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3 Replies to “German news clip indicating that the migrants are not refugees, but welfare seekers”

  1. Sub-Sahara Africa marching North.
    Victor Orban offered these statistics in his address to Parliament:
    “By 2050 the population of Egypt will increase from today’s 90 million to 138 million. Nigeria will grow from 186 million to 390 million. The population of Uganda from today’s 38 million will increase to 93 million. The Ethiopian population will more than double, from 102 million to 228 million. And because the states of North Africa are unable or unwilling to curtail migration across their territories, Europe can expect many more people knocking at its gates in the coming decades.”

  2. The “refugees” are trying to get to Germany because that is where the welfare payments are the largest, here in the states the illegals want to go to the Dem run states where the welfare payments are high.

  3. The people in countries at the front line have heard that so many times: “We want to go to Germany because Mrs. Merkel gives 300+ euros.”
    We are all in danger because of the Germans’ naivety maintained by the media.

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