Philippine prez orders all US forces out of the Philippines and much more: Links 1 on September 12 – 2016

1, More proof that Google is in the tank for Zombie Clinton.

(I had this article vetted by the best IT guy I know, who said the following:

“sputnik is spot on there, i can see no holes in any of their research”)

In this exclusive report, distinguished research psychologist Robert Epstein explains the new study and reviews evidence that Google’s search suggestions are biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. He estimates that biased search suggestions might be able to shift as many as 3 million votes in the upcoming presidential election in the US.

Biased search rankings can swing votes and alter opinions, and a new study shows that Google’s autocomplete can too. A scientific study I published last year showed that search rankings favoring one candidate can quickly convince undecided voters to vote for that candidate — as many as 80 percent of voters in some demographic groups. My latest research shows that a search engine could also shift votes and change opinions with another powerful tool: autocomplete.

2. SAS sniper hero ‘killed an ISIS terror leader who was about to incinerate hostages with a flame thrower by shooting its fuel tank from 1,500m’

A British sniper took out a feared ISIS executioner as he prepared to murder several hostages by shooting a fuel tank on his back and incinerating him.

The SAS marksman fired a single round from his Barrett .50 calibre sniper rifle at the terrorist, who was about to use a flame thrower to kill 12, from 1,500m.

The bullet hit the flame thrower’s fuel tank and caused a huge fireball, also killing three other ISIS members who were ready to film the execution.

3. A nice simple explanation for the Trudeau model of reality from 1:59:30 — until 2:02:06.

In essence, Trudeau is a post modernist like his American counterpart Obama.

4. Philippine president escalates his feud with President Obama’s regime.

It could be argued that this all boils down to attitudes on Islam. Much like the problems between Obama’s America and Hungary, Burma and any other state that would prefer to remain with their own culture, religion and history than be usurped by Islam.

In the video above he makes it look like he is protecting American troops from Muslims. In fact its likely the exact opposite. He is trying to stop the American troops from protecting the Muslims from him.

For a look at US Philippine relations around 100 years ago based on the same problem, enjoy this feature length film with Gary Cooper called, The Real Glory, about American assistance to stop Muslim slave raiding and murder of non-Muslim villagers in the archipelago.

Perhaps its time to change the honoured slogan, “Lest We Forget” to, “Its a miracle if anyone remembers”.

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Lots and lots more to come today.

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  1. From what I read it was just the advisers/trainers in the Southern Part of the Philippines that were ordered out, and then only out of the south. But you could be right and I could be wrong. This order may be because he is planning on doing things he knows the US will object to but that logic says should be done. He may be getting ready to use terror tactics on the Moro’s. After all he had the guts to put a bounty on the heads of all drug dealers (one 20 something woman is supporting herself by hunting them) and allowing the police to shoot all of the dealers they catch.

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