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5 Replies to “Socialist French politicians determined to spread the ‘benefits’ of Islamic mass migration across all of France”

  1. They won’t have one big headache they will have many small headaches.

    The man said they were to remain until there was peace in their home countries, the only time there has been peace in those countries is when there is strong man rule.

  2. Ah, the problem identified….see quote @1:27 “…all those men and women. Otherwise, somehow we don’t belong to the human species.”

    Uh, NO. You don’t import those who refuse to behave like civilized members of the human species.

  3. Guys like this live in tree-lined neighborhoods surrounded by well-behaved neighbors that they only see at the exclusive little grocery store they all frequent. They feel no effects whatsoever from the stupid things they legislate since their neighborhood is exactly the same now as it was in 1953, with the exception of a few more rich Chinese and Iranians.

    Look at how proud he is of himself for being so terribly, terribly enlightened. I want to scream at him. He thinks he is the most well-educated creature on the planet but he does not know his behind from a hole in the ground. People without humility are utterly unteachable…

    But it’s the phrases they use, like “That’s not who we are” and “…we don’t belong to the human species…” that are the worst. It’s as if they think they are going to be quoted for all eternity so they’d better make it catchy…

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