Aschaffenburg: “Southern looking” bicycle rider rams knife in back of pedestrian”

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks!

From PI-News. A critically important German counter-jihad website.

Friday morning around 8:30 a 33 year old pedestrian had a knife rammed into his back by a passing bicyclist.

The victim was able to call the police himself, saying he felt like a heavy blunt on his back, and that he was in a lot of pain. On scene, the ambulance people realized that there was a knife still stuck in the back of the man.

The severely injured person was brought to the hospital. The police are searching for the attacker, who the victim stated he did not know. He has been described as follows: male, circa 20 years old, strong, heavy set figure, dark skin, black backpack with light or gray stitching. He rode an old, fit for scrap, women’s bicycle with a silver basket.

Such knife attacks are well known in Israel for years, where jewish pedestrians and walkers get stabbed on the streets. The european gaza strip now runs right through Germany.

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3 Replies to “Aschaffenburg: “Southern looking” bicycle rider rams knife in back of pedestrian””

  1. The prediction was Lebanon in the 1970s before the end of summer, looks like the Moslems are well on their way to making that prediction true.

  2. How sad. I well remember spending time in Aschaffenburg in the mid-90s. A safe quaint city from which my dh’s grandfather emigrated to America. Words fail.

  3. ‘had a knife rammed into his back’
    ‘a knife still stuck in the back of the man’

    It’s all so passive mood. There was no agent – it was stuck, the do-er of the sticking is not important.
    That’s an improvement, I guess, from “bus plows into pedestrians” or “shots fired at close range kill one, injure six.”

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