the air strike was “conclusive evidence” of U.S. support for Islamic State, noting that the strike was “dangerous and blatant aggression”.

Islamic State said in a statement on its Amaq news channel that it had gained “complete control” over Jebel Tharda.

6. Paris in the fall. Or rather, Paris in free fall.

7. Muslims are most disliked group in America, says new study

(Wadda ya know! Abe Lincoln was right! You CAN’T fool all the people all the time after all!)

Muslims are the most disapproved group in America, according to a new study, amid increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric from conservative politicians.

A new study from sociologists at the University of Minnesota, which analysed Americans’ perceptions of minority faith and racial groups, found that their disapproval of Muslims has almost doubled from about 26 per cent 10 years ago to 45.5 per cent in 2016.

(Actually its liberal politicians who are speaking the truth about islam which makes other liberals dislike it. Pretty much everyone, and I mean even those on side who get the issues quite thoroughly still uses the enemy’s game pieces when it comes to describing things. A recipe for losing. Hitler was a far left wing extremist and anyone who doesn’t believe that only needs to watch a Nuremberg rally speech and if they still pretend he is “right wing” then they are being tactical, not truthful. And where conservative means preserving liberal values such as those enshrined in the US constitution then great. But the fact is, muslims bring this on Islam when they are faithful to the tenets of Islam. It was even designed to work that way. When you read the koran you can see that Mohamed even preempted the results by imputing or projecting the emotions practicing Islam will cause to the rest of the public and reversing the onus of responsibility, exactly as Islam does in the case of rape)

8. Highly left wing and dishonest, Euro-News tries to shame Hungary for defending its own culture and people from the Islamic hijra.

9. College hires ex al-Queda member.

Thank you M., Johnny U., Xanthippa, Richard, Yucki, Wrath of Khan, CB Sashenka, Oz-Rita, and so many more. Actual work and other matters kept me busy much of yesterday and most of today but we are catching up now. Thank you all for your patience.

A few links concerning the deconstruction of equality before the law, the constitution and the rule of law altogether due to the Obama administration,

Afterburner 1.DOJ refused permission to investigate Clinton foundation.

(This supports my theory that the FBI is the group actually hacking and leaking documents exposing the corruption of the Obama admin and the Clintons. After all, many if not nearly all FBI agents take the oath of office, to defend the US from all enemies, foreign and domestic, quite seriously, as one might hope they would.)

According to reports, several months ago, top Department of Justice officials and FBI agents met together to discuss opening a public corruption case into The Clinton Foundation. However, the Justice Department killed the attempts for an investigation by three FBI field offices.

CNN’s Pamela Brown told Wolf Blitzer, “We’ve learned what initially grabbed the FBI’s attention into this was that a bank notified the FBI saying that there was suspicious activity surrounding a foreign donor to The Clinton Foundation.”

“So, what the FBI wanted to do earlier this year was open up a case and investigate whether there was a conflict of interest at the time that donor was making contributions to The Clinton Foundation during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department,” she added. “There were three DOJ field offices that were in agreement that a public corruption investigation should be launched.”

Afterburner 2 Clinton Fights Back Against Lawsuit Filed by Parents of Benghazi Victims


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is fighting back against a lawsuit filed by the parents of Benghazi victims. Pat Smith and Charles Woods are the parents of American U.S. Foreign Service member Sean Smith, and Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, respectively. Both died during the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. They sued Clinton for wrongful death, defamation, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Afterburner 3. Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants

Just 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s massive 2014 budget actually went to charitable grants, according to the tax-exempt organization’s IRS filings. The rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and “other expenses.”
The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.
That number pales in comparison to the $34.8 million the foundation spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits.
This part of this post could go on for a really long time but this seems a good, if arbitrary, place to stop.


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31 Replies to “Eighteen items on the enrichment Islam brings us all and a few on Clinton’s ethics: Links 1 on September 17 – 2016”

  1. 3 – 230,000 incoming missiles during the next war. If Hezbollah and the other Iranian puppets are going to pour that many missiles in they are planning follow up attacks. That sized attack is to saturate the defense systems and drive the defenders under cover so your troops can follow up with a massive ground attack.

    • Because most of those weapons would be unguided, I think they would be of the German “V-weapon” variety. Most defensive measures would revolve crawling into a hole or basement. The big question is what and how many guided missiles they got from the Iranians.

      • The guided missiles are for decapitation strikes, the massive unguided attacks on the border defenses and the guided trying to cut off the head and create chaos when no orders for a coordinated response comes in. The question on these are will they be enough to deplete all of the Iron Dome defenses?

  2. 5 – Obama’s time in the White House is coming to an end, he is coming out as a Moslem that is working to recreate the Caliphate. He is expecting Hillary to lose the election and is working to make it very difficult for Trump to work with the Russians or anyone else who is fighting the Moslems. I hope he has enough brains to stop short of firing on the Russians or on the Chinese in the Pacific.

  3. Afterburner 1 – It is not just the FBI agents who take their oath of office seriously, most of the officers and NCOs that Obama forced off of active duty think that their oath is still active and that they are to work to prevent the left from destroying the US from the inside.

    Earlier today a friend and I were talking were talking about how we missed the good old days when the FBI could be trusted to always tell the facts and not white wash the leftist politicians. It will be a long time before that trust can be restored.

  4. #7.

    (a) Eeyore wrote:
    “…Hitler was a far left wing extremist and anyone who doesn’t believe that only needs to watch a Nuremberg rally speech and if they still pretend he is “right wing” then they are being tactical, not truthful. …”

    This should be tatoo-ed on the inside of every Leftist’s Eyelids – on both of them !

    Title: “Muslims are the most disliked group in America…”
    There is a saying “ONLY in America”…..in this case I would emphatically add: NOT ONLY in America 🙂

  5. #6.

    Incidentally the two most responsible for “keeping order” – the Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, a nasty little piece of islam-lover, and the the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo who whores for Qatar and the like, have both filed complaints before the Courts, 2 each against Pierre Cassens from Riposte Laique and against Christine Tasin (from Resistance Republicaine) for “feeling insulted” by carricatures on their sites. All the while parading around with “Je Suis Charlie” signs.

    Instead of keeping the streets of Paris relatively clean, Anne Hidalgo invites Muslims-only to the town hall of Paris to elaborate celebrations of Ramadan etc., at a huge cost to the tax payer, and when our friends duly applied to hold a protest against this – in a country which has “SECULARITY” enshrined in their constitution – duly applying some weeks before for a permit to demonstrate and organising French people to come from all over France, they were served a Ban (reversion of the permission to demonstrate) just a few hours before this protest was to take place.

    The pro-Jihadi Interior Minister is now “distributing” the rapefugees from Calais etc. all over France, into little villages and towns, without giving those communities any say in it. I have heard that CORSICA is excempt from having to accept these cancer cells. HOWEVER (remember our Corsican heroes who were attacked by Muslims – Maghrebian (Arab) thugs who were not even residents in France) and who fought back? Well they were, I hear, handed out heavier sentences (suspended prison sentences !!!) for their self-defence than the Tard attackers (who had been “known to the police”).

    A lovely song from the France of yesteryear….

    • PS: that’s the numbers and regions into which those two stupid/nasty pieces of French Government (yes I count the mayor of Paris among the “government” since it was via the casting couch of Hollande that she entered and climbed up the greasy pole of political power) force the violent invadors of Calais and other savage camps onto French Communities who get no say in it:


      PS: local sources now speak of 10 – 12 000 jungle monkeys residents, although lower numbers are fed to the (toothless(*)) by the official authorities, I believe. So you may want to do the maths….

    • The title of this video clip reminds one of this bookmarked essay by Hugh Fitzgerald of JihadWatch/Iconoclast ….“Douce France” Reposted November 22,2015 [Editor’s note: Hugh Fitzgerald first published this essay here at Jihad Watch in 2004. Now, in light of the recent jihad attacks in Paris and ongoing threats to France from the Islamic State, it is more germane than ever, and hence eminently worthy of republishing. The names of the politicians have changed; the overall situation is the same.]

  6. 9. Bill O’Reilly: “Now you are with the good guys”

    The trouble with ex-Communists in power is that they are still Socialists. The UK was wreaked by “ex-Communists “in the Tony Blair Government. Because every ex-Communist runs from Socialism (the fairytail mythology) to the freedom for the power of the individual.

    So an Ex-Caliphate Jihadist is still a Muslim? Just another tack to make Islam the real faith wherever one front doesn’t work.

  7. Interesting suggestion about the FBI’s role in the leaks. I read a comment over at Weasel Zippers which offered another note to ponder. None of the leaks involve Obama, Rice, Jarrett or Soros – suggesting they are behind the leaks as an attempt to undermine Hillary’s campaign.

    • You may have a point but right now I think the FBI is working on the threat of a Hillary Presidency.

      Helping your idea I have heard that O hates Hillary and that she returns the feelings. During the Primary I heard a lot about how O was working to stop Hillary. I don’t know what Soros thinks of her but she is gaining so much wealth that she is becoming a threat to him as the King maker on the Left.

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