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  1. GERMANY – Bautzen police announce curfew for young refugee following violent incidents

    Bautzen police authorities announced a curfew for refugee minors who are accommodated at the city’s refugee facility, at a press conference in the east German city, Thursday, following reports of violent incidents near the facility on Wednesday evening.

    SOT, Bautzen Police spokesperson (German): “Apart from that, we, as the authority, have an opportunity, which we will use in the current situation, to instruct the minor refugees that there is a ban on the alcohol. Moreover, we will change house rules: with the nightfall, starting from 19:00 the curfew is introduced and one is not allowed to leave a house after that time. Under the German legislation young people are allowed to purchase alcohol from the age of 16. However, due to the incidents, which we are not going to specify, we will introduce a general ban on the alcohol and on leaving the house after 19:00.”

  2. Two More Guantanamo Detainees Return to Jihad, Says National Intelligence Report

    A status report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence revealed two more former Guantanamo Bay detainees were confirmed returning to jihad in the first six months of this year.

    The DNI report breaks down the number of released detainees — 693 — and under whose administration the transfers occurred (532 under George W. Bush, 161 under President Obama).

    The confirmed recidivism rate is 17.6 percent, with 122 former detainees determined to be engaged in jihadist activity since their release.

    The rate of those suspected but not confirmed of returning to jihad is 12.4 percent, or 86 of 693 cases.

    Nine detainees total have been confirmed of returning to jihad since Obama took office, according to the report. Eleven former detainees are suspected of returning to jihad during that time period.

  3. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreaks Forcing Schools Across the Country to Cancel Events

    A disease that usually affects infants and toddlers has struck young adults in high schools and even colleges across the country in recent weeks.

    Dozens of students from Burlington, Vermont, to Tallahassee, Florida, have been diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), prompting school officials to cancel football games and other events.

    HFMD is a viral infection that causes sores in or on the mouth and on the hands, feet, and sometimes on the buttocks and legs. The sores can be painful and there is no treatment for the virus, which spreads easily through coughing and sneezing and usually lasts for about a week. The disease is most common in the summer and fall.

  4. Russia Arms Central America… Again

    Frank Vernuccio | On September 15, 2016

    A “Reverse watershed” may be in the making in Central America.

    In the late 1980’s President Ronald Reagan successfully demanded that the Soviet Union cancel plans to place advanced military equipment in Nicaragua. His stance against Russian advances in Central America was rooted in a U.S. policy that extended as far back as the Monroe Doctrine.
    His willingness to face down the expansion of Soviet military influence, combined with his arms buildup, was a vital component in the downfall of the U.S.S.R., one of the true turning points in the Cold War.

    • Another time Obama allows the influence of the US to be eroded. A lot of good people are going to die in our fight to regain the freedom the left has raped from us.

  5. UN Human Rights Office Wonders if Freedom is an “Urgent Threat” to Mankind!
    By Onan Coca September 15, 2016

    (Richard: I can’t get the pictures and all of the tweets are in jpg’s so I will have to tell you. He as if the Free Market is a threat, specifically an urgent threat.

    There is a video on the page where the Philippine President threatens to leave the UN.

  6. Muslim fashion shops in Germany linked to extremist Salafists (DW, Sep 15, 2016)

    “Hijab stores in Germany have been making headlines recently after reports that they serve as stepping stones to extremism. Through clothing, they propagate a subculture that promotes patriarchy and Islamic extremism.

    The Hijabi store in a central Frankfurt district sells niqabs, burqas and others kinds of veils for orthodox Muslim women.

    The outlet has several choices for women wanting to try out different versions of the Islamic garment, all of which are on display on the company’s website. These include long linen dresses with high collars in muted colors like brown, mauve and green. For festivities, women can choose between different designs in abayas, or robe-like dresses, some trimmed with brocade and some with high, frilled Edwardian-style collars.

    The store also offers a selection of veils and small decorative pins to secure them. Inside the veil, women often wear a tube-like stretchy collar, which keeps the hair from straying outside the headscarf.

    The Hijabi has made the headlines for its alleged links with Salafists. Earlier this week, Germany’s public broadcaster ARD ran a report on how stores like Hijabi and a similar one in Wuppertal, in the country’s west, helped women integrate into an orthodox Islamic way of living, eventually assimilating them into Salafism and subsequently, extremist Islam…”

  7. Egyptian Evangelical Church delegation heads to US to support Sisi during New York visit (ahram, Sep 15, 2016)

    “A delegation of the Evangelical Church left Cairo heading to the US Thursday to support Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi during his visit to the United Nations headquarters to attend next week’s UN General Assembly.

    In an official statement reported by the state-owned MENA news agency, the Church said that delegation’s visit, that comes in coordination with Evangelical churches in the US, is an expression of support for the Egyptian state from the Church.

    The Church added that it coordinated the visit following talks with senior Egyptian Evangelical Church officials in the US to “support Egypt at such a critical stage in the history of the region.” Church officials in the US called on supporting Egypt, the Egyptian president, the Egyptian economy, and for the world to visit Egypt.

    The Church asked that next Sunday be devoted to prayer for the “success of the visit” and supporting Egypt in all fields.

    El-Sisi is set to attend the UN General Assembly next week, as well as the UN Security Council summit on Syria on 21 September, a meeting on immigrants and asylum seekers, and an African leaders’ meeting on fighting climate change.”

  8. Chabahar port will help India bypass Pakistan: Afghan president (tribune, Sep 15, 2016)

    “Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday said the Chabahar agreement will help India bypass Pakistan in transporting goods to Pakistan via a sea-land route.

    “Why are we so concerned that a country (Pakistan) can block two great nations (India-Afghanistan) from trade? Let’s organise it then, let’s put the logistics in place. Anyway, Chabahar will end the monopoly,” said Ghani, during his visit to India.

    Ghani’s comments come at a time when ties between South Asian rivals India and Pakistan are severely hit due to the unrest in Kashmir…”

    • India pledges $1 billion in fresh aid to Afghanistan (khaama, Sep 15, 2016)

      “India has pledged $1 billion in fresh aid to Afghanistan as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is New Delhi to meet with the country’s officials to discuss issues of mutual interest.

      The $1 billion aid announcement by New Delhi comes as the country has already spent around $2 billion on reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.

      India’s foreign secretary S Jaishankar told reporters that the $1 billion aid will be for Afghanistan’s capacity and institution building.

      A statement was also issued following the meeting between President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

      “The two leaders discussed the regional situation and expressed grave concern at continued use of terrorism and violence in the region for achieving political objectives,” the statement reads…”

  9. Detain Gülen before he escapes: Turkey to US (hurriyetdailynews, Sep 15, 2016)

    “Ankara has warned officials in the United States that they should detain Pennsylvania-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen before he escapes to another country, in a temporary detention request sent by the Turkish Justice Ministry to Washington on Sept. 13.

    Turkey says in the document that Gülen “ordered and commanded” Turkey’s bloody coup attempt of July 15 and is the head of the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). In the detention request, Ankara said it has intelligence that Gülen may be planning to escape to a third country such as Canada or South Africa.

    The witness testimony given by Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar to the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office was included in the extradition request.

    Akar, who was abducted and held hostage in the Ak?nc? Air Base in Ankara, said in his testimony that Bridg. Gen. Hakan Evrim wanted him to speak to Gülen during the coup attempt.

    The testimony of Akar’s aide-de-camp, Infantry Lt. Col. Levent Türkkan, who has admitted to being a Gülenist and who described how the coup attempt was planned by FETÖ, was also included in the request as evidence that Gülen orchestrated the failed takeover.

    The Turkish authorities referred to a deal between Ankara and Washington regarding the extradition of criminals in the request for Gülen’s arrest.

    They say Gülen’s extradition request could be adjudicated under a 1979 treaty between the U.S. and Turkey, one of more than 100 the U.S. has signed with other countries, which would require the U.S. to arrest and detain Gülen for up to 60 days to give Turkey time to prepare a formal extradition request and to keep him in custody until a decision is handed down in his extradition case.

    Six different charges were included in the extradition request: Premeditated murder, attempted assassination of President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, attempted removal of the constitutional order, attempted destruction of the Turkish Parliament and preventing it from continuing its activities, attempted destruction of the Turkish Republic, and forming and managing an armed terrorist organization.

    It was also mentioned in the request that Turkey is seeking a life sentence for Gülen.”

    • ISIS and Iran have the Saudi’s scared and they are trying to force Saudi into secularism like Ataturk in Turkey and the Shah’s family in Iran, we all know how to ended. They worked for a while but the less educated refused to turn to a secular society and reverted to full Islam the first chance they got. The new openness is refreshing because of its novelty but it is unlikely that the Royal Family will succeed in turning Saudi into a secular society, especially with ISIS and Iran stirring up trouble in both of the major branches of Islam.

  10. ‘Turn them back’ Boris Johnson says migrant boats should be sent straight back to Libya (express, Sep 15, 2016)

    “BORIS Johnson said boats full of migrants should be sent back to Libya to stop them from reaching Europe’s shores.

    The Foreign Secretary said boats should be turned back as close to Libya as possible to stop migrants even attempting the crossing.

    Mr Johnson said a European Union naval force deployed in the Mediterranean should prevent the boats from reaching Italy.

    Italy has taken in more than 400,000 migrants in the last three years with many saved from rickety wooden boats pushed out to sea by North African people smugglers.

    The European Union launched Operation Sophia in 2015 in response to the crisis, with a mandate to disrupt the people trafficking networks and destroy smugglers’ boats.

    Mr Johnson said part of the mission’s work was to return boats back to shore after they had put to sea.

    He said: “I think personally the boats should be turned back as close to the shore as possible so they don’t reach the Italian mainland and that there is more of a deterrent.

    “I think I am right in saying we have turned back about 200,000 migrants,” Mr Johnson said, before a nearby diplomat hastily corrected him.

    “Sorry, saved, saved. Thank you. We have saved 200,000 migrants and turned back 240 boats.”

    It is illegal to turn back migrant boats once they reach international waters and a UN-backed government in Libya has not invited European ships into its territorial waters, saying this would undermine its own state-building efforts…”


    A Saudi teenager living in Germany has proposed designing a headscarf emoji.
    Rayouf Alhumedhi, 15, has sent a proposal to The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit corporation that reviews and develops new emojis.
    The idea gained the backing of the co-founder of online discussion forum Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. If approved, her emoji will be available in 2017.
    The proposal comes as countries across Europe wrestle with the issue of the Muslim veil – in all its forms.
    The debate takes in religious freedom, female equality, secular traditions and even fears of terrorism.
    The veil issue is part of a wider debate about multiculturalism in Europe, as many politicians argue that there needs to be a greater effort to assimilate ethnic and religious minorities.

  12. 14-year-old girl was assaulted by several men
    Published September 14, 2016 at 14:45
    DOMESTIC. A 14-year-old girl was attacked by men in the 25-year-old who tried to rape her in Sala. Police also refuses to disclose the descriptions of the perpetrators.

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    The girl had stepped off the bus and was walking home at 20: 45 pm on Tuesday night when she was surprised by the men in the City Park.

    Two of the four men tried to rip her clothes off her, writes the police on his website.


    PST: Every fifth extremist in Norway is a Muslim convert
    Published: 15 Sep 2016 09:34 GMT+02:00

    A new report from the Norwegian Police Security Service (Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste – PST) has found that nearly every fifth radicalized Muslim is a convert to the religion.

    Norway comic mocks Islamic State with gay club anthem (02 Aug 16)
    Norway man who joined Isis: ‘It was contrary to Islam’ (18 May 16)
    Norway moves to bar entry to ‘hate preachers’ (27 Apr 16)
    Norway’s PST wary of asylum centre radicalization (31 Mar 16)
    The PST study attempted to investigate the backgrounds of people in extreme Islamist groups. Everyone in the representative sample study by the security service had been radicalized in Norway and all were under the age of 40.

    A full 88 percent of the radicalized individuals have an ethnic background other than Norwegian and over 30 different nationalities are represented amongst the radicalized individuals. Some 76 percent of the extremists have Norwegian citizenship.

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