Eight men beat two defenseless victims on S-Bahn

An original translation by Nash Montana with Much thanks!

From this German language news site:

Brutal attack in Berlin-Dahlem

It is an unbelievably brutal attack with unequal preconditions: Simply because two young men accidentally photobombed a picture, eight men began to attack and brutally beat the two victims. There is no trace of the attackers as of now.

They hadn’t done anything except that they accidentally walked into a photo in progress. This provoked eight young men so much that they jumped the two 20 year olds and beat them senselessly. The victims managed to get out of the train at the next stop at Bahnhof Rathaus Steglitz. The attackers fled on the train unrecognized towards Oranienburg.

The incident took place tuesday night at 23:50: both victims entered the train together with a female friend at Bahnhof Botanischer Garten. Completely unsuspecting, they were searching for a place to sit down as they passed a group of eight young men who were in the process of taking pictures of each other. These men felt provoked by the passing by in such a way that they begun to insult the young men. And few seconds later, they beat them.

When the victims tried to defend themselves, an incredibly violent scene unfolded: One man from the group took one of the 20 year olds into a choke hold. Several of the others then hit and battered him. An uneven fight. The other victim was kicked in the face several times. At Bahnhof Steglitz the two 20 year old men could escape the train – with visible injuries. No trace of their attackers.

According to statements of the victims and their female friend the unknown suspects were between 17 to 18 years old and looked southern. One of them was remarkably short, wore a red shirt and had his hair slicked towards the back. Another one was wearing camouflage pants and a baseball hat. The federal police is searching for those two offenders. Witnesses are asked to call the federal police at 030/2977790.

[“Southern looking” is the German equivalent of the British “Asian” or the French “youths”. A euphemism for Muslim which must be deployed in culturally-Marxist countries like Canada, France and the UK, where one is not allowed to say the truth in a public media]

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  1. Incidents like this are occurring more and more often, the German police an watch the patriots who are resisting the invasion but they would be better off to ignore the orders from their political masters and help the Germans who don’t want to become Moslems or live in a Middle Eastern hellhole. In an article she published yesterday and that I posted earlier today she said that she didn’t know if we have until January before WWIII goes Kinetic big time. She was talking about what is happening in Syria but another flash point is Europe and the coming war in all European nations. Actions like this one bring those wars closer and closer.

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